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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

    Kristof is an arrogant prick who has his own agenda. He's a London based Belgian journalist who reports on Belgians in England. Trust me, he doesn't know anything about this situation but likes to pretend to be ITK. It's best not even discussing it anymore. Hazard has been linked with them a thousand times in the past and has "signed" a hundred times more. Pointless discussing it until we hear from the horses mouth at the end of the season.
  2. 26. John Terry

    This is not the person in the video. Get that fake shit out of here.
  3. 26. John Terry

    You shouldn't post about that sort of stuff on JT's thread. What his mum does in her personal life has nothing to do with him and is none of our business.
  4. Chelsea - Southampton

    Souness, Chelsea hating twat will never give us credit for anything. Always trying to make us sound like just a functional team. Scouse clown.
  5. Chelsea - Southampton

    Tbf, Ward-Prowse has a wicked delivery. Courtois couldn't really do anything on most of them. Also, commanding his area is one of his greatest strengths so much so it comes effortless to him. I strongly disagree with that.
  6. Chelsea - Southampton

    Redknapp just said Costa has a nice touch, Oh Sky.
  7. 19. Diego Costa

    Much better. Not just the brace, but his all round play was much improved. Hopefully, he can maintain till the end of the season.
  8. Chelsea - Southampton

  9. Chelsea - Southampton

    FANTASTIC golazo!!
  10. Chelsea - Southampton

    Drogba-esque header from Costa that was.
  11. Chelsea - Southampton

    Jesus, I was highlighting a particular move when he got booked. I wasn't even criticizing him as he's obviously playing well
  12. Chelsea - Southampton

    Costa has been much improved in this game, thank goodness.
  13. Chelsea - Southampton

    Do you even know the context of my post? Anyway, 3-1
  14. Chelsea - Southampton

    Fabregas is just too slow. That would have been easy for Willian or Pedro and a counter would have been on
  15. Chelsea - Southampton

    It's 2 v 1 everytime because expecting Fabregas and Hazard to adequately help Moses and Alonso is a pipe dream. Kante and Matic try and help by doubling up but Southampton then quickly switch to the middle and there's spaces left by our vacant pivot. We're also getting killed on set-pieces.
  16. Chelsea - Southampton

    For me, the 3-4-3 is by far our best system. We haven't played a single convincing match with from the start with the current system we're playing and we seriously struggle with the intensity of our attacks. Our right side is so slow with Moses the only threat there. We're up but we haven't created anything in this match and we're having problems defending the flanks.
  17. Chelsea - Southampton

    I'm not convinced by this 3-5-2. We play so much better with 3-4-3.
  18. Chelsea - Southampton

    Nice one Gary. Has scored some big goals recently
  19. Chelsea - Southampton

    We've been absolute shit since we scored. Our pressing and pattern of play has really gone down the drain. Just happy to score 1 goal and try and defend. Pathetic.
  20. Chelsea - Southampton

    Problem is when we score we all of a sudden want to give the opposition possession and start playing for counters. I can't understand this team at times. We just gift the opposition momentum.
  21. Chelsea - Southampton

    Hazard is just too good. Guy is unreal, like a cheat player
  22. Chelsea - Southampton

    Trying to pick your brain. Why won't you want to start Willian or Pedro in this game for instance?
  23. Chelsea - Southampton

    Good point, which is why going 3-5-2 instead of our normal stuff is more surprising. Our wingbacks will be slightly more vulnerable without Willian/Pedro helping out. But Anyway, KTBFFH. This team should be more than good enough to handle busines tonight
  24. Chelsea - Southampton

    Yep. I miss the days when we used to go 3-4-3 with Fab partnering Kante.
  25. Chelsea - Southampton

    Courtois; Azpilicueta, David Luiz, Cahill (c); Moses, Kante, Matic, Alonso; Fabregas, Diego Costa, Hazard. No Pedro or Willian.