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  1. Eden Hazard

    Another ankle fracture. You've gotta feel sorry for Eden. Meunier has fucked him up real real bad now and he might never be the same. Add to the fact that Zidane is a moron and can't coach any form of attacking football, he might really regret ever going to Real Madrid.
  2. Chelsea 2-1 Spurs

    Lol Mourinho was trying to avoid the handshake. I think that now makes it Lampard 3-0 against Mourinho.
  3. Chelsea 2-1 Spurs

    What a crock of shit. How does that even make sense. Just bizarre.
  4. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Fuck yeah!! Love that little bit from Lampard at the end 😍😍
  5. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Lol Racist abuse. Spurs are pathetic!
  6. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Son is one dirty bastard isn't he? Spurs fans losing their minds now.
  7. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    I agree but he could still show a bit more composure in the final 3rd
  8. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Whattt? I thought a tactical masterclass away from home against a good team could only be achieved by bus-parking and counter-attacking futbol?!
  9. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

  10. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Alonso is a piss of shit man. What a waste of space he is
  11. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Sissy-okho you bastard
  12. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Mount is lost out there.
  13. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    So much space , Alonso backing off. He's so full of shit
  14. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    We better capitalize and bring the black and decker to Mourinho's bus now with a 2nd goal. This is a typical Mourinho team in a big game. Shit all game but can still nick a result. We need better than 1-0 ASAP
  15. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Que Golazo Big WILLIE WILLIAN