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  1. André Schürrle

    https://twitter.com/Andre_Schuerrle/status/562634720518078465 Pure class.
  2. André Schürrle

  3. André Schürrle

    Terms agreed! https://www.vfl-wolfsburg.de/en/info/news/detailspage/artikel/terms-agreed.html
  4. André Schürrle

    I get it you're a Schurrle fanboy, fair enough. God forbid I dare say anything against him you'll make sure to put me down as quickly as possible, if that makes you feel better go for it. Didn't see Oscar running to congratulate your boy, though....
  5. André Schürrle

    Four times already Schurrle has been sub at halftime. Now not even on team list. I know the Andre fanboys don't like to hear it, but bottom line is: Schurrle became "ill" exactly at the same time Diego Costa arrived at the club. Coincidence? I think not. And what's with this "mystery illness" that shall not be named? People should not be ashamed to become ill, it'll happen sooner or later. Unless the embarrassment is because is some type of STD. I don't understand what this hush-hush is all about and why the club is keeping it oh-so secretive. Still think Schurrle will be gone sometime soon, if not not this month then definitely in the Summer.
  6. André Schürrle

    Something is going on between Schurrle and the other players. Cesc and Drogba yesterday were clearly irritated by him.
  7. Gary Cahill

    One bad game can decide the outcome of a whole season. Title contention will be extremely close and 1 point could make a huge difference. And if Cahill blunders the last game, as he's been doing lately and we lose because of him, he'll be hated and despised and all fans will turn on him and he'll be booed off the pitch. Right now we just want others to be given an opportunity. That's all.
  8. Gary Cahill

    Amen to that.
  9. Marco Reus and Varane to Chelsea.

  10. General Transfer Talk

    Final decision has been reached: FIFA Rejected the Barcelona appeal. http://fifa.to/1v81qdF
  11. André Schürrle

    That's a decision for Mourinho to make, tbf.
  12. General Transfer Talk

    After the Liverpool game, Mou gave an interview and he said we're getting 2 players in January. Rumors in Spain about Pique doming to Chelsea are all over the place with him having a serious talk with Luis Enrique, with whom he's having a fall out. Media saying "Mou believes a change in atmosphere and team will be good for him, like it did for Cesc." Their words not mine. Plus Pique and Cesc are like brothers. I still don't forgive about how he celebrated against us when we lost to Barca. Khedira supposedly has a verbal agreement with Mou, and we're going to get him in the Summer for free. That leaves one more player.
  13. Cesc Fabregas

    ELI5: Seriously, besides pissing off Arsenal fans, why do we need Fabregas?
  14. Cesc Fabregas

    Barcelona don't sell their best players and we don't do business with them. So why should we want a Barcelona reject? It makes no sense, plus I don't like his face. Both of them. There I said it.
  15. European Competition thread

    At the end of the day, Courtois is a Chelsea player, and Atletico is the one that should be concerned. Not the other way around. Not worried one bit about this draw: 1) Mourinho NEVER lost a game v Atletico. 2) 2nd game is at the Stamford Bridge fortress. 3) Mourinho already has a plan how to beat all 3 teams. We're going to Lisbon. It's. Written. In. The. Stars.