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Posts posted by Milan

  1. 1 minute ago, Atomiswave said:

    It will be a statement for either team with a win, yes I too shitting bricks here.

    I am shivering like a little dog here lol. I want this win so badly.

  2. 8 minutes ago, killer1257 said:

    Now people are seeing the real Klopp. Klopp is so arrogant in German interviews. His English persona is a little bit better, but still he is arrogant

    Gesendet von meinem VOG-L29 mit Tapatalk

    Always, always struck me like this. He is all jokes and smiles when things are going well but once there is some tiny little thing he does not like, he is just full of moan. And I will never forget how he humiliated publicly an innocent interpreter before the CL game at Salzburg. Absolutely humiliated him. Just because his team were under pressure of not going through. They won in the end, and suddenly Mr. Nice appears and apologized to the interpreter. Well fuck that, his true character showed before the game.

  3. 3 hours ago, Tomo said:

    I think you'll be surprised, the atmosphere for our friendly at Brighton (with 2.5k) was pretty good all be it in a smaller stadium and it will be the hardcore ST holders going i imagine largely from MHL (if the whole of SB was like the MHL we'd have the best atmosphere in country in my opinion) so they'll all be chanting and cheering, not to mention it will be a novelty going back to games. Our youth cup games with smaller crowds has a good ish atmosphere too.

    Ofcourse it's no substitute for a full crowd but it's something and i wouldn't underestimate the boost it will give the players (James Maddison came out and said fans not being there is driving him crazy and i bet he's far from the only one), shame it won't come in time for Sunday.

    Not only a novelty but consinder all the things happening around Chelsea. New and super exciting players, healthy position in the League and CL, pretty good football and of course Lampard on the bench. It should be a great atmosphere.

    And I am honestly happy especially for the new players. They will finally have the genuine feeling that they belong here, they are part of us.

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