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  1. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    It was n't his fault but he had to change the formation. I expected a replay of the first match, with Barca enjoying possession but stifled up front. Then the lucky man was going to win. But we had to play the way we did out of necessity.
  2. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    Conte wanted to attack cautiously but he also went down in the first min ! Their second was a good counter, after Cesc lost the ball I think. Their first was a joke of a goal. Their third was again a good counter -against the run of play- but that too was ridiculous for a keeper of Tibot's (supposed) class. Stiill Barcelona having scored twice in the first half were happy. If they did n't score I guess they could still hit us and score some better goals. We were definitely better in the first game, yesterday you can't say. But there are some sour grapes because this was a tie in which we were ultimately betrayed by silly defensive errors.
  3. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    United, the big spenders, went out unceremoniously to Sevilla. Spurs to la Juve, whom we respect and City we shall see re. Europe. Our worst performance was against Roma, in Rome. But can things be put right ? If the board let the seasons go by then we start with a good but ageing team, we end up with a second division team and we have to buy the world to rebuild.
  4. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    RM look great. City also one has to admit. But we are not useless - given as you say we pulled this one through.
  5. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    We have n't got but quite undeservedly so. We are not Aston Villa. But I stick to the goalie's performance. A match in which Peter Czech became an all time hero, and he performed like a circus clown.
  6. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    Worse than that because we ain't playing champions league next year.
  7. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    Look all this anti-Hazard is sh*t talk. He's the only one who can use the ball and create. When Moses or Alonso are in possession we pray for a simple straight pass to another blues player. I don't care if he did not find himself at the end of a scoring chance tonight. The bridge game was -unhappily- sold by Christensen. Tonight's was sold by Tibot. Even if we had held to the secure 1-0 at the bridge, given Tibot's horrible antics tonight we d' be out. If a youth appeared to the juniors team and conceded one like Barca's first, they 'd send him back to his mum and dad the same hour. For Morata (and Baka) we 've been through many times. Waste of money of the century. Sevchenko too was a flop 10 years ago, but he at least was admired all over the continent when he came to us. Morata was the substitute of the substitute.
  8. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    He 's going to win the WC (they owe it to the pope) and then retire.
  9. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    Caan't do nothing now, except go to the Barca players and say "ok guys we end it 3-0".
  10. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    When their (Barca's) historic keeper Ramaliecz gave away some flukes like that against Benfica, he returned to the house and the wife and furniture were gone.
  11. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    Extremely outraged with Conte in the match against City but sorry for him tonight.
  12. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    Barcelona + Courtois - Chelsea 3-0
  13. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    Ivic - Senteno come to Nou Camp !
  14. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    Courtois concedes fluke of the year, in the first minute, against Barcelona ! Forget about systems.
  15. Chelsea 2-1 Crystal Palace

    Giroud was terribly unlucky but the last fifteen minutes were horrendous.