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  1. Politics & Stuff

    no one cares, france. do 1 and take yer garlic bread with you!
  2. Kai Havertz

    soooo plenty of virtue signalling and a nice circlejerk, But any news? lol..
  3. Kai Havertz

  4. Kai Havertz

    ffp? 3 season rule and we been banned for ages and bought thin before that! 500m best offer
  5. Kai Havertz

    ffp? 3 season rule and we been banned for ages and bought thin 4 that! 500m best offer
  6. Kai Havertz

    Maybe this can tempt him... Miss BumBum UK Jessica Lopes vows to strip naked if Chelsea win Champions League after returning from lockdown https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/11818028/bumbum-jessica-chelsea-champions-league/
  7. Timo Werner

    Less virtue signalling more saucee
  8. Timo Werner

    Oh look, More police brutality. Tshh. Chuck him in the river to sleep with ol colston! Any updates me old muckers?
  9. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    cho special test treatment after bailed from rape case... rip football fuck the prem unless its sacked off and restarted for the new season. award the dippers n b done
  10. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    SunSport have exclusively revealed how Callum Hudson-Odoi was arrested over the weekend while breaching lockdown at 4am with a model he had met online. Officers went to the 19-year-old Chelsea star’s West London penthouse after the woman rang police and an ambulance. Hudson-Odoi, who has had coronavirus, is said to have asked her to visit him wearing lingerie. Chelsea winger Hudson-Odoi and the model are said to have exchanged flirty messages that hinted at having “fun” together. Hudson-Odoi, who tested positive for Covid-19 in March, is thought to have sent his car to collect her for a trip across the capital to his west London home, but their tryst turned sour and the woman later called for an ambulance and the police.
  11. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Just seen this in the rags etc. What in the holy father of oden has this lil twurp done here then?!!! The reports are shocking and he should be sacked if true. Bayern must be loving this. Micheal Jordan move this is not!
  12. Eden Hazard

  13. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    what a mess chow sarri, Next season will be interesting with regards to the clubs arse over a fire at least!
  14. Next Manager?

    sorry mein fuhrer but i gave what i got and i only got banned plus im not posting illegal streams to games. Rules unclear, fake all knowing fans and you cant argue in the argue threads? kayyyyyy maybe ill sign up as a chick via tor so i can get away with whatever i want too *whistles*
  15. Politics & Stuff