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  1. Ramires

    three yrs of being utter dogshite and this guy is still in the team, smh.
  2. Charly Musonda Jr.

    Notice I didn't use "only outstanding," I used "more impactful". I'm not great at English but i'm pretty sure those 2 don't imply the same thing. The current youth team is indeed better than Kakuta's youth team but it wasn't a "sea of mediocrity". Kakuta played with the likes of Jack Cork, Bridcut, Hutchinson, PVA, Borini, Bruma. Yeah they aren't world beaters now, but they were actually pretty good prospects back then; they weren't "mediocre". Some players scale up their game from youth football with all their qualities and attributes and even acquire others, some players don't. No one knew Quaresma would flop at senior level. Trying to say otherwise is claiming clairvoyance and that's bullshit. Mceachran might have been an intelligent, mature midfielder in youth football but senior football presented another dimension that he couldn't scale up to. No one knows if Musonda will scale up to all the different dimensions of senior football. Chelsea didn't know Kakuta wouldn't be up to it at senior level((whatever/not getting into) the reasons). If they did, they wouldn't have gone through all the hullabaloo of getting him. The idea is to hope that they make it and help them to do so. That's why they are "prospects", "promising prospects". They were your words trying to make it out as if Kakuta's flamboyance wasn't productive in the youth team. He couldn't scale up his game to the senior level, but it was certainly productive in youth football, much more so than Musonda's. Musonda might scale up his game at senior level and be much better(productively) than Kakuta has been at this level or not; that remains to be seen. That's been the whole point.
  3. Charly Musonda Jr.

    "Musonda on the otherhand ran the show and inspired arguably the best youth team in europe to domestic and European success" You cannot claim Musonda was more impactful than Colkett or Solanke in the youth team this yr. That's just ridiculous. At the very most it was equal. Last year, at least 5 youth players had more impact. Kakuta on the other was the most prominent man in our youth sides AGAIN, youth football "prominence" MOST TIMES doesn't translate to the senior level due to many many reasons, different for each player. Kakuta and Mceachran as good examples closer to home. "showboating/skills for dominance" is only meaningless if the player doesn't deliver at whatever point/level they may be. CR7, Neymar, ETC were so called showboaters but delivered and then they were also able to bring up their game to the senior level at an early age. Mceachran was a so called maturity, intelligence and understanding midfielder who was prominent in youth football but couldn't scale up, Fabregas on the other hand scaled up. ETC Musonda may or may not scale up. He may became very prominent at the senior level or he may fizzle out even worse than Kakuta. But in youth football, Kakuta was the more impactful player. I get it, we(including me) all love Charly, but lets not get in over ourselves here; in the grand scheme of things he has done almost nothing so far.
  4. Charly Musonda Jr.

  5. The Mourinho Thread

    Don't you see; Mourinho tells everyone to use one hand while he uses two. And he is the only one not smiling so that he can grab all the attention and headlines( like,Unlike his staff; Mourinho not satisfied with monthly award, etc.) . Not to mention he is standing in the middle.
  6. Charly Musonda Jr.

    Fool, yes Fool indeed you are. I was referring to what they are at the same age/point(16-18yrs). Kakuta was a far more dominant youth player than Musonda has been; that's why he was so highly rated. I haven't talked about what Musonda is going to be when he reaches 24 because that's just speculation. He could end up Hazard level or even better; or Kakuta level or even worse.
  7. Charly Musonda Jr.

    Actually Kakuta was far more highly rated at the same age. And he was far far more dominant than Musonda in youth football. Looks like you are the fool here. Even now, arguably Boga is a better talent.
  8. Nathan Aké

    I feel Ake has been mismanaged over the last yr or so. I feel keeping him around would have been justified had he been given even something like 7 appearances. I believe he is good enough to have got those. He was not ready for more than 15 apps but certainly should have got alot more than he did. I love Jose but Ake should have got more chances.
  9. Charly Musonda Jr.

    LOL this is hilarious. Musonda is very good and one of the most promising players is Europe in his age group BUT boy do you Belgian folks OVERRATE HIM. For yrs now Boga has been the most impressive player in our youth setup. Yeah Musonda had a better yr this yr, but remember Boga was injured for big chunk of it. Do remember that Boga outperformed the likes of Salah in the last pre-season. RLC was even more impressive in the post season two yrs ago against much better opposition in Man City. Musonda is soo overhyped by the Belgian folks that he has started to eat his own hype going by his recent social media posts. A luck of humility and level headedness has been the downfall of many top prospects. For every Ronaldo type( top prospect with a lack of humility and being subtlety entitled that makes it) there are 100 Ben Arfas. Musonda is my favorite prospect alongside Christensen, Traore, Boga and Colkett, but i'm starting to fear him.
  10. Nathaniel Chalobah

    I've said for the last 2 yrs that Chalobah isn't a midfielder and got slated. At least not for a team near Chelsea level. He can be one in the champiosnship but not for any team in the top 2/3 of the PL. Ake, Romeu, etc are far better DMs; Van Ginkel, RLC, etc are far better CMs. His long term prospects at the top level have always been at CB. But for two yrs now he hasn't played there consistently. Even in the youth team, he always impressed me more as a CB, and he mainly played as a CB.
  11. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Clearly Mourinho just realized that for 1.7m salary he could buy a player or two
  12. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    , can you post link, I want to see it. That's funny
  13. Charly Musonda Jr.

    English is my 3rd/4th language, but I think "had" works too... as long you understand what I mean.
  14. Charly Musonda Jr.

    In fairness Boga should have had his debut last yr. The kid has been playing fantastically in the u21 since he was 15. I remember how he carried the team in the youth cup final against Norwich a few yrs ago and how he single handedly destroyed Barca in the Next Gen tournament. Yes he has been injured alot this season and Musonda and Colkett have had better seasons but it would been disappointing and shocking had they debuted before him.
  15. 4. Andreas Christensen

    I fecking love this kid, he has probably been my favorite youth player in the last few yrs. He is so calm and cool on the ball you'd think he has ice running through his veins. If only he could bulk up a bit, just bulk a bit Andreas pls pls. Hopefully Jose pairs him with Costa in training to bring out some fire in him. Srsly, I fecking love this kid, his technique and maturity on the ball is just so so so beautiful to watch.