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  1. Mohamed Salah

    Nothing is comparable to the Prem. [emoji42]
  2. Virgil Van Dijk

    We all know why Stones, Sterling cost as much as they did. I seriously don't believe he's improved massively from his Celtic days to justify such a fee and he isn't HG. I'd much prefer us to spend half of that on someone like Laporte. Technically superior, younger and has more potential. We don't have to give in to such demands when we aren't desperate. No clubs outside of England will even look twice at VVD for that price.
  3. Virgil Van Dijk

    They went for one of the most sort after players in Europe. Paying big bucks for Sandro is one thing, but when on earth did VVD fall under that bracket? In addition, Everton are spending Lukaku's incoming payment early and Liverpool spent around £70m combined for Mane & Salah (not crazy IMO).
  4. Mohamed Salah

    An injury free campaign and he'll be the highest scoring winger in the coming season.
  5. Virgil Van Dijk

    Please be nonsense. Where is the value nowadays?!
  6. Alex Sandro

    There has to be a line, though. Juve demand €90m next?
  7. Robert Lewandowski

    I can't think of any examples where I've written players off before they've even joined or been against someone from the get go (this being the exception). To say he will come back and bang them in is wishful thinking to say the least. Nothing short sighted about my opinion on him. Age is on is side and blah blah. I'm sticking to my original thought; he's the worse CF we've been linked with so far out of the main targets. @Chelsea Legend 11
  8. Robert Lewandowski

    Highly unlikely, but that's a move I could get behind. Going to be a sad day when all these rumours die down and Lukaku is announced. [emoji26]
  9. General Transfer Talk

    Traore really has no place here for me. We would be buying him in the hope he adds end product, which wasn't present at Barca or Middlesbrough. Don't want another "project".
  10. Alex Sandro

    The reported figure seems to be getting bigger by the day. €50-70m is going overboard IMO.
  11. Mohamed Salah

    For me that's cheap going by the prices going around and his number since leaving us. Top scorer for Roma in 15/16, directly involved in 34 goals last season for Roma (putting aside his numbers for the NT too) and among the top 5 chance creators in Europe. I can't for the life of me believe he will only cost that much and there's talk of Lukaku for £60m+.
  12. Mohamed Salah

    £2.7m from £39m+ is something, I guess.
  13. Mohamed Salah

    Ofcourse not. Sold him for peanuts and Roma more than doubled their money in less than two years.
  14. The Conte Thread

    I'm sure he's had reassurances on targets he wants and more control in general. The board have seemingly been the deciding force in recent windows going by who's come in (Papy, Hector, Atsu, etc).
  15. The Conte Thread

    Possibly. I'm sure Conte hasn't been content with a few things in recent weeks, though. The fact there hasn't been any movement on the Costa front is surprising.
  16. The Conte Thread

    Seems like things have calmed down and the board are finally listening. Most important contract to start with and let's hope the influx of talent will follow.
  17. General Transfer Talk

    Belotti & Nainggolan in place of the first two and I would be more than happy. AOC seems the most unlikely with Wenger staying put.
  18. Alex Sandro

    Or Juve won't budge and player stays. They don't always get their way
  19. Alex Sandro

    Same could be said about RWB. I hope neither deal is that far ahead, as I'm not thrilled by acquiring either of them. A WB, CM & CF are our main priorities right now with the former being at the bottom IMO. It's all talk about him handing in a TR right now. I personally can't see it happening for a number of reasons, despite him being a massive improvement over what we currently have.
  20. Alex Sandro

    Have we even been in for Monaco's FBs? Can't be held at ransom for a FB/WB when there are other priorities right now. Are we honestly going to go through a season with Kante & Matic/Baka as our midfield?
  21. Alex Sandro

    Think that's up for debate (Alaba,Luis,etc) but I don't see it happening anyway. Juve have supposedly rejected a €60m bid, so we need to just move on.
  22. The Conte Thread

    Hope the board aren't trying to be smart again.
  23. The FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Thread

    They won the AFCON in January
  24. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    Just hope we get a CF that isn't Lukaku at this rate. He's definitely a good option, but I still prefer Belotti. Age on his side and probably easier/cheaper to get regardless of this "clause".
  25. The FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Thread

    Russia need to get their act together prior to the WC.