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  1. Ashley Cole

    Feel the same way...
  2. Ashley Cole

    Chelsea's defender announced at his Twitter account that he will leave Chelsea with the end of his contract at the next month. On the other hand, Didier Drogba, announced that he will leave Galatasaray. Reunited with Mourinho againe? Hard to say it was not expected, but Chelsea's defender, Ashley Cole, announced on Tuesday at his Twitter account that he will leave the Blues at the end of his contract, which ends next month. "I am considering the options with my agent, but unfortunately it does not seem like Chelsea will be one of them," wrote the player, Ashley Cole, who wear the uniform of the London club for eight years and recently announced his retirement from the UK team after not being included in the roster for the World Cup. Chelsea's policy is not to extend the contract of the older players in more than one season, and except the Captain John Terry, who will play at the club next year, the future of the midfielder Frank Lampard also on doubtful. "I want to thank Chelsea which has made my eight years at the club for fun, and the fans who supported me in good times and in bad and will always be in my heart," added the defender, which Liverpool and Inter Milan are interested in him. "From now on I am looking for the next chapter of my life, and I hope it will be full of pleasures and titles as previous journeys I've experienced," he concluded. Meanwhile, the former striker of the group, Didier Drogba, confirmed in his Instagram account that he will leave Galatasaray, and may return to Chelsea. "From my first day in Turkey, I felt at home," wrote the player from the Ivory Coast, "to feel, see and sence the passion, sincerity and warmth of the people in Turkey is something I will not forget." After eight years - Ashley Cole leaving Chelsea The left fielder, 33 years old, who rarely play this season, announced on his twitter account that he will leave Stamford Bridge: "I will look for another journey in my life, hope it will be as fun as the previous" Ashley Cole, as recall, almost was not a partner in this season (to be more specific played only in 17 games) the lowest amount of his in all his time at Chelsea. His resume includes three championships (two with Arsenal and one with Chelsea), Seven Cups, one League Cup and of course winning the European League at the 2011-12 season and in the Champions League at the 2012-13 season with Chelsea.
  3. Chelsea v Sunderland

    I consider this game as an important groundwork for the upcoming games… looking for 3 points from the next match…
  4. Swansea v Chelsea

    :blue scalf: :blue scalf:
  5. Crystal Palace v Chelsea

    I couldn't agree more...
  6. Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal

  7. Aston Villa v Chelsea

    I think so too...
  8. Welcome to the forums bork.josh :)