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  1. Horse Racing

    DAY 3 22-06-2017
  2. Football New Rule and Law Changes Coming

    VAR will make things 80% better.
  3. Football New Rule and Law Changes Coming

    My video was meant to depict a dubious situation. Like with Hurst's goal there is no definite answer I think. The keeper raising his arms in protest immediately as the ball goes past him is no proof of course. I suppose if it was a foul committed by the reds during the build up inside the box, it should n't have counted. But as I said it should be up to the ref. to seek assistance. Below I show you the epic from 2013 cup final. The reds get the favour of the call again ! Here is what happens. The ref and the fourth ref are having a conference and decide it was n't a penalty - the game was resumed with a corner kick. But while that conference was taking place the tv had time to show two (2) replays !! Upon closer inspection of the videos the referee's view is seen to be obstructed by players inside the box and the fourth referee's view from behind the goal is also obstructed by the upright. So when they talked they decided to give the benefit of the doubt to the reds while at the same time they had no right to call for video assistance. It was pen and red card of course.
  4. Football New Rule and Law Changes Coming

    If it's dead time you can reverse a bad decision. What you say is interesting, because in my video the yellows complained for hand ball but also that the cross was from out of bounds. The veteran ref who speaks in the video says it was no hand ball as well as no out of bounds. Suppose the hand ball was obvious. Then because play is stopped it's no problem to give a free kick to the yellows. Suppose now there is no hand ball but the out of bounds claim was true for the initial cross. That really calls for rolling things back in time. Maybe they can resort to this: Leave it up to the referee on the ground to resort to video help and if the video ref is definite about it then the referee on the ground accepts the verdict. As things stand now the referee is not even allowed to consult the video (e.g. Peru v. Brazil).
  5. Football New Rule and Law Changes Coming

    When it is dead time it's easy. Suppose a defender gives us a corner. The ref says goal kick, Alonso raises his arms and says "hey it's a corner". But by the time the ball boy gives the ball back to the players the referee is notified by the studio and changes his mind. No hassle. This will happen if it is clear in the video that it was a corner. When there is no dead time what happens ? A player is brought down in the penalty area the ref. thinks it was fair challenge and waves play on. The defender makes a long Fabregas pass and a goal is scored at the other end. But the video shows it was a pen. Now what ? In another situation if an attacker runs with the ball in open space and the linesman waves offside, but they see from the video it was n't offside then what happens ? Can we recall the players and ask them to take the exact same positions and resume ? It can work like this in my opinion: First in dead time all wrong decisions can be corrected - unless even the video can't help (unlikely but that too can happen). Second if there is no dead time they have to decide. Who can blow the wihistle ? The man on the ground or the man in the studio ? A case when even the video could not decide was the Greek cup semifinal of 2015. It was AEK - Olympiakos 0-1. Is Jara using his hand ? The one who speaks in this video below says he did n't, I can't decide. There are some 3 or 4 videos from different angles. No definite answer. The view from behind the goal posts is of no help either. In that one Franco Jara's body is hidden by a flag pole at the crucial moment !
  6. Horse Racing

    DAY 2 21-06-2017
  7. Football New Rule and Law Changes Coming

    I have n't seen videos. So they make them wait for ratification by the high court you say ? It need n't be so. Things do n't have to change so much. The ref. points to the centre circle and that's it. Now if there is a buzz in his earphone then he recalls it. As is we have seen many late disallowings - justified or otherwise. I remember Sevilla v. Benfica, the Europa cup final three years ago. Benfica scored and as that happened I left the room and then I thought Benfica had won the match but then people told me they had n't of course.
  8. Football New Rule and Law Changes Coming

    How ? Many times goals are scored, we celebrate and then it does n't count. What changes ? Re. goals there will be somewhat fewer now with this new system though. But I don't think it's something weird. Only the position of the referee changes. It becomes something like water polo refereeing.
  9. Football New Rule and Law Changes Coming

    How goal celebration messes up with the effectiveness of video refereeing ? It's dead time.
  10. Football New Rule and Law Changes Coming

    Given that on the average the playtime is 62-63 minutes if they make it like basket ball with chronometer and if the matches last 60 minutes, it won't be much of a change. The other ideas are ludicrous. What the FIFA-UEFA supremos should do is introduce video refereeing. It's long overdue. They can easily work out what types of situation are amenable to correction after the replay video is played. We have seen some ridiculous situations like Peru v. Brazil last summer for the CONCACAF. Peru scored with a hand ball, everybody saw it but the goal counted.You may think that it was one of those things that happen in a football match, but the weird thing was that the referee and the linesman were conferring for five minutes to decide if it stands or not and in that time in the stadium's tv studio had seen it clear as daylight.
  11. Horse Racing

    These days all the young people with enterpreneurial skills are making money out of the races. We are therefore bash the bookies like we usually do: DAY 1 20-06-2017
  12. Horse Racing

    It's that time of the year again.
  13. Football New Rule and Law Changes Coming