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  1. 30. David Luiz

    He played in a back 3 under Conte. Totally different. Can't see him lasting the full duration of the season. Just hope when Christensen gets the call he grasps it with both hands.
  2. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    People are seriously blaming him? That was a bullet header. Goalkeepers are not gods you know.
  3. Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea

    Giroud got elbowed in his mouth, I don't want to hear shit about the penalty. And again, fuck Newcastle. Bunch of cunts
  4. Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea

    TOP OF THE LEAGUE BIATCHESS!!!!! 3 GAMES 3 WINS. Again FUCK Shitcastle and their diabolical tactics. Embarrassing from Benitez
  5. Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea

  6. Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea

    What an insanely poorly officiated game. What a farce. Football without VAR is becoming a joke
  7. Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea

    Rafa has Newcastle playing like the small side they are.
  8. Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea

    This "tactic" of trying to hurt Hazard early in the game to get him out of his stride has become very common. But the refs either haven't caught on or dont care
  9. Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea

    So they've stamped Hazard out of the game. Pathetic
  10. Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea

  11. The English Football Thread

    Traore is such a sensational talent. He'll bench Costa going forward for sure
  12. The Mourinho Thread

    Read some of the posts on this page it seems they're slowly catching on, saying what some of us were saying. http://www.redcafe.net/threads/josé-mourinho-2018-19-performances.440061/page-61 Some of us tried to warn these arrogant Mancs about signing toxic Jose but they didn't listen, instead they wanted a "winner". They've got one alright. He's already created a narrative his defenders are hopeless and cant possibly be ever any good despite spending almost 70 million already on Bailly and Lindelof. He then asked his board for Maguire, who he knows deep down in his heart of hearts is an impossible target. Maguire is nothing more than a red herring, an illuision. The whole situation with Pogba was totally orchestrated by Mourinho. As it was with Casillas, Hazard and Ronaldo in the past. The man is really mentally disturbed. How big clubs continue to take him seriously at this point is beyond me.
  13. Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea

    I think we'll win this game. The reason we've struggled at Newcastle in recent years is because of the shithouse tactics of previous regimes. Mourinho always tried to outshithouse Pardew. We didn't have a problem with them with other managers (other than Mourinho) at the helm.
  14. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    So I watched the 2nd half again. This one will be much shorter since unlike the 1st half I actually watched the 2nd half live. Basically it was extremely one-sided, I believe we averaged 74% possession in that half which is just brilliant to accomplish in a big game. Very Guardiola-esque. In truth, Arsenal lacked ambition. Emery was cleary wary of our attacking play and told his players to defend deep in a low block to try and hold on to the result. They only made 4 or 5 forays in our half in the entire 2nd half! All in all Arsenal only looked threatening for about 5 minutes in the 1st half from min 42 to 45 (+2) As pointed out in the live chat Kovacic was superb when he came on. No point talking about Hazard, we already know what he's about. After initially being unneccessarily pessimistic about the season i.e our lack of major investment in more signings, (in truth that was before we got Kovacic), a new striker and so on, I am really optimistic now just because of how we're going to play. We haven't had such an expansive coach literally since Vialli and Gullit. I'm really looking forward to this season now probably more than anyone in many many years. Sarriball makes me happy.
  15. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    Mcmanaman is at it again second half. He never gives credit to the attacking player. Everything positive in attack that happens for either us or Arsenal has to be the fault of a defender. It's just absurd. I've noticed that he loves to over-criticize Arsenal and hardlt ever gives Chelsea credit. He also does the same with City as well. He's a lot more sensible when he co-comments games for his beloved Liverpool though. For some odd reason he's pretty fair with United. Tired of these scouse wankers in media. Only one I like that is actually fair to us and is not biased at all is Carragher. And he actually knows a lot about the game unlike Mcmanaman.
  16. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    About to watch the whole game again. I initially missed the 1st half and watched only the 2nd half live. My impressions of the 1st half. We totally battered and destroyed them for 40 minutes. The 1st goal they scored was literally a fluke from nothing after Willian waited to recieve the ball and got dispossed. Iwobi tries to cut it back and it takes a massive deflection and falls kindly to the Armenian guy. Their 2nd goal was a good team goal and its hard to find were we could have improved. Maybe someone could have done a better job picking up Iwobi. Steve Mcmanaman's constant moaning about defending made it seem much worse than it was. If anything, I was a bit more concerned by the initial chances from cut-backs Arsenal missed. The superiority we showed over them in terms of just pure football reminded me of the 5-0 game against Everton. It was the best football I've seen vs a big 6 team since..............I can't really remember. Usually our wins in big games, virtually all of them in the last 6 years have come from counter-attacking efforts. This was a purely possession based footballing effort. The final possession stats was 63% CFC vs 37% Arsenal. We completed 719 passes to their 424. When was the last time that happened in a big game?! I don't even wanna know. Anyway, the 2-2 was totally against the run of play. I was listening to some Arsenal fans on youtube and just commentary on the game in general before I watched the 1st half and it sounded like we were dominant for 30 mins then Arsenal dominated for 15 but that sounds revisionist. We were all over them. Anyway, about to rewatch the 2nd half and post my thoughts. Also: Steve Mcmanaman is absolutely fucking unbearable to listen to on commentary. I really despise co-commentators that moan about everything in a game. It makes the game just uncomfortable to watch. Fucking bitch.
  17. 10. Eden Hazard

    "You know what I said after the World Cup," he says, "I'm happy here, I do not want to talk about that yet, a lot of things have been said, nonsense and everything. For the moment, I am happy, I have two more years of contract and we will see what will happen, leave this year, I will not leave, the transfer window in England is over. can not sign players, it would be a little odd that they (the Chelsea leaders, ed) let me go and they do not recruit a player behind.We could still see today that fans love me I'm fine here, we'll see what happens in a year or two. " https://rmcsport.bfmtv.com/football/mercato-je-ne-partirai-pas-hazard-scelle-son-avenir-a-chelsea-1508385.html Reliable source. Nothing new or groundbreaking that hasn't been said before. Hopefully it puts that talk to bed for now and we can focus on the season.
  18. 5. Jorginho

    Apparently had 100+ touches today. When was the last time a non-defender, hell ANY Chelsea player had 100+ touches in a game vs the big 6? Certainly not under the previous regimes. Normally it was Courtois with the most touches Hopefully those days are gone and never to be remembered. No doubt Jorginho is one of the best deep-lying playmakers in world football. Still needs to adjust to the speed and tempo of the English game though.
  19. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Its unbelievable how much of an imprint he's already made on the way we play in such a short period of time. Manchester City needed a whole season and a shit ton of transfers/money spent to implement Guardiola's philosophy. Sarri in reality has only signed one of his own players in Jorginho. Transitioning from Mourinho/Conte ball to Sarriball is literally night and day, hell and heaven. It normally should take a minimum of 1 season and a couple of transfer windows. This brand of football is much more difficult and much more sophisticated than what both of our previous managers brought, particularly Mourinho. I'm impressed how far along we are already after a pre-season, community shield and 2 games. No one should moan about the defending. City were poor defensively 2 seasons ago, suffering several heavy trashings. It's a brand of football that requires time and patience and finally I think our sometimes fickle board might have seen the light.
  20. 11. Pedro Rodríguez

    I have a feeling he's going to have a better campaign than the overrated Willian this season. He was woeful last season no thanks to Conte. Pedro will enjoy Sarriball.
  21. 7. N'Golo Kante

    5-7 goals tops. You just dont magically start scoring 10 goals a season when you're a Kante.
  22. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    I only watched the 2nd half and missed the 1st. Hazard and Kovacic were amazing. The former is standard but the latter was fantastic. All of a sudden positive about the season than I've ever been. We still need to do something about Luiz for Christensen. I just dont see Luiz surviving as a starter throughout the season. Alonso will get a pass from me for now. Amazing match and football. I can't believe we're playing this sort of football now. That was better than anything we played last season entertainment wise.
  23. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

  24. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    Kovacic has been fantastic. Hazard is Hazard.
  25. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    Hazard and Kovacic!