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  • Memory Chelsea's 4 - 4 game with Liverpool in the champions league. Was with all my buddies and the whole night was simply spectacular!
  1. Cesc Fabregas

    Chelsea to offer Cesc Fabregas £200,000-a-week to move to Stamford Bridge.
  2. Salomon Kalou

    If it weren't for the transfer embargo I would plead my case to ANYBODY that we need to sell Kalou... but seeing as how we're done in for transfers, I have no choice but to shut up about it.
  3. Fabio Borini

    Di Santo > Borini Borini > Kalou
  4. Henrique Hilario

    Let's hope he has the best game of his career against Liverpool this Sunday... we're going to need it. I'll never forget when he came on as a third goalkeeper (Cech was injured and then Cudicini) against Liverpool in the 07/08 Champions League semi-final and managed to pull off an amazing save! Never forget that! Hilario = legend.
  5. Juliano Belletti

    Good impact sub in this lad... and he played well for us in the games that he started. A little on the old side, though. :s
  6. Alex

    Alex is the best centre back cover in the entire premier league. Wasn't Madrid offering 30 million for him this past summer? Astonished he stayed with us... wouldn't be surprised if he leaves looking for first team football next summer. Although with the transfer embargo I do hope he stays faithful. It's true though, he does deserve to be in a Premiership starting eleven. But Carvalho and Terry are just monsters.
  7. John Terry

    Good to hear this instead of the usual opposite!
  8. Daniel Sturridge

    This kid looks solid, and as soon as his injury (?) is done, he should start before Kalou... at least once or twice to see what happens. Gotta try this boy out!
  9. Salomon Kalou

    Kalou should never get a start again... He's been playing so poorly! I think we need to start Sturridge, Santo, and Borini before this kid... seriously! He's an okay impact sub, but when I see him coming on as a late substitute to get that one goal, my hope is not running too high.
  10. Franco Di Santo

    He is getting some valuable minutes at Blackburn!! When we take him back on loan I hope he gets some starts next to Drogba, just like mentioned above.
  11. Frank Lampard

    Lampard is Chelsea. Unfortunately at the moment Lampard is looking less effective... he's form has dipped a little in these past few games. I hope he does indeed keep his twenty goal average.
  12. Branislav Ivanovic

    I do believe that Ivanovic is the long term future of Chelsea. He is young and he is looking so sharp so far this season. Wouldn't you agree? If we pulled in another decent RB I wouldn't have too much trouble letting go of Bosingwa and letting Ivanovic our first choice pick for right back. Although keeping Boss is smart because Ivanovic can also cover for Carvalho and Terry whenever there are injuries. Anyways, his future is looking bright!