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  1. Liverpool v Chelsea

    I think all the reports about us playing a B-team is Mou's doing to get Liverpool too relaxed and then go there and smash them. If I know Mou right he would never give Liverpool the title that easy. After all they could still fuck up in the remaining games. Nothing is impossible
  2. Chelsea v Sunderland

    Willian you fkin idiot Salah was soooo CLEAR!!!
  3. Chelsea v Sunderland

    I dont think we're too bad here. I still think we'll edge them as soon as 2-1 comes the third and forth will come trust me. Good game by Salah,Oscar and Matic. Rambo's def lost it hahaha
  4. Chelsea v Sunderland

    I have a good feeling we'll stuff them nicely today
  5. Crystal Palace v Chelsea

    I dont understand how Mou could keep Torres on the pitch for so long. Wtf is he even doing at this club!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Crystal Palace v Chelsea

    torres you donkey!!!!
  7. Crystal Palace v Chelsea

    Oscar for Lamps at 60 and Salah and Ba for Schurl and Torres at 70 if it stays like that
  8. Crystal Palace v Chelsea

    Hate to say it but Hazard needs to step up or get subbed
  9. Crystal Palace v Chelsea

  10. Mohamed Salah

    Made me think of Balotelli
  11. Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal

    Hahahahahahahaha I'm almost feeling sorry for them
  12. Mohamed Salah

    He surely must be the fastest player in PL. I was trying to think of someone faster but I seriously dont think there is its like hes on fast forward comparing to the others Looks very promising for the future. Think Mou will polish him into a world class player. Mou's celebration for Salahs goal was just awesome. In yo face Wenger!!
  13. Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal

    Historical game today!!!! Azpi/Matic MOTM Good 25min by Salah, looks very very promising, but seriously now he must be the fastest player in the PL that pace is really something else. I cant think of anyone that rapid in PL???
  14. 10. Willian

    I think Willian would make a perfect right back. Cos he obviously isnt producing enough upfront
  15. Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea

    The brazilian trio needs a rest. Especially Oscar.