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  1. Kevin de Bruyne

    The first part is well put and a decent argument, but opinion. From my knowledge and from people I know who solely watch the BL they said he was no better than 6/10 at Bremen. Good stats, not great at staying involved in games especially when the going got tough. But like I said, that's opinion. I understand why he moved, especially if his main aim was to play for Belgium at the WC, but the stories that have come out (there are many of them, and while they all could be lies I seriously doubt it. No smoke without fire and all that) have shown that, like Lukaku, he had a serious attitude problem and essentially demanded to be the main man. Now, don't think I am criticising that, I do like a certain amount of arrogance in players and love the confidence that players like Zlatan and Pirlo carry themselves with. All the top footballers need a certain amount of arrogance, it's only natural. But IMO you can only be that confident in yourself and your own abilities when you have proved that you really are that damn good. KDB hasn't proved that yet and when he was at Chelsea he definitely hadn't proved hardly a thing. He demanded a move, forced a transfer to Wolfsburg, fine. If that's what he wanted and he felt like he had to be the main man at whatever club he was at then fine, Chelsea under Mourinho obviously isn't the place for him. Mourinho demands that all players work their nuts off for him and club, it's just his way, hence the whole Hazard issue that arose where Mou laid into him a tad and RLC recently even though he's fairly obviously one of Mou's favourites. I get that Mou's dominant nature can clash with some egos and it has done in the past but if you're at the club then you have to work under him, KDB obviously clashed and wanted to leave, fair enough. My point was more that he should prove himself fully first before throwing shit around, especially at a club that he left. Now I can understand his reasons for doing so and everyone can see that he wasn't given a fair chance but acting like a bitter child so soon after leaving the club comes across as just that; bitter and childish. As for the part of your comment that I have emboldened: Firstly I think you'll find that Mourinho copped a fair bit of flack that season. Both from the press and especially on here. Many people didn't buy into his 'little horse thing'. I personally think that Mourinho did almost a well as someone could have done considering the mess the club was in after having problems patched and not solved by so many short term managers for such a long time (pretty much since Mou left). He transitioned us from a team that was in the EL into a team that competed for the title in 1 year. That was more than enough for me. The next year he transitioned us into comfortable title winners. That was brilliant for me. The signing of Salah obviously didn't work out but that's not really the replacement you should be looking at. Mourinho chose Oscar over Mata and KDB, that is that comparison that should've been made. Now, obviously Oscar is far from perfect and had some serious issues in the 2nd half of the season but I greatly doubt that having Mata or KDB instead of him for the whole season would have made a large amount of difference to where we finished, our main problems were goalscorers, especially against the lesser teams that defended tightly and KDB and Mata are not that. As for the 2nd bolded part, that is just plain wrong. At the turn of the year Chelsea and Man City were level on points, so it was hardly as if we built up a top lead early on then lived off it during the 2nd half of the season. We played very well and very smartly through the 2nd half of the season to pull away from the challengers. We played like champions. Your last statement is bang on correct though, that we can agree on. Look a quality player but not a Mourinho like playing style, or attitude.
  2. Kevin de Bruyne

    It's more that he's been top quality but for only 1 year. Is Harry Kane world class? No. Neither is KDB. If he can maintain last season's form for another 18-24 months then yes he can then be classed as world class, otherwise, he might just be a flash in the pan. Anyone remember Michu?
  3. Eden Hazard

    To be fair how wouldn't someone be a miserable bastard when you support a team that has loads of money yet buys young nobodies and up until a month ago had won 1 trophy since fucking facebook was founded?
  4. Kevin de Bruyne

    Lol bless him. Good player but obviously rates himself better than he is. Stop taking shots and focus on maintaining this years performance to prove you're a top player mate.
  5. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Very true, and it gets on my nerves even when we do it. I get frustrated and angry at it when its so blatantly obvious and unprofessional. Well tbh its largely the same team but with Suarez, Mascherano and Neymar in for Villa, Puyol and Eto'o. And Suarez and Neymar are the worst diving offenders (with Busquets, but don't get me started on him) so I think they're worse now.
  6. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    While Chiellini is obviously a huge loss (one of the best CBs in the world IMO) ironically it was his replacement Barzagli who was the much better of Juve's CBs today. Bonucci and Vidal really let the team down today.
  7. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Tactics is irrelevant here my friend. If you win, you win in my eyes. Whether you play tiki-taka football or long ball football it doesn't matter, as long as you win. So I agree with you, but that wasn't my point at all. My problem here is with the unneeded diving and constant cheating. There's no need for it and it just makes you as a team look pathetic. And in case you think i'm biased I used to have a real problem with Drogba for his constant diving. Took me quite a while to come around to him after he stopped doing it so much. I hate cheating of any kind, play football any way you like but don't cheat and lie, it's just unprofessional and disrespectful. Those 2 words unfortunately sum up this Barcelona team, even though they're comfortably the best team in Europe.
  8. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    A bigger group of childish, pathetic scummy cheats has never existed. By far the best team but still resort to diving and cheating. So disappointing.
  9. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    I see your Jordi Alba and raise you a Dani Alves....
  10. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    To be fair I wasn't expecting a goal THAT quickly!!! Hopefully they can hold out now. The longer this match goes the more chance Juve have.
  11. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Well i'm claiming to be a psychic from now on. Come to me with every concern.
  12. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Cannot see Barca keeping a clean sheet. For all their attacking ability they don't have a great back 4. Juve still have a chance. Come on Juve!!!
  13. Stamford Bridge thread

    You should do!! IIRC Israel were like 3 wins from getting to the 2015 Rugby World Cup!
  14. Eden Hazard

    I'd imagine its a complex where they can't accept that Chelsea have the best player in the league and not them. Hence why every fan vote is hijacked by them in a pathetic way (Ozil, Sanchez etc.). They probably run down Hazard to convince themselves that Sanchez is better and that they have a chance of taking on Chelsea for the title.
  15. Stamford Bridge thread

    ^Rugby Ball. And Twickenham (a place we were rumoured to be considering moving to) is the home of rugby.
  16. Stamford Bridge thread

    Just spoke to an acquaintance who is a chairman in the CPO and while he said he officially isn't allowed to tell me anything he said one phrase "You'll still be able to sing blue day with oval balls.". So yeah, looks like Twickenham to me.
  17. Stamford Bridge thread

    Great news. I imagine something could be announced soon after our new shirts are revealed. I can imagine we'll be moving to Twickenham for 2 years in the meantime. Stunning news and thanks as always WHS .
  18. General Transfer Talk

    You can add Imbula, Schneiderlin and Naingollan to that CM list too. I reckon they're more likely to come to us than Pogba, Witsel or Gundogan. As for RW, Reus, Griezmann, Costa and Di Maria are our likely options. Gaitan is VERY left sided, don't think we'd sign him as a RW.
  19. Petr Cech

    Will hurt like a bitch to see him in an Arsenal shirt. The silver lining I guess is that he'd never actually be in red, just the GK kits... But he has earned the ability to choose where he goes and what he does. If only PSG come in with a great contract offer for him...
  20. Should Filipe Luis Stay or Go?

    Depends on him. If he wants to leave then by all means he can, I would be ok with us signing Aldeweireld instead. But ideally i'd prefer to keep him here as LB cover (& RB cover as Azpi can move over there).
  21. Chelsea Kits thread

    Possibly designing other team's shirts. If the knew they didn't have to have ours done until July they'd focus on all the other kits they have to do.
  22. Thibaut Courtois

    De Gea will be at RM within the next month or so. There he can be vastly over-rated 1 week and then crucified the next. And that's by his own fans. Tibo is the 2nd best GK in the world ATM, only Neuer is currently better. Let's not forget either that this was apparently his 'settling in' season. He should be even better next year!! Good luck PL strikers....
  23. Chelsea Kits thread

    It'll more be the fact that Adidas likely won't have the shirts ready yet. I assume seeing as our contract with Yokohama begins in July we'll be wearing our new Yokohama sponsored kit for the first time on our USA tour. Adidas have probably been told to have the shirts ready for a reveal on something like the 1st July. So we'll see around the end of June/early July the new shirts I imagine. It's easy to stick Yokohama on some boards around the stadium, less easy to get the shirts designed so quickly .
  24. 15. Kurt Zouma

    Who's this Brandford guy? He sounds new, foreign and fancy. We should sign him.