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  1. Vouchers for the Qarabag game

    Evening gents ! My vouchers didn't come in time as I did land to Baku last night I called the club who told me to come at the rendez-vous point to get the voucher and then the ticket. Did the same happen to someone in an C1 away game before ? Thanks !
  2. I am not here to jinx anything or to say we've already won anything this season. But it happens that I have to choose (quickly) between two dates to come to London (business related). It's either around the last week-end of May (27-28) or the first of June (3-4). So my question is, if we win the league let's say, what week-end would it be more likely to have an open-bus parade ? I'd reckon the day after the FA cup final, as by June, players would already be on holidays, ... Cheers
  3. The English Football Thread

    Have we just got fined again ? This is ridi ...
  4. CFC Memberships

    Hey mate, Can you mp, I can't start an MP discussion since I don't have 50 msgs. I added as friend. Thanks !
  5. CFC Memberships

    Hey ! Anyone would have one membership available for Everton's game in January 16th ? Cheers !
  6. Welcome to the forums scipion :)