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  1. Champions League thread

    Well if we played Besiktas now then Barca was on the road ahead. Does n't make sense to grumble really. Top 4 is a must of course, while to win the CL we have 3 or 4 more giants as probable opponents (as well as Roma again maybe !).
  2. Champions League thread

    Besiktas seem to be a lot better than Galata we faced three years ago. I don't fancy them against Bayern though.
  3. Champions League thread

    They haven't been great IMO. Didn't offer much away to Juve, drew at home to Celta & away to Olympiakos. They aren't as open or expansive as years gone by and are certainly beatable. I personally think this draw was the best to extent, as we aren't favourites, which is normally when we perform best. Ernesto Valverde is a popular figure in Piraeus. He could n't really hurt Olympiakos (3-1 was the aggregate score between them). Fact is that the strong teams of the primera always resist them, better than European opposition do.
  4. Champions League thread

    Against Villareal yesterday they won 2-0 but Villareal was down to 10 men. The opening goal at around the 60th minute. I actually think they are the best team so far in this year's champions league, together with PSG and City also. Bayern is not impressing me at all and RM as we know had a very bad start of the season if nothing else..
  5. The English Football Thread

    Pep was not even our opponent last year, Spurs were. It shows that he did a brilliant job in the transfer period.
  6. The English Football Thread

    Pool failed to win against Rooney.
  7. The English Football Thread

    Requiem for Mou.
  8. West Ham - Chelsea

    Simple as that. Win the FA Cup, see how far we can go in the CL and retain top 4 and we can move ahead to next season positively. If MU was the opponent and even if they manage to win tonight, there would be no such thing as CFC out of the title race. It;s a combination of the losses he mentions and Pep's unbeaten run.
  9. West Ham - Chelsea

    Yeah but a certain caliber is needed. You saw Willian against Qarabag ? One would be tempted to say he is the best CFC player since 1903 - effectively scored all four. But it was against boy scouts. So we have bought many players whose dead bodies litter the pavements of the premier.
  10. West Ham - Chelsea

    We always struggle against the WH defense. 0-0 in 2014, then 1-0 under Mou with Hazard scoring with his head - from the skin of our teeth. Lat year they beat us in the league cup. But we did not bother them. They gave territory but we did not bother them
  11. West Ham - Chelsea

    We did not even bother them - despite all that possession. Was their keeper really called into action ? Two easy shots in the first half and Morata in the end.
  12. West Ham - Chelsea

    WH did what they always do, 11 men behind the ball. We can't break a packed defense. No aerial power, no long range shooters, to drag the defenders out. When Kante has the ball he is afraid to shoot. He is also afraid to make crosses !
  13. West Ham - Chelsea

    My Greek version of the page ads shows "rizospastis - the official organ of the communist party". That sums it up.
  14. Chelsea 1-1 Atletico Madrid

    City did not play well - we were rubbish. Roma (away) could be described as a one off, we shall see. It will be fun if we draw Spurs and they draw Real Madrid. Roma will lose both legs, CFC will win home and away !
  15. Chelsea 1-1 Atletico Madrid

    PSG sent many visitor members two seasons back. They were saying "allons enfants" etc, but then they did not turn up again. Watch out for Turkish supporters, they hijack every website they like.
  16. Chelsea 1-1 Atletico Madrid

    Against Morata Oblak sells himself like amateur keeper. All Morata had to do was chip it with his left foot but he looks down like a goat and then bangs the ball against Oblak's foot. Then Willian gets a dream pass from Eden, he can shoot, he can stop the ball, but hits the roof of the stadium instead. I 'd expect a defender like Rudiger to perhaps do somethng like that but not him.
  17. Chelsea 1-1 Atletico Madrid

    Ice cubes ?
  18. Chelsea 1-1 Atletico Madrid

    Spurs will be our piece of cake. Barca at the worst.
  19. Chelsea 1-1 Atletico Madrid

    What about Tibot after Luis shot hit the post ? I was behind the goalmouth when Sepp Maier made one of those.
  20. Chelsea 1-1 Atletico Madrid

    Is it seeded so that teams from the same country do not oppose each other at this stage ?
  21. Chelsea 1-1 Atletico Madrid

    Spurs and Pochettino will eliminate us.
  22. Chelsea 1-1 Atletico Madrid

    Why are you saying PSG ? Is is pre-drawn ?
  23. Chelsea 1-1 Atletico Madrid

    An amateur in place of Morata or Willian could have scored. Willian also bungled up our counterattaks in the last minutes. Atletico were playing as if there is no tomorrow - especially Felippe Luis. In the other match the monster Qarabag can only be defeated by Chelsea it appears.
  24. Chelsea 1-1 Atletico Madrid

    Out of the 7 groups in 4 cases those who finish second are easier opponents for the next round compared to those who finish first. In two groups it's indifferent and in one case, the Spurs-Real group, maybe Spurs are preferred to Real. Atletico beat Sociedad 2-1 at home yesterday in a thriller, with Luis and Griezmann scoring their goals. Atletico will probably be indifferent against us, but if they play serious they are dangerous of course. They have a chance to finish second only if they beat us and Roma fails to win against Qarabag.
  25. Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea

    Liverpool wankers escape again. Salah was the motm, Azpi for us and Bakayoko looks clueless. Back in May was he the first transfer target named or was it Lukaku, by a few hours ?