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  1. Chelsea - Leeds

    There was absolutely no way we were going through December with an all fit squad. No way. It was just bound to happen, there was no running away from it. It just sucks that the injury happened to Ziyech and not to, say less important squad player who played 0 minutes so far this season...
  2. Chelsea - Leeds

    I loved the interview with the Leeds captain, did you hear it? Took the second goal as a man, no complaints whatsoever, saying he just needs to do better. And credited Zouma. Top stuff.
  3. Chelsea - Leeds

  4. Chelsea - Leeds

    Absolutely fantastic, and so direct at running forward. He bossed it in midfield.
  5. Chelsea - Leeds

    We were extremely lucky Poveda did not go gown, 90% of other players would go. Because that was a blatant pen to make it 2-2. Several unlucky moments for us in the game, but go extremely lucky with this.
  6. 6. Thiago Silva

    Most probably he has done his hammy too but his actions were absolutely phenomenal - he continued to fight for the Chelsea shirt, even with one leg, and never stopped leading the backline. Such a warrior and legend. I can only hope he will not be out for too long.
  7. 24. Reece James

    Seriously, how good is this fella? Getting better and better each week!
  8. Chelsea - Leeds

    Super 3 points BUT this victory comes at terrible, awful and great price - we lost Ziyech for several weeks, Thiago will surely miss some time too. I still cannot believe Thiago continued to fight for us, even with one leg. Warrior and legend
  9. Chelsea - Leeds

    I was just super confused - Pulisic or Hazard? Wow
  10. Chelsea - Leeds

    PULIIIIII!!! Another assist for Timo after missing sitters
  11. Chelsea - Leeds

    4 mins, please boys hold on, don't do anything stupid
  12. Chelsea - Leeds

    we are asking for deep, deep trouble