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  1. Michy Batshuayi

    He did the same this season and it hasn't exactly worked wonders. Hazard as a false nine is the last thing any of us wanted to see
  2. Chelsea v Barcelona

    Hope our big players turn up tomorrow and we end up with a positive result.
  3. Chelsea v Barcelona

    They didn't need to exert themselves over the weekend. I agree with the fact they are a completely different beast now and aren't anywhere near as attacking as they once were. The first goal tomorrow will be a deciding factor in the tie. Barca haven't been behind in many games this season, so it will be interesting to see how they fair should we take the lead. I do. We all know Barcelona struggle against physical teams, so he is the ideal choice in that regard. Morata is more suited to the away leg where we are hopefully still in with a shout and looking to hit them on the counter.
  4. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Isn't that the case before every encounter against Barcelona? He's the better of the two options we have. Watching Alonso getting outpaced all game would not only be tough, but probably be the end of the tie inside 45 mins.
  5. Leon Bailey

    Talk of him possibly playing for England now. Watch his price rocket if he earns a call up.
  6. Chelsea v Barcelona

    That might be the case but he just seems so raw. Lacks a decent touch, awareness and his finishing is quite bad as well. He's turning out to be a lesser version of Ramires, which is extremely disappointing. Hope he can turn this perception around though.
  7. Chelsea v Barcelona

    Fair enough. Bakayoko needs to regain any sort of form away from the club before he can make it here.
  8. Chelsea v Barcelona

    I'd say he does more right than wrong no matter how little or large his impact is. Just don't see him being detrimental unlike the latter. However, it's fair to say neither should have been signed in the summer.
  9. Chelsea v Barcelona

    Those are bold words. Drinkwater has his limitations but I don't think his commitment has ever come into question. Bakayoko's performance against Watford might as well have been at the park.
  10. Chelsea v Barcelona

    So do I. Just a shame that means diddly squat to the manager, seeing as Baka & Cahill have played the majority of games thus far.
  11. Chelsea v Barcelona

    It's called, going by history.
  12. Chelsea v Barcelona

    Can't field a team without a British representative
  13. Chelsea v Barcelona

    Let Drinkwater fill the English quota
  14. Chelsea v Barcelona

    I certainly hope so. Anyone is a better option than him
  15. Chelsea v Barcelona

    Conte has a simple decision to make