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  1. Chelsea v Barcelona

    We need to get Conte to read this guys - don't start Morata! Or Cahill! Pleeeeeeease
  2. Chelsea v Barcelona

    He's done quite well against Madrids various speed demons. Anyway, say he outpaces Pique, he don' expect Morata to bury his chances do we? Pressure is high and we need to bury the FEW chances we get. Morata doesn't spring to mind in that department. Giroud will make space for our real dangerman(s). Hazard and maybe Willian. In the percentage game, I think Giroud puts us in positions to score more often. Or to be more precise, puts our AM's in a position to score more often.
  3. Chelsea v Barcelona

    If the plan is to sit deep there's no point playing 352 - we have given up the ball and midfield anyway. Willian will be forced back to keep the numbers high but Willian is a boss at beating high press. Probably our best player. Beat 1 or 2 players (which he can in open field - especially against Barcas slow midfield - and the counter is on bitches)
  4. Chelsea v Barcelona

    Shock with horror
  5. Chelsea v Barcelona

    Thankfully Coutinho can' play
  6. Chelsea v Barcelona

    I've come to the opinion that starting Giroud or Morata will be more significant that 2 midfielders vs 3. We need an out ball when we finally get it back. Giroud is stronger. Holds the ball up well and brings others better into play. Let' be honest, we aren' gonna be on the ball the majority of the game. The striker is there to give a platform for Hazard in this type of game. I have no trust Morata can do that.
  7. Chelsea v Barcelona

    Why no Giroud? Or is this your prediction of what Conte will choose rather than your choice?
  8. Chelsea v Barcelona

    For giving that news, I owe you a beer (Or, if you don' drink, a non alcoholic beverage of your choice)
  9. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Swap Morata for Giroud
  10. Chelsea - Hull

    I know it's more his chances of being picked that depresses me. Watching his link up play compared to Morata was night and day
  11. Chelsea - Hull

    I want Giroud vs Barca with no Bakayoko. Such a shame
  12. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Cant think of who he reminds me off. But as he got more confident his touches improved
  13. Chelsea - Hull

    Is this on BBC?
  14. The Conte Thread

    Right. Give Poch this squad, it would be a disaster! Dembele, Eriksson, Kane are very good players. Dembele was monstrous. Think Mauricio! Could you do the same thing with Bakayoko, Cahill, Moses, Drinkwater and Pedro?!
  15. Chelsea 3-0 West Brom

    We have no options in midfield. Baka. Cesc. Drinkwater. No matter the choice Conte makes the midfield will be a ghost with Kante accumulating fatigue by this stage of the season.