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  1. Willian

    Damn. He destroyed us today. Great game by him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    That sounds flame af. I want a chile now. I personally like them better without the salsa, but they are good with it too and worth trying. Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  3. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Was it buried in salsa or just like that? What was it stuffed with? Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  4. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Tbh you could probably get your spanish better than mine. My spanish is meh.
  5. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Never tried it with that tbh. I might have to next time i go to mexico. You like menudo? Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  6. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Chile rellenos with cheese and beef are so good, coated with breading and if you have it with the salsa they sometimes make with it, lawd! Fuck mole dude, i hate that shit. It's gross.
  7. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Never made it. I might try now though! That shit sounds bomb. That's what's up, man, I like you haha. I prefer tostadas over tortilla ships but I love tortillas. I roll them up and just dunk them in the soup. You ever had chile rellenos? By far my favorite Mexican meal. Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  8. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Al pastor is my shit. Between that and carnitas, i could eat tacos all day everyday. But you're right, it's not super major. Like, it's recognized, but is only celebrated regionally. Like in Puebla, where the battle took place.
  9. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Thanks homie! You celebrating it (finding an excuse to get fucked up)? Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  10. Politics & Stuff

    Have you seen his interviews? His debates? The dude is smart when it comes to surgery, but when it comes to politics the dude knows next to nothing. Don't blame the media- successful career doesn't equate to intelligence. Thought you might like this https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/no-gday-mate-on-call-with-australian-pm-trump-badgers-and-brags/2017/02/01/88a3bfb0-e8bf-11e6-80c2-30e57e57e05d_story.html?hpid=hp_hp-top-table-main_trumpaustralia-815pm%3Ahomepage%2Fstory&utm_term=.03f8e46e4a6b Also this was an interesting read. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=4&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjz0r3uofDRAhXhrVQKHU4rDt8QFggoMAM&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.independent.co.uk%2Fnews%2Fworld%2Famericas%2Fdonald-trump-steve-bannon-china-south-sea-war-chinese-us-president-special-counsellor-a7556546.html&usg=AFQjCNHwj5p30O8hR6t21hPQ1UGPPG-TIA&sig2=rS5fXH5lxjmrxSV51wzUiQ&bvm=bv.146073913,d.cGw One last one that comes off a bit conspiracy theoris but it well sources and thought out. https://medium.com/@yonatanzunger/trial-balloon-for-a-coup-e024990891d5#.an17cpm4r
  11. Politics & Stuff

    That last statement should have been heeded by the US. But it wasn't, now there are more refugees than ever before and the United States is partially to blame. We are supposed to be the country that opens it's doors for anyone in search of a better life. Not for shutting out an entire group of people needing refuge. As for protecting the citizens, theoretically, yes that would be ideal, but the countries banned since 1975, have not killed a single American on this soil. You know who has? Terrorists from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon, Afghanistan. This ban does not include those countries and in fact Trump has business ties to several of these countries. The vetting process for these refugees is already extreme and has been successful. Trump is simply feeding into American's fear and using it to ban Muslims from this country. That's all.
  12. Politics & Stuff

    Whether Europeans like to admit it or not, he is the most powerful man in the world. What the USA does affects the whole world.
  13. Politics & Stuff

    1. Obama was not Muslim. 2. The Founding Fathers were almost all deists and strongly supported separation of Church and state. 3. A radical Christian killed 6 people at a mosque yesterday. Your religion is no better, in fact, it's worse. People like you are the reason there are so many terrorist attacks. Your views on the world would be better suited to the bronze age. This ban, the wall, Steve Bannon (a white supremacist) replacing the JCOS at the NSC meetings, DeVos as SOE, Sessions as Attorney General, Tillerson as Secretary of State, Price's corruption still getting him a cabinet position, Munchin (Trump)(allegedly) buying 19.5% of Rosneft, Climate Change denial, alienating and threatening our allies, alternative facts, the constant lying and the firing of all the staff at the state department, the DAPL and Keystone Pipeline. All in 11 days, it's crazy. When Ben Carson is the best Cabinet Pick so far there is a problem. This is genuinely worrying. I'm sure I'm missing something but Jesus. This is the beginning of the end for the United States. It genuinely feels like we are on the brink of something catastrophic. Especially when Congress just bends over and refuses to stand for anything.
  14. Victor Moses

    Crazy what happens when managers have the balls to play the best players and not the most expensive. Last season was a blessing in disguise.
  15. The Conte Thread

    Italians know their football.