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  1. There is a religious paradox involving the fuhrer and maybe some explanation is needed. Did he go to hell or to heaven after he committed suicide in the bunker ? Or, as the case may be with souls, will he go to hell or to heaven on judgment day ? Some catholic priests maintain that he may indeed have gone to heaven if he was a believer and if he truly repented for his evil deeds in the last hours. To this many people object virulently. But this is not the paradox. The paradox is that Hitler believed to the very end that all his actions were good and humane. Indeed he may have announced himself to St Peter as "Adolph Hitler, designer and constructor of autobahns". Or if you don't agree it's Saint Peter the one at the pearly gates, substitute with the Muslim-Hebrew-Japanese spiritual entity of your choice. So how could Hitler know he was evil and how could he have repented if it was firmly established in him that he was just a bloke who made nice autobahns in Germany and nothing else ? This kind of situation did not / will not occur with Bonnie and Clyde, Cat Ballou. Those were burglars, they will say to Pete "ok we were burglars, now do what you will". There can be no denial that whatever the state of affairs, it's Saint Peter who holds the red button and it's his decision. But what might be the resolution of the paradox, if any ?
  2. Stamford Bridge

    Every time a team builds a new stadium some lean years follow - until the stadium is built. That tends to be the rule and we did n't like this aspect of the affair. But the abandonment of the project is unhappy news - it means the club is not doing well economically. The problem seems to be the attitude of UK's brexit government. They are treating Roman as if he was a skripal murderer ! This is happening when they themselves -and Donald- are in power thanks to Putin money ! Oh tempora, o mores.
  3. Politics & Stuff

    The trick is this: IOY 1000 pounds, due on the 1st of Jan. I will pay you back but I 'm not going to pay you from my own pocket. I go to someone else and I say "please borrow me 1000 pounds and I 'll pay you back on the 1st of March". This accounts for your 1000 quid but now it's the turn of a third guy and the date set for the third guy is the 1st of May. The chain is supposed to carry on indefinitely, but sometimes it breaks
  4. Roman Abramovich

    Roman became Israeli: https://realinfonews.com/roman-abramovich-becomes-israeli-citizen-after-uk-delays-visa-renewal Brexiteers go get him now - the Israelis would never grant citizenship to a Putin spy !
  5. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    If Real played against Chelsea yesterday they would be up against it.
  6. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    They will go for Hazard - Lewandovski - Griezmann, 2.5 bil euros total.
  7. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    He 's nearing 45. He was the worst player on the pitch tonight, apart from Karius.
  8. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Ronaldo was the worst of the 22.
  9. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    The scousers were all over the place for most of the game to tell the truth, but they could hold out if it was n't for Karius - mister booze. Saleh's injury is no excuse because he is not the one building the game for Liverpool.
  10. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    I lost my bet (extra time) because of him.
  11. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    No excuses for the second giveaway.
  12. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Who said there are no traffic policemen in England ?
  13. Group G - Belgium, Tunisia, Panama, England

    Belgium - Panama the winning forecast.
  14. General World Cup Thread

    You don't think Belgium has a chance ?
  15. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    What do you fancy for Saturday ? Can L'pool stand up to the merenges ? I expect a draw and then Real winning it in extra time. The club ratings say RM = 2011, L'pool = 1925, which makes RM favourites but no clear superiority.
  16. Roman Abramovich

    It's not far fetched. If Putin really wanted to rule Greece it was there for the take in 2015. But he was n't prepared to give any money to Tsipras. Anyway Putin loves Brexit and Trump. At Salisbury it just happened that two persons he disliked lived there.
  17. Roman Abramovich

    White stuff is heroine. We also have Ivan Savvidis, a Russian former Putin delegate in charge of PAOK Salonica. Those rascals were about to win the league but what did they do ? In the match against Oly at home they throw a heavy cash machine cartridge and hit the Oly coach Garcia in the face (accuracy of an Olympics marksman mind you). Then against AEK the following week PAOK scores a goal and it's disallowed for off side, so Ivan enters the pitch with a gun. As a result of both incidents PAOK lost some 9-10 points and AEK Athens became champions. Ivan is into politics as well. He is charged by Putin to create a phoney right wing party in Greece. If that succeeds, it will cut down the strength of the parliamentary conservative party ND and hence ensure a new Tsipras victory. So he is trying to make the Saloniki people crazy.
  18. Roman Abramovich

    Don't knock it. The same goings on we have here with Marinakis, president of Olympiakos and also of Nottingham Forest. In one of his ships they found a cargo of white stuff, but there is no clear evidence he knew it was loaded on the ship. The stuff was mixed with marble dust in the Far East and it appears it was the Malaysian police who found out and tipped interpol while the ship was midseas. Marinakis was however not a supporter of the present Greek government and he runs an opposition newspaper. Anyway the Oly supporters are mad about it and they 'd like to chase the government with clubs. The referees used to award them penalites in the centre circle, now ten points were deducted from them for "hooligan behaviour". The Greek governments do some times start witch hunts. In one of those in 1984 they stopped the trains so we could not go to the stadium and that one was for petty reasons.
  19. Roman Abramovich

    It is related because it is an absurd and ludicrous idea.
  20. Roman Abramovich

    And what has Abra to do with Salisbury ? Arrest him for the Diego-Morata swap perhaps, but this is ridiculous.
  21. Roman Abramovich

    I 'm not smoking. I 'm only standing by the president.
  22. Roman Abramovich

    Look, there is anti-chelseism all over the place. The other one wanted us drawned in the Mersey (the Gerrard slip match). So they found a way to mrs May's ear. Those Arabs who own the gooners they do not hurt, for obvious reasons.
  23. Roman Abramovich

    You can't start interrogating people like that. It's communist & the brexiteers will disguise themselves as communist-fascist-nazi, whatever they can think of, to justify brexitism.
  24. Roman Abramovich

    What else has it got to do with ?
  25. Politics & Stuff

    Charlie in Greece before the wedding: