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Status Updates posted by Milan

  1. off to a music festival, beers for free - can't wait!

  2. There's 46 days, 7 hours.. until our next game - bloody hell!

    1. gary gordon

      gary gordon

      Now would be the best time to go on holiday..

    2. Milan
  3. starting to understand Vedran

  4. wanna know what team spirit is? watch Nando's goal and the following celebrations

  5. We will do it. We will.

  6. really buzzing for the UCL game

  7. anyone here playing Second Life? I need some kind of help

  8. Vidic is shitting bricks! The nightmare 'Fernando Torres' is here again, for 180mins, unless he gets another red card lol

  9. well Tech9C, results from Sund, LPool and Wolves gained. Time for Chelsea!

  10. cest, docela luxusni forum ze? jedna velka rodina tu

  11. Ivan's birthday today! A goal and a clean sheet would be the best present

  12. dear me, it's snowing again, hate it.

  13. exams time, bloody hell

  14. need to learn your language even more properly, need to get used to it dear :D

  15. lots of studying atm, I want Christmas, holidays!

    1. BluesChick


      Hope you do well with your studies :)

    2. Milan


      thanks a lot :)