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  1. Chelsea - Lille

    Lille are gone from the CL / Europa but in France they are third in the league.
  2. Everton 3-1 Chelsea

    I think Azpi was one of the greats but he is past it. Zouma about whom I was not convinced even before his injury three years ago, is I 'm afraid not Chelsea material. We are like a half-built house.
  3. Everton 3-1 Chelsea

    We 're evidently out of form and with the champions league match next week it's worrying. Everton did not impress me at all, to give them credit. It is we who allowed them to score three times. The second goal they scored was a horrific bungle up. Again we played better in the first half and almost nothing in the second half. What does Lamps think about it ? Some transfers are needed, but not Bakayoko-Drinkwater stuff again.
  4. Chelsea 2-1 Aston Villa

  5. Chelsea 0-1 West Ham

    The first half looked as if somehow West Ham was lucky to escape with the 0-0, but Giroud was out of tune. The second half was poor. The West Ham goalkeepr did n't even have to save anything. We had possession but we were not good enough. Total lack of penetration.
  6. Chelsea 0-1 West Ham

    No Chelsea, no forum.
  7. Valencia 2-2 Chelsea

    We should go through now with 2nd place more likely than not and I don't see us getting smashed that easily by anyone in the round of 16. It does look however that PSG this year are a cut above the rest.
  8. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Holy Jehosabath ! Sack him in the morning.
  9. Man City 2-1 Chelsea

    We don't have continuous movement in the back, that's the problem and this is why we are not seeing a problem in the matches we have possession. The City players were finding open spaces and a mistake or two will happen. They could have scored early on with De Bruyne from the same position as the one from which Mahrez scored their second. I think De Bruyne was better positioned than Mahrez when he missed, but Mahrez was more lucky.
  10. Man City 2-1 Chelsea

    This defense of ours cracks under pressure. We allowed them many scoring chances - even better ones than those they managed to convert. On one occasion Mahrez I think it was galloped outside our penalty area, he did n't like his shooting position, started galloping again until he found the position he wanted and fired it - no one to block his path. It was too easy for them to find unmarked men except for the last twenty five minutes and even then they scored that fractionally offside goal of theirs. You don't see this pattern against teams who are struggling against us to gain possession. Not even from Valencia when they beat us at home. But against the likes of Liverpool, City and Ajax also it becomes apparent.
  11. Man City 2-1 Chelsea

    We were a slow motion team after the 2-1. Could have been that we were not and City scored more - luck plays an important role. But the psychology was not good.
  12. Man City 2-1 Chelsea

    City should have had more. We were making appalling mistakes.
  13. Man City 2-1 Chelsea

    Demoralized after the own goal. Kepa brought his marijuana kit with him. Sh*tty match.
  14. Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

    It's a question of whether the arm was stuck to the body, not involuntary. The strange one was our disallowed fifth. Remember against Man United four seasons back ? Ball goes straight for the empty net after a Terry header then is stopped by the arm of a United defender. But the United man was looking the other way and we did not even complain.
  15. Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

    Nahh. Europa is n't worth it. It's obsolete. Last year we won it after playing one and a half real matches. In the CL we have a shot (Poketinio last year ?) and it's not all Real and Barcelona. I watched Real on Sat -tearful- and Barcelona today did n't impress (held 0-0 by the Czechs). But frankly I don't see how we can lose to Valencia - unless some weird things happen.