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  1. Mugshots

    cheer up a lil mate agreed :thumbsup:
  2. Mugshots

    ok people...a more recent mugshot of moi...
  3. Last Film You Watched

    The Mummy : Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor saw it last night...its not up to expectations tbh...just another movie on the big screen...thats all... other than that, graphics kinda awesome...and oh yeah, the movie's kinda funny
  4. Mugshots

    sounds so wrong...
  5. Mugshots

    i'll take that as a compliment
  6. Mugshots

    he DID smile...dont you notice the smilies below his mugshot?
  7. Sig Requests

    excellent work there mate :thumbsup:
  8. Last Film You Watched

    did the ending almost make you wanna drop tears???
  9. Gianfranco Zola

    yeah...he was the MAIN reason i supported Chelsea...apart from Flo,Wise,Di Matteo and co. he is definitely,undoubtedly a legend... and most importantly,he's a Chelsea Legend... :thumbsup:
  10. Last Film You Watched

    no doubt that the movie was hilarious and the so-called Manure hoolie's "major" is the 1 that acted as The Juggernaut in the X-men movie...
  11. Mugshots

    nice pic you got there mate :thumbsup: yeah...it DOES make you sound old no doubt that he's cute
  12. Mugshots

    thanks you guys... :thumbsup: except for...well,terry26 who is a girl cheers mate!
  13. Mugshots

    erm...meaning??? the previous one's better? anyway,thanks mate!
  14. Mugshots

    just came back from the hair salon and look what they did to my hair...
  15. Mugshots

    man...i wish i was in London... looking at all of you guys taking pics with the players just makes me wanna because i dont have that sort of opportunity...