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  1. Branislav Ivanovic

    Remember when we were awesome and Spurs were the joke? Feels a long time ago now as the roles have completely reversed. Don't even have the words to describe what a damn farce this is.
  2. Branislav Ivanovic

  3. Radamel Falcao

    Had so much hope that he'd regain some form here but it was unfortunately misplaced. I thought he'd be a decent stopgap 3rd choice ST while Bamford went to Palace, nailed down the starter role and banged in at least 15 goals over the course of the season for a decent side before returning to Monaco next year and Bamford stepping in to challenge Costa. Both of those ideas went terribly, terribly wrong. I don't think any of us expecting him to magically revert to his old world class self but between the injuries and the lack of what looks like sharpness on the pitch this has just been an utter failure even for those people who didn't expect much in the first place. Only 350 minutes played for us with only 2 starts (against Walsall and that dismal home game vs Saints) and 1 goal and 0 assists from those minutes in our home loss vs Palace. Our overall team shiteness can't have helped him in trying to regain form but good god above please just put the poor guy out of his misery and end the loan.
  4. Next Manager?

    So Pep has said he's coming to England to manage in the PL, but hasn't decided to which club he wants to go yet. Looks like one of us, United or City is getting him in the summer then. As much as I dislike the bloke and think he's overrated, if Simeone isn't available then he'd probably be the 2nd best choice for me and he's evidently the 1st choice for a lot of Chelsea fans. However I doubt very much he'll come here, it'll be too much hard work rebuilding the team and i'm sure he'd much rather go to an ageing team like City who have the best squad in the league with top players at their peaks (Aguero, Silva, Toure etc) where he can win a few domestic trophies and one or two league titles before jumping ship in 3 years time when the team is past it's peak and need rejuvenating. Seems like a ready made job for him. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/35234602
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    Have a horrible feeling he's going to go to United and lead them to the title. How funny would that be eh?
  6. General Transfer Talk

    2 of Schneiderlin, Wanyama, Witsel, Gundogan and Kondogbia are needed for sure to replace the outgoing Mikel and Fabregas (hopefully from the club but at least out of the match day squad). We need a top class CB aswell, someone like Hummels or Varane but if they can't be got then a great CB with potential to be top class like Stones or Laporte will do. Another winger and striker needed too, but tbh I think the DM and CB positions are the most urgent problems atm that HAVE to be fixed if we want to finish in the top half.
  7. Next Manager?

    My thoughts exactly. The guy is a complete tool of a person and very overrated as a manager. But then Jose was a tool at times and even though Pep is overrated he's still the best manager we could get unless Simeone is available so i'd be happy with him even though I don't like him. I'm sure i'd grow to like him too, especially if I know that it was him or some useless twat like Pellegrini or Rodgers.
  8. Next Manager?

    The same people who controlled all of our summer signings; Abramovich and Emenalo.
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    Jason could you stick a new thread up (or in this thread) with a poll asking who Chelsea fans want to be the next manager (temporarily and/or permenently). Now this is done i'm curious to know the general feeling even though I have a horrible feeling it will Pep the bellend.
  10. The Mourinho Thread

    Well then Mourinho is sacked. I don't think any of us can be truly surprised and not many can argue that there weren't ample reasons to sack him, even if they would argue that we should have kept him. 1 thing I would say though, those of you that hounded him out, that insulted him and demanded him be sacked; you reap what you sow. Remember this 1/2/5/10 years down the line that you may never ever complain about Chelsea sacking managers early or about the lack of long term managerial stability. I'm not saying you were wrong, but just remember is all I say. The last few months have been painful to say the least but I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards Jose for bringing us yet another title to go with the 2 he brought us in his first spell. That double last year has ensured that his second spell here should (and will be by the vast majority of Chelsea fans) be viewed as a success. My final thought is for the players. I hope you're all happy now. Mourinho wasn't perfect tactically, or with his siege mentality, but even if we'd had my grandma in charge this season I would still be embarrassed to have played as poorly as they have done this season (barring very few exceptions) and you all ought to be ashamed because you're not coming out of this well whatever happens. If you all start playing brilliantly now then you obviously were not trying for Mourinho, which is unacceptable when the man just led you all to a double and protected you all the whole damn time when you cocked up. If you all carry on playing terribly then you're obviously just not bothered about the club and can, quite frankly, fuck off.
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    First things first, I didn't mention everyone that wants Mourinho gone. There are some quality posters on this forum (Muzchap is one that springs to mind) that have put forth some compelling reasons for him going so this isn't a comment on the people wanting Mourinho gone.My problem is with 2 things - the disrespect shown by people to him by calling him names like turd when he has led the club to 3 of the 5 titles we've ever won. But the other is the main one and that is the enjoyment people gain from.when things go wrong. When we win and play good football very few people say a thing on this forum. The post match threads are silent, no one complimenting the players or the manager or anything. One loss and the whole thing explodes with people laying into the players, the manager and the fans. Then the people that dare say something nice or positive and not just knee jerk with rage after a defeat get shouted down by "told you so" merchants who take so much joy in being right about things going badly wrong you can almost hear their laughs as they bash away at their keyboard. Now please note that this isn't a comment towards you, I have no idea what kind of poster you are as I haven't seen any of your posts as I've not been around recently due to aforementioned reasons, this is due to you replying and I think misconstruing what I meant.
  12. The Mourinho Thread

    Oh for sure I agree. Musonda, RLC, Kenedy, Traore, Zouma and Baba are our youngsters that are ready for the first team and should be starting. The others I'd like to see in and around squads rather than wasters like Mikel, Ivanovic and Falcao and getting some games off the bench in the COC or EL if we even get that for some experience in the first team to remind them how far they need to develop. I didn't mean 'lots' of game time, that was the wrong phrase to use, but I think they're all ready for at least some game time throughout a season while spending most of their time with the youth team.Maybe Brown over Kiwomya then but I personally quite rate him, time will tell!
  13. The Mourinho Thread

    Fair enough. I guess it's just to stop the media speculation around José's job and to let us, the fans know that that is the case. You make a good point for keeping it internal though.Either way, something drastic HAS to be done.
  14. The Mourinho Thread

    The point was to literally state that no matter where we finish Jose is safe. Take all the pressure away because the players and manager are playing under such extreme pressure ATM and unfortunately for them they can't seem to deal with it. I would prefer the players to shrug off the pressure themselves but they just don't seem capable. Make a point that Mou is staying so all paper talk about him getting sacked stops and give him the freedom (and instructions behind the scenes so he doesn't have a choice) to play the kids.
  15. The Mourinho Thread

    My biggest bugbear with this forum, you expressed it well. I just can't understand the mentality of some people. It's literally a grass is greener syndrome coupled with a sense of weird perverse enjoyment at running the club down. Last season must really have hurt for them because, although we're god awful this year and some of the stick a few of the players and the manager have been getting is justified, this same lot of players and the manager were by far and away the best team in England and won the double. We all know if we'd kept Lukaku, De Bruyne, Mata etc. all the same members would be laying into them saying how they don't have the right attitudes and that we should signed those quality European talents like Costa, Hazard and Willian instead. There are serious problems at the club that need to be sorted but the sheer enjoyment some people seem to get from all of this turmoil both worries and saddens me greatly.
  16. The Mourinho Thread

    Roman needs to choose one of the following 2 options right now: 1) Back Mourinho, come out in the press and say that he will not be sacked regardless of where we finish and there is 0 pressure on him now. Then go to Mourinho, tell him he's getting no money in January but will get a large amount in the summer to rebuild the squad and should from this moment onwards include at the very least 4/5 youngsters in every single match (RLC, Zouma, Kenedy and Baba should be 100% starters, Aina, Traore, JCS, Musonda, Kiwomya, Colkett and Dasilva should be getting lots of game time too) for the rest of this season and get rid of the under-performing older players (most of them) either by selling them (Fabregas, Oscar, Ramires), not renewing their contracts (Terry, Ivanovic) or even releasing them if noone wants them (Mikel). 2) Sack Mourinho, literally tomorrow. Put Steve Holland in charge or something and give him exactly the same instructions I mentioned above. Then get a manager in towards the end of the season or at the end of it.
  17. Kevin de Bruyne

    I still stick by the fact that if you have a player whining and crying about wanting to leave rather than fight for his place then he doesn't have the mentality to play for a top team. Hence I can see a problem developing if he ever gets dropped by City as he has proved he has no desire to work for his place. You surely can't tell me if you were a manager of a top club and had proved yourself over many years with many different clubs in many different countries that when a 21 year old you'd just signed comes to you demanding to be played and crying that they want to leave if they aren't you would give into that childishness and play them, would you? Patience is a virtue far too many young players lack today and the only way to teach them is by not giving into their childish antics. I have no doubt that he would've become a good player for us had he stayed here and maybe even somewhere near as good as he is now but he didn't have the stomach for it, so I fully stand by the fact that it was right to let a player displaying the wrong attitude to leave. He might well turn out to be worth the money a long way down the line but he has nowhere near proved himself yet, especially seeing as he has only really turned up against the poor teams City have played this year (Newcastle, Bournemouth, Norwich, Sunderland, Palace, BMG) and been largely ineffectual in the big games (United, Juventus x2, Liverpool - he wasn't as great in this game as people seemed to make out, Sevilla away). He's been good, but hardly proved himself thus far. Know you're going to disagree but I just don't think it was a mistake to let someone with an attitude problem go and don't want to just jump on the already crowded Jose-bashing bandwagon whenever a player he let go scores or gets an assist. I also don't think De Bruyne has been much more than good this year (admittedly better than every Chelsea player bar Willian) but that's all opinion.
  18. The Boxing Thread

    Latest thing is Fury whining like a little bitch that the ring is "too soft" and threatening to pull out of the fight. This after he whined about not having the gloves he wanted before Klitschko gave in to stop his incessant moaning.
  19. The Boxing Thread

    Really hope Joshua develops well and becomes a top level fighter. Would be nice to have a British heavyweight that i'm proud of and that doesn't embarass me for just being from the same country as them. When you look at bellends like Chisora, Haye, Fury, Harrison and others from different weights like Khan it's a wonder anyone even bothers in this country. Klitschkos prove you don't have to be a collosal cock to be successful, those douches i've mentioned would do well to realise that.
  20. The Boxing Thread

    In the made up world of his own mind.
  21. Kevin de Bruyne

    I am awaiting the backlash from angry Belgians but I hope they will come back with a logical debate rather than bile, fury and hatred that I dared question KDB.
  22. Kevin de Bruyne

    KDB better hope that when Silva comes back none of City's other AMs (Navs, Nasri etc.) hit form because he's behind Sterling in the pecking order and Silva is twice the player he is and he's not playing well so there's every chance he could be dropped if one of the others hit form. And we all know how Mr KDB reacts to being dropped and not an automatic starter don't we? 0 goals and 2 assists in the league since 3rd October and seeing as Costa gets absolutely slated by people on this forum (sometimes rightly) for his 2 goals and 1 assist in the league in the same time period that should mean he should be getting slated even worse (especially because he's playing for a brilliant team in great form), but of course in this weird world people who are allegedly fans of this club run down our own players viciously and build up others to be like gods who can tell? He needs to step up massively to even begin to pay off his huge price tag and make it look anything except a good idea for Mou to let him go.
  23. The Mourinho Thread

    Not going to debate the rest of it cos I cba but come on, really? Dortmund, on February 6th 2015 had a record of played 19, won 4, drew 4, lost 11. Their 4 wins were against Augsburg, Freiburg, BMG and Hoffenheim, 3 were at home and 3 were by 1 goal. They were bottom of the table on 16 points from a possible 57 and were in genuine danger of going down with only 15 games to go. Talk about an over-exaggeration, we're in trouble but we're in nowhere near as much trouble as Dortmund were last season. Good god.
  24. Robert Lewandowski

    Goal. Scoring. Machine.
  25. The Mourinho Thread

    He's still the best manager around ATM so I think it would be a little silly to sack him. Klopp is only proven at 1 club (and had one hell of an awful final season) and is just as mental as Mourinho, he'll be the media plaything for their precious soundbites just as much. Ancelotti has already been here once and while he is proven around the world he's shown at all of the clubs that he struggles at formulating plan B's and reverts to awful negative football when under pressure (remember our 2nd season under him?). Simeone has also only managed at one club and while he looks good for the future it would be a bit of a risk to take the gamble on him. He's also as much of a hothead as Mourinho. Who else is out there and actually gettable? Pep looks like his talent lies with taking over already successful clubs, winning a few trophies and butchering the teams balance over 2/3 years. De Boer? I just don't think we should jump the gun and sack him just yet. He's looked frankly clueless at times (especially Saturday with the whole Willian, Ivanovic and Matic bullshit) but I still hope that he can turn it around himself and stay at the club for a long while. Thing is though, he HAS to drop Fabregas and Ivanovic for RLC and Baba respectively now. It HAS to happen. If it doesn't then he's playing with fire and if he does get sacked he'd have no-one to blame but himself and his raging hard on for big Serbs with rounded arses.