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  1. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea

    Big shout out to Kante. Quality, quality player!!!!!!
  2. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea

    When Hazard played it out to Moses (over willian) Willian threw his hands out to say "pass to me!". In my mind, it was saying "Stop passing to the special needs donkey!"
  3. Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    I saw a brief gif of our warm up on Twitter. Crikey Fabregas looks like a middle-aged man who's somehow found his way on the pitch. Not an ounce of athleticism
  4. Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    I'm a fan of Conte's. But if there is one thing that pisses me of is long balls to Hazard. After so many games, if he decided to play false 9 hammer it in their heads not to boot it in the air FFS. Edit: btw I'm not even watching it. Relying on you guys
  5. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    Hazard and willian look tired. But if pedro comes on he will dribble our attacks into oblivion
  6. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    Moses is a fucking idiot. No brains. Ill never stop saying that!
  7. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    Feel a loss in my gut
  8. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    Remember when Bayern killed Barca 4-0 at home in what was called the death of tiki taka? 36% possession.
  9. Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona

    It's a shame Rakitic wasn't sent off. AMIRITE?
  10. Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona

    You know, I'm gutted but still proud. Messi was reduced to 2 chipped balls into the box and only one was a good chance. Let' remember where we are. Comfortably beaten by Bournemouth and Watford. Someone mentioned Barca were walking around like it was a training game. They were standing still cos they had no clue how to make a fucking chance. Simeone will be looking at that say 'Barca controlled the ball but Chelsea controlled the space' I think we need Giroud away. Have Hazard take Pedro's position. Morata is fucking useless.
  11. Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona

    We break that first press and we are running straight at their 2 defenders lol
  12. Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona

    GET RAKITIC SENT OFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona

    Lets be honest, the compact team cohesion was really good. He would be stupid to change it at half time, let the game settle a bit where the team can easily adapt to the change
  14. Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona

    Its good to see that comment mate. I think, ironically morata should be LM when we defend because of his pace and switch with Hazard when Tibo has the ball. Morata is quite good at pressing in wide positions. Especially compared to Eden
  15. Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona

    Good end to the half. We are growing more confident