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Ahmed Mostafa

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  1. Liverpool v Chelsea

    we still have chance to win the pl .... I don't like the defeatist way of speech we should do our best ,,,,, and maybe mr lucky sympathize with us personally hope salah socre a goal or more agianst them
  2. Chelsea 1-2 Sunderland

  3. Chelsea v Sunderland

    Personally hoping salah prove he is a very quality player Today
  4. Chelsea v Sunderland

    it sounds bad that cech is absent today we need him in the remaining matches desperately hope he recover soon ,,,,, regarding to the squad it's good but why he starts with willian in stead of shurle willain played the full game vs swansea , shurle one half ,,, we need willian frersh vs atltco.madrid hope we finish the match early to put the pressure on liverpool
  5. Chelsea v Sunderland

    yeeeeeeeeeeees♥♥♥♥ finally our destiny in our hands ,,,,, and the PL title is ours if we win the next four matches our players should consider the next matches as a final ,,,,, please do not disappoint us come on chelsea..... come on chelsea
  6. Chelsea v Sunderland

    I'am afraid to say it will not be like walking in the park they are totally suffering in the league with a very bad record (losing the last 5 matches) they beat us also in the carling cup,,, ia'm optimistic but cautious too they will fight for the remaining 18 points to stay in the EPL hope we give them a smash early
  7. Swansea v Chelsea

    without a doubt salah and matic are a must I hope if mourinho starting with ashly cole and ba my perdiction 2-0 for chelsea
  8. Welcome to the forums Ahmed Mostafa :)