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Everything posted by MrExcalibur100

  1. Nemanja Matic

    They're a bunch of in the moment drama queens. Matic look good now but will return to his normal shite self by January. He has terrible stamina.
  2. Nemanja Matic

    Just give it till December and the real Matic will show up. Remember, his stamina level across a full season is terrible.
  3. 9. Álvaro Morata

  4. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    I don't know what to say. What the fuck did I just watch? Pawson just did a proper job on us. Fuck our board. They've again made us a laughing stock. Antonio deserves so much more. And fuck everyone who said Antonio has lost the dressing room because of Diego fucking Costa of all people. Did you watch that 2nd half? Up yours.
  5. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    Craig Pawson has now reached Ovrebo status of hilarity.
  6. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    Morata has been superb since he came on. Very impressive.
  7. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    I told you guys this fucker had been briefed to destroy us by his bosses after that red for Cahill. This is far from a "normal" or "neutral" ref display. So one-sided against the home team. It's all very strange, isn't it
  8. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    That was worse than Cahill's tackle, arguably
  9. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    Willian has been by far our best player. By far. Where are all his bashers? "Squad player" , "not good enough". All a bunch of bullshit if you ask me.
  10. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    Even Craig Pawson couldn't stop that one
  11. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    You have no credibility as a CFC fan as far as I'm concerned. You're a poser and an instigator who loves attention. You've been calling for Conte's head already. That's enough for me.
  12. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    Yes but Conte is a nice man and Mourinho was (and still is) a Cunt.
  13. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    If Conte has "lost the dressing room" after resurrecting the club by winning the league with 93 points and a record 30 wins, essentially giving certain players a career at the highest level and PL medal, then they must be the most fickle bunch of tossers ever assembled and I want nothing to do with them. Of course, I don't see any reason to believe he has. It's more sensationalist bullshit from the regular suspects on this forum.
  14. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    We finished 10th two seasons ago and were in the relegation zone under Mourinho. It's not like we have a team of world class players and what is happening now is impossible
  15. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    Absolutely not. Costa didn't hold that much power in the dressing room. Entertaining, clownish figure yes but he was hardly Drogba or JT status. I'm sure majority of our squad saw him for the nutter he was after the China fiasco. That's absolutely NOT the problem now.
  16. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    A lot of it is the boards fault. Compare our squads to Man United or Arsenal's. Compare it to Spurs. And its laughable to put it in the same sentence as this City team. Every man and his fucking dog sees this, So wtf is our ambition for the season according to the board if our team was clearly never going to be up to par to defend the title and fight for the Champions league? So ZERO ambition. They've created an atmoshphere of a lack of enthusiasm at the club and its showing today.
  17. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    Drinkwater and Ox. Our lords and saviours. These lads will surely take us to CL glory, isn't that right Roman, Emenalo and Grano-- whatever the fuck her name is.
  18. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    Our board have created a scenario were Antonio is suffering the biggest humiliation of his career. If something MASSIVE doesn't change before the transfer window ends, he is justified in walking before season end.
  19. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    And the two unprofessional cunts I'm watching on my NBC stream are loving every minute of it.
  20. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    Now it's a massacre. Roman are you watching? Getting demolished by Burnley?!
  21. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    Costa's hold up play is nothing special and his first touch is a disaster. Which Chelsea are you watching? Anyway, 0-3!!
  22. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    0-2 . The most disastrous start for a reigning Champion ever. Disgusting, uninspired and ultimately PREDICTABLE.
  23. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    Strange assessment based on 1 game where we are down to 10 men. Meanwhile Costa can be a walking corpse for half a season and still start every game. Michy has scored almost every time he's started. Be reasonable please.
  24. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    No agenda of course. Nothing to see there
  25. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    If that was Liverpool, United or Arsenal it's extremely doubtful it would have been a red. But we're soft targets and the refs for some reason have been very brutal with us dating back to the last few weeks of the previous season.