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  1. The Board

    I agree. Give the board until 19th. Then I'm joining Fernando in attacking our incompetent board! Lol
  2. Antonio Rüdiger

    I think he's dopey. Will be ok in some games and shoddy in others. In that sense he reminds me of Cahill. Would I love to be here in 6 months eating my words because he turned into Boateng? Without a doubt!
  3. General Transfer Talk

    Haha. Hi Tech! I remember WWF attitude as well
  4. Antonio Rüdiger

    I actually think Cahill is better. I think ake will be better and isn't far off now. Ake's passing shits on Rudiger's. I hope he comes as 4th/5th choice. It's depth anyway. Silver lining. Christensen pushes Cahill out anyway
  5. Kostas Manolas

    I thought Conti was a wingback?
  6. Alex Sandro

    Guys don't get but hurt over Antonio8. He's been a great addition to the forum with a perspective on Conte that others don't have (being a juve fan). I want Sandro just as bad!
  7. Tactics/Formations thread

    Eden should me second striker with a harder working winger.
  8. James Rodríguez

    Remember we basically play with a back 5 and with Hazard and James ALL defensive responsibility will fail to Kante and Bakayoko. Hazard essentially played like a second striker just on the left. You can't have that on the right, Pedro worked like a dog. With James in the team, Kante and Bakayolo will have the job a traditional 4 man midfield had to protect the defence. Suicide.
  9. James Rodríguez

    Or you could, you know, stop lumping me in with everyone else. Just because one poster says something negative about Hazard defensively doesnt mean it's the same as all other negative comments on Hazard defensively
  10. Romelu Lukaku

    I cant remember the source, but apparently Lukaku ran the least out of all prem strikers last season and was very low for interceptions too. I think Costa is very high for interceptions. Hopefully he just needs a kick up the arse though the Everton boss strikes me as someone who would demand that too.
  11. James Rodríguez

    Two lazy wingers that won't track back. We'll have a back 5 and 2 cm will still get overrun. Against the small teams though would be tasty. I second Bernadeschi
  12. James Rodríguez

    Unless we improve our cb and fb situation, a back 3 is the only viable alternative. So 343 or 352 take your pick. Personally don't want James. Always gave me the impression of a stinky attitude, pretty slow and not great off the ball. Good left foot though.
  13. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    Thought as much
  14. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    Bit of a change in topic that. Weren't you annoyed at users because we're unhappy Bakayoko is coming? So, what, I should just say 'wait a minute! my opinion opposses the chelsea board's! They must be right and me wrong!'. I'm sure gad i changed my mind with Torres, Baba Rahman, Falcoa and the rest and agreed with the board. I may have had many criticisms of those former players for not being good enough/the right fit for our team but the board's choice sure turned out to be correct
  15. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    Give me a break pal! Many are moaning BECAUSE we have seen him kick many a ball and know how poor said ball kicking is! And who, out of all us moaners, are asking for £100m options? How much would Tolisso cost?