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  1. Chelsea - Nottingham Forest

    Ridiculously selfish from Kenedy after Hazard graciously passes to him. He could just have cut it back and now they score at the other end. These Brazilians are something else.
  2. Chelsea - Nottingham Forest

    Hilarious celebration by Musonda and nice finish.
  3. Chelsea - Nottingham Forest

    We need to step it up 2nd half. I was hoping to watch an enjoyable game on a Tuesday night with Musonda, Bakayoko and Eden not a half-arsed mechanical display.
  4. Chelsea - Nottingham Forest

    How can he get into the match when we're playing on the counter and allowing a championship team to dominate the ball in our own stadium. It's just bits and pieces for him so far.
  5. Chelsea - Nottingham Forest

    Seriously we haven't come to play. Totally unprofessional and lazy display so far. The 2 goals will mask it though.
  6. Chelsea - Nottingham Forest

    2 goals 2 mistakes. We aren't playing anything so far. If anything, they're the ones playing the better football. We need to settle down and step it up.
  7. Chelsea - Nottingham Forest

    Cahill is laughably bad under pressure. Even a Championship side is hassling him into making poor decisions.
  8. Chelsea - Nottingham Forest

    Mancienne long time no see bro.
  9. The English Football Thread

    Gabriel Jesus has 14 goals in 16 starts for City and is just 20. Saying he's not a goal getter isn't exactly accurate. The kid scores. I think the point is Man City lacked the dual threat they now have from the fullback positions and the runs Mendy and Walker make really open up the pitch for their other star players. Playing with 3 at the back also helps them to shore up their defense while at the the same time allowing for both Gabriel Jesus and Aguero to play as central strikers thus no over-reliance on one man to score. It also helps Jesus is now available from the start of the season this time.
  10. 2. Antonio Rudiger

    Deserves to keep his place until further notice.
  11. The English Football Thread

    The only reason the Mane red is even a talking point is because he plays for Liverpool. If he played for us, it will be 100% clear cut anyone speaking against it ridiculed and mocked. It's the same way our stonewall penalty will barely get a mentioned by the good ol' boys in the English football establishment. It's Chelsea so who cares about them right?
  12. 10. Eden Hazard

    You're the one who did this with your initial post. Seriously if you posted that on RedCafe or RAWK, you'll get mocked and slaughtered. You're the one who hijacked the thread moaning about irrelevant shite because Hazard didn't shoot from 25 yards after dribbling past 4 players after just recovering from an ankle break. Next game you'll moan about how he didn't score from the opposition half. It's crazy. Maybe you've become spoiled with greatness and no longer live in the real world. And your initial post wasn't harmless. It was a big moan about you "crying" because Hazard didn't shoot and even questioning the possibility of a problem with his mentality. Yeah let's question the mentality of a guy who put a blunt, tiring team on his back and carried that team to a league title in the 2nd half of the 2014/15 season. Or after all the absolutely insane slander he got from the 2015/16 season they all questioned his mentalilty and see how he responded. We as Chelsea fans should know better. I don't see how any Chelsea fan can ever question anything about this particular player. Maybe I'm just a hopeless fanboy but Eden has won my heart and I have a whole lot of respect for him as a player and a person. Some of you sound like parents who live through their children and then expect them to live up to outrageous expectations. Hazard is the only player on this forum whose game still gets scrutinized after performances, regardless of how he well plays. No other player gets this shit. Maybe I'm just insane or something but it's getting mad. Jesus wept.
  13. 10. Eden Hazard

    Was it really? So harmless that you were almost in tears (your words) he didn't shoot?
  14. 10. Eden Hazard

    Hazard can't shoot as well as Pedro does so doesn't take as many shots and taking shots just for the sake of it instead of applying his quality to the team (as thankfully he does) won't make us better as a team. No one gives a fuck is Hazard is not satisfying your outrageous demands at this point. 2 league titles in 3 years. Best player on both title winning teams. Chelsea legend already. Loyal. What the fuck else do you want from one man? He dribbles past 4 players and then doesn't score a 25 yard screamer afterwards? Do you know how ridiculous you sound? Make up your mind, if Hazard is helping us win titles, I don't give a fuck if he isn't firing at will from 25 yards.
  15. 10. Eden Hazard

    Even when it opens for him to shoot it's still a bad idea because his long range shooting is not that good. So why even mention it in *that* instance? What the fuck are you on about here. See this is the problem Zakhov.The bolded part is video game esque ignorance with all due respect mate. Do you know how extraordinary it is to have the ability to dribble past 3 or 4 players consistently within a single stride? Then you expect him to get the ball out of his feet so quickly and then have an accurate shot on goal. That's lunacy. Nobody can do that in football. Not in the history of football. Except maybe Messi. Very few players in the history of football possess the talent Hazard does. Stop complaining about what you think he isn't doing right (which is mostly unfounded). Can he be more selfish sometimes, yes. But lets focus on what can make us better as a team not what you think *might* make Hazard a better player and it won't since his long range shooting is not great (except when he's running with the ball from certain angles).