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  1. We could be facing manager with a Chelsea connection every other month at this rate (Mou, Benitez/Ancelotti & Rodgers).
  2. I'd presume he still has a property in London from his time with us, so it would make more sense.
  3. Odd! Ancelotti to Arsenal to build momentum?
  4. Chelsea - Lille

    Yes would have sufficed
  5. Chelsea - Lille

    Wrong about what? Lampard said that was the case, so blame him unless you have a Barkley agenda. [emoji848] Anyway, roll on to the draw!
  6. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    He might have two accounts [emoji848]
  7. Chelsea - Lille

    You're welcome for the dart board. [emoji1360]
  8. Chelsea - Lille

    Try again?
  9. Chelsea - Lille

    Not biting, just offering some home truths. [emoji4] If you want to slag someone off, slag the individual that said he was first choice. Ole was the "prat", the week prior IIRC, but at least he gave an honest answer. Lampard was just defending Barkley according to most around here.
  10. Chelsea - Lille

    We heard you first time. Not enough attention at home? [emoji849]
  11. Chelsea - Lille

    We had FIVE games to shape our own fate after Barkley's miss. How are people seriously bringing that up? Be happy with qualification and hope Leipzig awaits.
  12. Chelsea - Lille

    True, but you can loss two out of three games at home & expect to qualify. I didn't think Valencia had a chance with a number of players out as well.
  13. Chelsea - Lille

    Lille did us a big favour and the "big club" drops into the EL.
  14. Chelsea - Lille

    Had to be him. What was that marking?!
  15. Chelsea - Lille

    Finally a decent corner this season. I can't believe it!