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Everything posted by Milan

  1. The International Football Thread

    Petr Cech saved a penalty against Denmark and managed to keep clean sheet. Top form simply.
  2. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Do animals have feelings? ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gpfvkeo0KBc
  3. Josh McEachran

    Rio Ferdinand -
  4. The International Football Thread

    Things are worse and worse for Scousers - Kuyt got injured. Don't know how serious it is though.
  5. lmao at my homework. I have to translate into Czech some articles from The Sun, and they are so vulgar lol

  6. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    The ava looks really lovely. And so does your sig. Nice stuff, nice job. As you said, it's quite simple and that's what makes it lovely.
  7. so nervous about tomorrow's exam, dear me!

    1. Milan


      cheers mate

    2. Vincent


      how did it go?

    3. Milan


      thanks, it was okay so I'm satisfied lol

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  8. lots and lots and lots of English proverbs, have to learn them lol

    1. Milan


      more than just serious, and don't forget it is more difficult for me to understand them lol. good times haha

    2. BluesChick


      oh, I understood the challenge you faced that's why I asked if you were sure. I remember taking Russian in college and trying to understand the stories and proverbs we were translating... a lot gets lost in translation. Let me know if you need any help :D

    3. Milan


      yeah that's more or less the same. Thanks for offering me a help. I will definitely give you a shout haha

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  9. who are ya, who are ya

  10. new season is nearer and nearer!

  11. Sparta Prague is playing for a chance of meeting CFC in the CL! Come on lol

    1. Manuf


      We played better n Prague yet we lost, we need 2 goals, that's possible! :D

    2. Manuf


      This got a little bit rough huh

    3. Milan


      hell of rough, shame.

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  12. I hate our justice so much! At least, still a hope! Come on Jiri!

  13. I'd love to finally try paintball lol

  14. Aguero wants to be in our blue! Please Roman!

  15. Juliano Belletti

    In blue shirt from 2007 till 2010 94 appearances, 5 goals The owner of The Chelsea Goal Of The Season award for 2007-08 Incredibly versatile and very favourite among the fans, Juliano will always be hailed as Chelsea legend. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ5WQIdKEFU (video by Gilvorak)
  16. Official - Yossi at Chelsea .. okay, welcome!

  17. Frank Lampard

    Happy birthday Frankie! And that video above is just brilliant!
  18. WBA (h) our first opponent!

  19. Celery! Celery!

  20. Frank Lampard

    As above - no way. End of the story.
  21. Luka Modric

    Chelsea target Fernando Torres and Luka Modric after Double triumph dailymail.co.uk
  22. Branislav Ivanovic

    I told you so Love him, he's stunning, and he's always been. Love his celebrations at Anfield too
  23. Facebook & Twitter

    Can't promise you I'll be better but I'll try
  24. Sig Requests

    I'll be looking as some idiot but still doesn't work