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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

    There's a lot of speculation around Eden and it seems very serious this time. Too many, (and now reputable) sources reporting the Madrid interest and that he's interested. This could be the season we all thought will inevitably come. Remember his words "If I ever leave, it will be after winning the league".
  2. Frank Lampard

    I just realized he played more games than Maldini and Giggs. Put some respekt on this man's name.
  3. Bernardo Silva

    And what about LWB, a partner for Kante, Cahill and Moses? Also Sanchez is not that good on the right as you seem to think he is. He's much better on the left. Even though admittedly, in a 3-4-3, it's more narrow. Ultimately, they also will never sell him to us. Bernado Silva is good but so is Pedro and the latter is a greater goal scoring threat. I just don't see this huge difference in quality between Bernado Silva/Pedro/Willian that some are seeing. He's not the difference between us and Barcelona/Madrid/Bayern. We're still too weak in other areas.
  4. Bernardo Silva

    It still remains to be seen how good Christensen will be when he returns. Even though I rate him highly, you talk of him as if he's Nesta or Maldini. He's still a young, frail talented CB with a lot to prove. Putting your eggs in one basket is crazy at this point, especially considering what happened last season. Our priorities should be in this order : CM, CB, LWB, RWB, RW. Also, Pedro has been fantastic this season and Willian has been good when called upon. Both of them are very good players we can rely on. Matic/Fabregas (due to his athletic defeciences), Cahill, Alonso, Moses are all not good enough in the long run despite their contributions to our success this season. We can't reach the level of European elite with these players starting for us. All any good team needs to against us is press Cahill and our two holding midfielders and we can't build from the back. Our transition from defense to midfield is terrible and against United, we couldn't do anything for 25 mins until one inspired moment from Hazard. It was the same against Spurs. Against City as well. We're dominating the league now because we have world class players in critical positions and a bunch of grafters surrounding them but in Champions league next season, many quality teams will press us high up the pitch and we need to be ready for that. I just hope Roman has learned from last season and brings out the cheque-book to back Conte seriously in the market.
  5. Bernardo Silva

    Bernado Silva is a very good player but he's not the priority now and shouldn't be. We currently have a gaping hole in our midfield next to Kante. We need a new CB to replace Cahill who is an average player if we're being honest. There are also question marks around the quality of both Marcos Alonso and Moses in the long term. Costa's future is also shrouded.
  6. Bernardo Silva

    He's a playmaker in the mold of David Silva. I'm not sure where some of these other comparisons are coming from.
  7. Mahmoud Dahoud

    Dahoud is apparently 5'9 so while he isn't Matic or Ballack tall, he won't be Kante's midget partner either. I think it's an interesting question you ask concerning height in our pivot and how that relates to finding a suitable partner for Kante. IIRC, we've been linked to Verratti and Conte apparently is a huge fan (who isn't?) so I'm guessing any potential height issues isn't a problem for Conte? Or maybe like you stated, we're thinking of going after Verratti with the idea of going 3-5-2. Personally, I don't believe Conte is interested in changing our system and he shouldn't.
  8. Mahmoud Dahoud

    I will pay over the odds for him at this point. We can't afford to let him go to Dortmund. I hope we've spoken to his representatives and told them he has a great chance to be a member of our starting XI. The competition for his position isn't great. Dortmund are a great club with the best group of young players in Europe but surely the opportunity to play alongside established world stars and a top manager we can offer should trump what Dortmund can offer him?
  9. Chelsea 1-0 Man United

    Sub out Willian and Matic and bring on Fabregas and Pedro. We're playing like we're winning 5-0 with 10 mins to go.
  10. Chelsea 1-0 Man United

    Moses complete trash in big games. Time for Cesc in 2nd half
  11. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    Was it really a big test though? Seriously thought they were one of the worst sides we've faced away from home all season. Maybe the worst.
  12. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    He's a good goal scorer but there are other good goal scorers there who don't have the touch of an eel and the decision making of a rock. In the summer, if the Chinese are still interested, we have to seriously consider our options.
  13. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    The only thing exciting about today's game was Hazard. Everything else was a huge snooze and rather predictable. West Ham are an abomination of a side. Typical 80's English 'ball.
  14. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    Costa still absolutely horrendous despite the goal. wow
  15. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    West Ham are just the jammiest bastards imaginable. Disgusting side.