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  1. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Nah I believe Emerson starts from now on. Sarri can be stubborn but he's not stupid. He can now see Emerson is twice the player that Alonslow is.
  2. Chelsea 2-1 Spurs

    A few days ago we were told by some that he wasn't world class (even when he was being played out of position)
  3. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    And here comes the resident Hazard hater. You're a bigger fan of Salah, a player who plays for the enemy than you are a fan of Hazard, one of the greatest players to wear a Chelsea shirt. Thanks goodness 99% of this forum are reasonable people and recognize him as the best in in the PL. I won't criticize Hazard playing out of position as a striker after two average performances. And the fact you think the Belgian national team is "hardly" better than ours kind of says it all. I'll let you have the last word cus I know that's what you really want.
  4. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Hazard has been hampered by both Conte and Sarri in the last 2 seasons. Just play him in his right position and he'll be alright. He was the best player at the World Cup and arguably the best player on the planet or at worst top 2 just about a month/6 weeks ago. Then Sarri started tampering with his position like Conte did in 17/18. Hazard has already shown many times that he doesn't have the qualities to play as a striker. He likes to drop deep to recieve the ball and run at players. Sarri has taken that away from him like Conte did last year. He was by far the best player in the PL in his correct position just a few months ago despite playing with inferior players and a new tactical system (to Salah). If you can't see that then its your problem. But when Higuain comes back and Hazard is back in his normal position and starts balling again. Don't jump back on the Hazard train.
  5. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Salah has yet to win zilch for Liverpool as their marquee player. Nothing. And you're crowning him? Are you seriously going to compare what Hazard has done for us and in the PL to what Salah has achieved? He has 4 team of the year appearances in 6 years and has multiple player of the year accolades including 2 top 2 finishes in the last 4 years. No other PL player comes close to his records in England besides De Gea and Kane and both have 1 PL title between them. Hazard has won 2 titles, winning both as the best player in England. David Silva? Boy, you seriously are reaching with that one. That's an embarrassing take, Juan. You're better than this.
  6. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Here we go again with the dreaded "suffering" word. Literally can't make half of this shit up!
  7. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    you consider 2 players in the world world class that's okay. Messi doesn't even look half as dominant for Argentina when he isnt surrounded with the best players at Barcelona. Hazard's performance for Belgium either equals or supersedes anything Messi has done with Argentina. Messi and Ronaldo don't play with the dross Hazard has had to endure with for most of his Chelsea career. Wait till Hazard leaves us and joins a better team and you'll quickly see what he means to this side. Don't let your frustrations with the current state of affairs at the club make you say silly things. Hazard is demonstrably the PL's best player. So far, Sarri is pretty much following the Conte script of playing Hazard out of position which has coincided with drop in goals : games ratio. It's literally the same as 17/18. If Higuian is the striker we think he is, Hazard will be back ripping shit up in his natural position.
  8. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Hazard is in the top 5 attacking players in the world. He's in the world XI. He's the best player in the world that plays for the worst supporting cast and that has been the case for many many years. Saying he isn't world class is silly. He proved it at the World Cup and has proven it many times at Chelsea.
  9. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Sarri has been an absolute shambles recently. Waiting for Higuain to start starting games. We'll see how good of a manager Sarri actually is since his no striker excuse will be obsolete.
  10. Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea

    This better defensively shit is just Mourinho residue programming. When Neymar starts on the left, he doesn't track back for shit. Nobody even cares or brings it up. Neither should Hazard. That way of thinking gotta go. And we're a better team with Giroud at least as a stop gap.
  11. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

  12. Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea

    We're basically Arsenal level now. Clinging and hoping for 4th place. Two back to back season of 4th - 5th place mediocrity. We've been insanely poorly run for many years now from board level. Chickens coming home to roost guys.
  13. Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea

    We were winning games in the first few months of the season with Giroud playing up front, so I beg to differ. The side is better with Giroud. Our problems started when Sarri started introducing Morata back into the side and to a lesser extent Willian.
  14. Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea

    Actually we have 2 strikers. Morata and Giroud. A better stop gap than playing strikerless till we actually sign one. But Sarri has convinced himself we have none. And he's hardly getting the results. He's failing at his job.
  15. Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea

    I'm done with this fucking club till Higuain starts playing games. But that wanker Alonso will remain in the side nonetheless the lanky piece of garbage. Never seen a more mediocre player become an "untouchable' at Chelsea. This guy is a Newcastle level player at best.
  16. Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea

    Our future looks very very bleak. Worrying times.
  17. Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea

    The fact we're in a situation were we don't have a functional striker and we have to panic buy Higuain on loan just goes to show how this club is failing on board level. We've been disastrously poor in the transfer window since the Fabregas - Costa - Matic coup in 2014/15 and a lot of that was down to Mourinho's influence. Marina needs to be dismissed immediately. Hazard has already made up his mind to leave this circus.
  18. Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea

    Watch us play much better now. Sarri has just been a fucking idiot in recent weeks
  19. Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea

    He's not even in his real position. He's playing our best player out of position and hindering his ability. This is Conte - esque
  20. Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea

    Sarri is looking like a pawn shop Guardiola now. 2-0 down, pass, pass , pass no striker. Sterile garbage. Robbing the fans blind.
  21. Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea

    midfielder for midfielder 2-0 down. RLMFAO. Banter season.
  22. Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea

    Which sort of manager doesn't bring on a striker 2-0 up? Sarri has lost his marbles.
  23. James Rodríguez

    I've been a huge admirer of this kid. A bit underrated because he plays in Monaco. Has been the best player in the WC alongside Robben. He will be one of the top 10 players in the world.
  24. Chelsea 0-1 Leicester

    Not in attack. Hazard is the only star and Pedro is a passable player but that's about it. Morata, Giroud and Willian are players who should not be anywhere near the starting XI of a serious CL side except as backups. Far from solid. And that's why we are toothless up front. Its not hard.
  25. Chelsea 0-1 Leicester

    You never see any of our fullbacks drive to the byline, make penetrating runs into the opponents' 18 yard box and look for cutbacks to our players. You know like Mendy does. Like Robertson does. Carvajal, Marcelo, Alba. All top fullbacks are able to drive their team forward with their overlaps. Alonso races to the byline and just stands there, either passing it back or lumping some hopeless cross into the box none of our players has a chance or reaching. He's way too slow to commit the opposition fullback. This clown was lumping balls into the box with Hazard playing upfront! Same thing with Azpilicueta. Way too slow. All he does is cut back when he is 1 v 1 with a defender or lump a hopeless cross into the box. Our fullbacks offer us ZERO. Everything they contribute in attack is infront of the oppositions backline, never anything in behind. Not just Alonso but Azpi too.