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  1. Chelsea - Barcelona

    We deserved to win the game. It really was a smash and grab away goal by them. Sad.
  2. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Great set piece
  3. Chelsea - Barcelona

    The way BT sport are sucking Messi's dick is funny. Hazard and Willian were better despite having limited touches of the ball
  4. The Conte Thread

  5. The Conte Thread

  6. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Hats off to Conte. The game plan. Has worked. We press them in spurts and when we press them they look very average.
  7. Chelsea - Barcelona

  8. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Great play from Willian
  9. Chelsea - Barcelona

    cunt ref
  10. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Yeah we're just watching them now instead of pressing. We started really well pressing them!
  11. Chelsea - Barcelona

    We were pressing them to start the game why are watching them now?
  12. Chelsea - Barcelona

    We should be pressing them high up the pitch. We have the quality to hurt them
  13. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Sackable decision. I've given up home in this man. He's probably going to walk in the summer anyway. He moans about money for transfer and leaves two of our only recognizable strikers on the bench. Shameful.
  14. Chelsea - Barcelona

    I swear if Conte produces anti-football in this game i'm not going to forgive him.
  15. Chelsea - Barcelona

    So these are Conte's options. (1) Play 3-4-3 and go with Kante and Drinkwater with Hazard, Morata, Pedro/Willian (2) Play 3-5-2 and go with Drinkwater, Fabregas and Kante with Hazard and Morata. I'm going with option (1) for the home tie and option (2) for the away tie. The 3-5-2 has run its course at home. We need to go 3-4-3 and try and make a statement at SB because we'll get nothing at Camp Nou. My worst fear is that this could be a repeat of the Chelsea v Man City tie at SB earlier in the season. Conte has so far shown to have serious problems against possession dominant teams. He's already said in the press conference we should be prepared to "suffer a lot" which says something about our probable approach. In Barcelona's last game against Eibar, they were pressed very high up the pitch relentlessly which bothered them a lot. Conte's Chelsea doesn't press. We just sit back. We really should consider a high press and 3-4-3 gives us a better chance to press them more efficiently with an extra body in attack (Willian/Pedro) than a 3-5-2. The 3-5-2 also means that defensively, our main source of width, our fullbacks will get pinned back by Alba and Roberto. I don't believe Conte is going to start Giroud in this game also. He will likely be used as target man to come off the bench and give us a more direct option. I just hope Conte knows what he's doing.