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  1. General Transfer Talk

    That's why M.Savic would be the perfect partner. If only we were still willing to spend big bucks when the chances arise.
  2. General Transfer Talk

    He's a solid unit but was inches away from joining West Ham last season for a reason. The only SCP player we should be pushing for is, Gelson.
  3. 1. Willy Caballero

    Are you a regular viewer of River Plate games?
  4. Nice to see Omeruo have a decent game. Still to be given a chance here
  5. Daniele Rugani

    Our core players learned how to win under Mourinho and knew what made them effective. That core is no longer present, so we need to start from scratch and instill new values. Sarri might not be the right man for that, then.
  6. Daniele Rugani

    We have to hope times are changing. Everyone knows that Roman wants attacking football, so this is certainly a step in the right direction should it happen. Need to stop falling back on Mourinho's ground work when things go bad, if we're to progress as a club going forward.
  7. Daniele Rugani

    I was just going off what they offer & our need at the current moment whilst putting aside their prices, as it's hard to keep track of supposed clauses that Napoli have in place one minute & expire the next. However, I'm all for Sarri going for players he solely wants rather than our board dumping him with "the next best thing".
  8. Daniele Rugani

    A 37 year old in Barzagli is preferred to him. His quality is questionable IMO. In addition, a new manager should see the players at his disposal before going out and buying someone that isn't necessarily going to change our team much. Signing someone like Mertens, despite his age, would make sense.
  9. Daniele Rugani

    Sarri supposedly wants to bring Hysaj, so it wouldn't be that much of an issue should it come to fruition. This signing doesn't seem to make a lot of sense with the number of options we already have in that position.
  10. I'm not English or have any interest in how they perform in general, so I'm just saying how I see it. Tunisia are nowhere near as bad as you're making out, but we can agree to disagree.
  11. Finish top in a group that contained Italy, England & Uruguay wasn't down to "luck". More like nations underestimating them and they took full advantage. Forgot they also beat Greece in the second round, so that clears this discussion up.
  12. You're comparing a team that were a kick away from the semis in Brazil to one that's at a WC for the first time. Please stop
  13. Belgium weren't much better against arguably the second weakest team in Russia.
  14. 22. Willian

    Matic wasn't worth his transfer fee either but Utd were stupid enough to stump up the money. Let the fools do it again