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  1. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    We were down to ten. I saw the second half and we were awful, but Hazard managed to equalize and I expected us to win. Then the collapse, before we even regained the ball. There was an element of bad luck -today- but overall the team has become unwatchable.
  2. Chelsea 0-3 Bournemouth

    Last days of Mourinho are back. Useless up front then defense decides to leave the stadium. I notice the difference between Hazard and the others. Hazard twists and turns surrounded by 4 or 5, manages to find a little space, passes the ball. Then those who receive the ball -such as Bakayoko-Alonso- struggle to make a simple exchange between them. Alonso kicks it wide, gives a throw to the cherries.
  3. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Proves however that Morata is a forget story. We 'd be probably be looking for a third goalkeeper otherwise.
  4. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Is the "lamp post" going to be a new Cesc or a new Falcao ?
  5. Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle

    Bats plays football with his shin protectors but knows how to run in the box - more than can be said about Morata.
  6. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    1-2 in extra time ? Why not 2-1 ? I don't think that was the system but we did give them territory after the 1-0 (Caballero's double save and some more attempts from them before they equalized). Anyway the 1st half was all Chelsea, apart from the spell before their equalzer. In the second half we put up an Isthmian league performence. Some tired bodies out there.
  7. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    I don't mind them beating us if they play better. I remembered the epic clash of 1972. We had Ossie, they had Charlie George. 2-2 at the bridge, 1-0 for them at Highbury. But this time no resistance - white flag.
  8. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Match turned when Willian was injured. The second half was appalling - could n't even dominate when we needed to equalize. Little things from Barkley.
  9. Brighton 0-4 Chelsea

    Caballero kept the clean sheet. Tibot could have made those saves but you must give all credit to Caballero.
  10. Brighton 0-4 Chelsea

    Morata out - four goals.
  11. Chelsea 1-1 Norwich

    BS. Var is simple. In any case after William was tripped it was dead time. If Norwich had taken the ball and were in our area ready to score, then maybe the VAR assistant had better keep his silence - you can't change a football match and make it into a court case. But it was dead time - simplest type of situation. He could of course say to the ref "no pen" if felt that way, but it's a simple action even my 11 year old niece can do.
  12. Chelsea 1-1 Norwich

    Their goalie is useless in pens. Dived the other way half an hour before our player kicked the ball. Kante's penalty was the exception but fortunately Kante hit the roof of the net and it was uncatchable. In contrast Caballero made good efforts and he did manage to save the first one (and decided the tie).
  13. Chelsea 1-1 Norwich

    What happened to Var ? Willian was kicked in the shin and Morata was apprehended after the fashion of illegal demonstrator by the police.
  14. Chelsea 1-1 Norwich

    Unwatchable for the best part of 85 minutes. Then became a thriller and we witnessed a new Orebro as well. What's his name ? Morata - Bakayoko and Bats despite the goal were tearful prospects.
  15. Chelsea 0-0 Leicester

    Rueful management. We are getting close to a situation where unless we buy everything with two legs in the market, we are doomed.
  16. Chelsea 0-0 Leicester

    ... and play in the second division with Sheffield United
  17. Chelsea 0-0 Leicester

    Don't forget the age factor too. In June 2015 Iva was playing for Serbia, the commentators were mad about him, "the most accomplished left back ever" they were saying - which he was. But come the new season he was not good enough for Chelsea anymore, at the age of 32. Now as Bakayoko - Morata proved disastrous too, we are doing very badly.
  18. Chelsea 0-0 Leicester

    Hardly any left. The refs will have to abandon our matches.
  19. Chelsea 0-0 Leicester

    Did n't see the match. They were left with ten men I see.
  20. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    0-0 favours the home team of the 1st leg slightly when the away goals count.
  21. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    It's 2015-16 all over again. Mou was betrayed by three key players, Iva-Ramirez-Oscar who could no longer perform, also it was Hazard's bad season. Strangely enough we came back last year without spectacular transfers. Now we have the same problems.
  22. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    It's one of the domestic trophies. Against Barcelona it will take the miracle of Medinah. Btw when did Moses last score a goal ? Were we born ?
  23. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    Carrow road stuff plus Hazard.
  24. Norwich 0-0 Chelsea

    I vaguely remember one performance in 2013-14 that was so sh*tty. In the matches against Roma-City we tried, we failed, they scored, we made some comical things at the back but it was n't like that. Yesterday they all needed a pillow and a mattress to go to sleep. In the corresponding situation of Wenger, it costed him 4 goals. Overall I don't like this really. England became known for the queen, the big ben and the FA cup. Now it's like the Greek-Balkan cup of old, against Vardar Skopje and Locomotiv Plovdiv. It reached a stage when those teams would n't even pay a bus to take them to the other stadium.
  25. Norwich 0-0 Chelsea

    We drew 0-0 - they lost 4-2.