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  1. The Board

    WTF is our chief negotiator doing. It the first time in decades that players from lesser teams have actually turned us down. Wasn't so long ago that we were the team that most players would join at the drop of a hat. Now it almost seems that were some sort of pariah. WTF is Maria saying to those players. Whatever it is certainly doesn't inspire or create a vision of what we are all about and what we want to achieve. Need to get Frank and Didier onboard as ex players they would certainly convince a new generation of incoming players of what were about. BTW its noticeable that since Gourlay left our transfers has been decidedly heading south. Beginning to wonder whether he wasn't indiscreetly pushed by Roman for Maria to fill that aspect. Anyway we seem to have lost our appeal need to get that PR machine working to show everyone what we know as fans that this is a great club that's ambitious to be the best and wants to win all the top prizes.
  2. The Board

    Hate to think that the board are working hard on transfers especially since the harder they work the more players we seem to loan out. Also do the actually understand that they are supposed to be buying established players not untested youngsters. Guess it isn't about experience in the job at board level just a shame Roman doesn't allow his managers the same opportunity in the job. Marina should be loaned out because given the fact that she a terrible negotiator it's the only way she's getting a transfer.
  3. The Board

    The board aren't interested in bring anyone in. There is definitely a lack of urgency coming from them which can only means that they have told Conte that nobody else will be added to the squad. It seems to me that our club maybe concerned about our net spend in balancing the books. Just wonder if they are taking the Arsenal route in saving and generating money in order to build the Stadium. Everything we are doing seems to mirror what Arsenal did for 8 years. It been noticeable that Roman has barely even been mentioned in all of this. Remember that estimates currently put our Stadium build at 600 million.
  4. The Board

    Sorry! but you can't keep a man in a job based on previous history. It's about today and right now he's well past his sell by date and their are a few others in that category. When it happens once it's a learning curve but to happen again it's just plain ignorance. Taxi for the man!!!!
  5. The Board

    Might have agreed with you if Conte had all the players requested at his disposal but that isn't the case and the board in their infinite wisdom have taken the attitude that less is more. If I wanted to get the best then I'd expect to pay the price. It because the board are business men that they look for short cuts. Cutting corners only leads to disaster. Our board seem to have lost the plot when it comes to transfers. Remember a time when we actually had a board that was decisive. Now we seem to dither and quibble over a player for weeks like the Alex Sandro fiasco. Should have just moved on to the next target weeks ago. yet we hung around like an old girlfriend. Board have made us look like a complete ass. Where is our credibility gone. It's just a shame that Roman isn't as ruthless with his board as he is with managers.
  6. The Board

    Which board member has won the Premier League or Champions League and still kept their job. The board have nothing to worry about because their inept transfer policy has been the reason why some fantastic Managers have been sacked. Tell me the last time a board member was removed for failing to get a transfer target. They should do because that has to be part of the job description but they won't. It's the managers and players with outstanding track records not the board. Our board have been incompetent since 2013. Our transfer policy since then has been simply abysmal.
  7. The Board

    So Maria is hard at work on our signings probably lounging from the poolside bar sipping an ice cold Margarita.......given the pace at which our signing happens its the only conclusion I can come to. Apart from the top half dozen absolute quality players how difficult could it be to sign someone like Drinkwater. Hardly a brand name and really not that difficult to prise away from Leicester. Citeh proved that if you put your money on the table you get the player. We seem to be putting peanuts on the table and the buying club starts laughing at us.
  8. The Board

    Let's not beat around the brush. The present board are simply inept when it comes to measuring a players worth or actually acquiring players. I look around the Premiership and see far too many ex Chelsea players plying their trade in 1st teams of our league rivals. It is absolute lunacy that has brought us to a situation where we are chasing our tails to acquire players. We had some of the best young talent around but couldn't be bothered to give them time to blossom. We didn't even have the fore thought to sell them with buy back clauses. We sold potential and then brought crap ie Hector Miazga and Rahman to name but a few. Our youth policy is dire we keep on making the same mistakes by thinking that we are getting better older players from abroad. We buy players who have no real loyalty to our club and throw out players who want nothing more than to wear the blue shirt. I for one don't believe that our youth players aren't good enough when they continually win trophies. If any of our youth players were playing for a foreign club we would be hailing them as the next best thing and chasing their signature to play for us. Absolute madness. Just frustrated with a board who have no intention of promoting our youth, of how to buying top quality players and negotiating buy back clauses. In the last 3 years have grown really frustrated with our boards lack of direction. Something has to change for us to reach the next level.
  9. The Pre-Season thread

    All good on the pre season front lol!!!. The lack of depth to our squad is just scary. Praying that we don't get too many injuries or suspensions.
  10. Premier League thread

    Citeh have the best squad.......don't know why Utd are even being considered. At the moment just wondering how we will cope with such a small squad. Lack of depth will be our undoing unless we have an early exit from cup competitions. At the moment the board seem more intent on reducing player numbers making it very difficult for Conte to manage and compete.
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    Lets just hope that Oscar, Hazard and Willian don't get injuried, suspended, tired or have a loss of form at the same time. JM really is taking a gamble because all it takes is a string of unfortunate circumstances and we will seriously lack creative cover. I also wonder whether the 3 incumbant players will continue to perform at the same level for the rest of the season given the fact that we have gotten rid of 2 AM players. Guess a couple of these players must be breathing a sigh of relief given the sale of 2 AM players. Where is the competiton that JM is so keen on, cos right now I don't see it. This Chelsea Management need to get Everton and Atletico to stop running their mouths off on wanting to keep our players. Basically unsettling our loaned players. When Martinez was at Wigan he didn't ever talk about wanting to keep any Man Utd players in the team.........a distinct lack of respect shown by these teams to us, which shouldn't be tolerated. Why hasn't somebody from the Chelsea board or management told them to shut up about the future of our contracted players.
  12. Welcome to the forums Zolan025 :)