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Everything posted by Milan

  1. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    This was a very good test ahead of the Tottenham game.
  2. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Thanks lord we won it in the end today!
  3. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    lol Sevilla won it as well
  4. 11. Timo Werner

    Placing a bet on him scoring against Tottenham.
  5. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Gomis sounded absolutely devastated, poor fella
  6. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

  7. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

  8. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    As long as Sevilla do not score, this is still fine.
  9. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Chilly noo
  10. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Hopefully Krasnodar hold on
  11. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    There we go.
  12. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    I am really grateful that Silva is not embarrassed by Kepa and his antics. Goals would be flooding in and I would feel deeply sorry for Thiago.
  13. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Mendy wow
  14. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    'Giroud, Giroud... boot check.' so much for a bit of respect
  15. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    You trying to find a way both Liverpool and Tottenham lose their CL final against each other, that failed. Can you now try finding a way Silva plays like this for 5 more years for us?
  16. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Not sure about the 'laughing' point because it is really smart the way he did it.
  17. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    This is a good test ahead of Sunday.
  18. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    well that was so so
  19. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Sevilla also lead
  20. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    mOuNt Is NoT a PaSsEr
  21. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Werner is not a freaking child ffs. This 6-0 defeat excuse is just proper BS.
  22. The English Football Thread

    LMAO clear handball on Matip and even he knew that, VAR took 0.5 second and said no...
  23. The General Football Thread

    A total chaos.
  24. The English Football Thread

    Let's congratulate Man United for winning their first home game this league season. I applaud the ref for allowing it.
  25. The English Football Thread

    This is getting more and more disgusting. One of the worst ref performances, easily.