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Everything posted by MrExcalibur100

  1. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    The point is Azpi has been surrendering possession easily all game leading to dangerous Watford attacks without us being punished. This time we did
  2. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    This is bullshit. Let's not forget it was Azpilicueta's give away that led to the penalty. He's playing like he's on drugs
  3. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    Azpi's give away initially was what caused this. He needs to be benched from now on. Very poor performances
  4. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    Azpi has been by far the worst Chelsea player on the pitch in what has been a very dominating performance by us. This is starting to look like Ivanovic's last games for us
  5. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    Kovacic is an animal. Kante will have to work very hard to get back in the XI
  6. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    Lampard's celebration
  7. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    That pass by Jorginho was just unreal
  8. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    Willian lol. WTF was that?
  9. Super Frank Thread

    Lampard is the next great British manager. Extremely modern approach. The tandem of Lampard and Morris is amazing and perfect for this club. Where are those that were moaning about bad results after 5 or 6 games? Onward and upward, Roman makes a brilliant managerial appointment that suits the profile of the players finally
  10. Ajax 0-1 Chelsea

    How many of those have we had in the last 7 years ? I can only think of Atletico Madrid away. The rest is suffering, walls to the back defensive garbage. Lampard is doing all this without any superstars. Shows how much a manager makes to the team.
  11. Ajax 0-1 Chelsea

    That was better than any Champions league performance under Mourinho during his 2nd spell at Chelsea. FACT
  12. Ajax 0-1 Chelsea

    Totally deserving, we've bossed the entire 2nd half. What a weird feeling to go away to a ball playing European powerhouse and completely outplay them on possession and football. Thank you Frank and Jody.
  13. 24. Reece James

    CobhamCafu they're calling him now
  14. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

    LMFAO we get Yawnited next . You can't make this stuff up
  15. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

    I know its only Grimsby but I don't think I've felt as much bliss from a Chelsea team performance in almost a year. The investment in the academy is finally paying off. Happy for all those kids
  16. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

    Beautiful from Reece James.
  17. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

  18. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

    I remember he was crying like a bitch when Lampard's derby thoroughly outplayed his United team at Old Trafford. Literally crying. The man has no shame and still behaves like a 12 year old.
  19. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

    Mourinho continues to show what a snake he is, a man who only looks after his own interests. I remember him being critical of Lampard as well during one of our earlier matches on Sky. When he was basically insinuating that Lampard will play kids as an "excuse" to avoid the pressure of the job. Fuck him and his shitty opinion , too bad some think its genuine criticism. One will think an ex-Chelsea manager will show more solidarity to one of his best ever ex-players and a club he supposedly loves. Lampard has received more praise from Klopp than Mourinho
  20. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

    Alonso as just been thumping useless crosses into the box.
  21. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

    Does Lampard have an agenda against Pulisic? This is bizarre
  22. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

    Alonso is a cancer. Piece of filth
  23. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

    Slo mo Alonso
  24. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

    Alonso no marking . Hijo de puta
  25. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool