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  1. 6. Nathan Aké

    Wilmots has already convinced Boga, so he could follow suit
  2. I don't look at numbers and judge whether they've been consistent based of those, but their actual contribution in each game. I can't really say much on this topic, as I've mentioned examples​ & you've disagreed. Hazard has been the most consistent player behind Messi in Europe in your eyes. I personally couldn't disagree more, but there we have it. The bias comment was in general and not specifically aimed at you.
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

    The inevitable will happen within the next year. We just have to hope the club go all out in getting a like for like replacement (Sanchez wouldn't be that).
  4. FA Youth Cup thread

    You'd think at least one player would be capable enough to try and make the step up.
  5. Of course it isn't factual. Neymar & possibly Dybala based on this season. I can't be bias
  6. I used him as a more consistent player than Hazard. He isn't the only one either
  7. Three years is a long time. A bit early to be targeting a youngster that's effectively just broken on to the scene, despite bright performances already. I can't compare Hazard to the two freaks in the game, but there are a few players that produce on more regular basis than Hazard around Europe IMO. I'll use Sanchez as an example of someone that seems to always offer something in every game in a team that isn't exactly special. I'm as much of a Chelsea fan as the next person. However, I call it how I see it.
  8. I'd be worried about consistency with those three. Hazard doesn't exactly deliver game after game right now.
  9. The English Football Thread

    The ideal world would see us going 7 points clear, but getting our final real test out of the way without a dent would suffice.
  10. The English Football Thread

    Don't see it happening at home. Can see both sides drawing & the gap staying the same.
  11. FA Youth Cup thread

    Another winning campaign. Hope someone breaks through.
  12. 15. Victor Moses

    It's baffling that some fooballers can't take throw ins.
  13. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Looked even better tonight when he had the chance to roam forward with the ball.
  14. 19. Diego Costa

    He was still sloppy at times, but got a brace. That's what you ask for from a CF
  15. 6. Nathan Aké

    I really don't see him ever being deployed as a LWB on a regular basis, if at all.
  16. Chelsea 4-2 Southampton

    Happy we got the job done. Just getting slightly concerned with the run of games without a clean sheet.
  17. Chelsea 4-2 Southampton

    Starting with the same formation we ending with against Spurs, but back in with the tried & tested,
  18. 6. Nathan Aké

    He's higher in the pecking order than Cahill for me. Need to be bleeding in new blood at some point, and he showed enough against Spurs on Sat.
  19. General Transfer Talk

    Alonso is a good back up IMO. He's played well on a few occasions, but there's definitely room for improve in that regard.
  20. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    Marseille are a completely different proposition this season.
  21. 7. N'Golo Kante

  22. Chelsea 4-2 Southampton

    Hope Conte sticks with a similar XI to yesterday, but brings in Hazard & Cesc for Pedro and Matic for this game.
  23. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Have to say it again. Consistent!
  24. 30. David Luiz

    That's the character you want in any team. Clearly isn't at full fitness (probably having an op in the summer), but he gives his all and delivered today.
  25. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    No doubt he would have buried the header that fell to Costa near the end. Hope he starts on Tuesday tbh.