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  1. Jeremie Boga

    Careful. Newcastle and Sunderland do exist remember.
  2. John Terry

  3. Stamford Bridge thread

    Even if we sign Reus, Bale and Varane this transfer window this news about the stadium and these fantastic pictures will still be the best thing i've heard about this summer. Gorgeous, unique and iconic. Amazing.
  4. Petr Cech

    Goodbye Petr, and thanks for all the memories, all the saves and all the trophies. You'll always be a Chelsea legend and Chelsea treat their legends well (even if they lie, we still have the respect to clap and not boo them) and you sir have been a model professional over the last 11 years so thankyou. As CHOULO has said though, I can't honestly wish him any luck with his job whatsoever but I hope he at least retires a happy man. And as RoyalBlues has said, this is for Mr Abramovich: You made the choice to let Petr do this, and that's honourable and respectable. But we now need to sign at least 1 world class player to makes up for this. Any of Reus/Pogba/Koke/Bale/Messi would do. Please don't just give us Falcao, Green and Dembele or something, that would not be cool after this.
  5. The International Football Thread

    Lol the England youth team taking after their senior counterparts in as much as they're being a pathetic group of losers.
  6. Petr Cech

    Maybe not, but my point was that getting one of those 2 would have made this transfer a good deal for all sides. As it stands it's brilliant for Arsenal and Cech and bad for us. The club now need to make up for it by bringing in a bonafide superstar IMO.
  7. Petr Cech

    The only way it was going to sit ok with the fans that Cech was going to Arsenal is if 1 of the following 3 happened: a - We got an exorbitant transfer fee (>£20M) b - We got a great HG player in exchange (Walcott, Ox) c - We make at least 1 fantastic World Class signing (Reus/Koke/Pogba/Messi/Bale) The club would have known this and so I believe they should have pushed harder for A or B. But, not point crying over spilled milk, it's now up to the club to fulfill C for the fans to keep us 2 steps ahead of Arsenal and the rest of the PL.
  8. Petr Cech

    Yeah you're right, but I'd say Cech should be at least £12M compared to the £18M for De Gea considering that while De Gea's bonus was that he was young, Cech's bonus is that he's proven world class and remember it was 4 years ago too, prices have come up since then.
  9. Petr Cech

    If De Gea was bought for £18M at the age of 20 (4 years ago) and the numbers being bandied around for him lately for Real Madrid are anywhere near true then I feel like £11M for a proven WC GK with 1 year left on his contract is a fair price. And that's my point, £11M is a fair price. We shouldn't be fair to our rivals because they aren't fair to us. Overcharge them or make sure we get something in return.
  10. Petr Cech

    The RVP is a good comparison for my point tbh, Cech is World Class now and RVP was world class back then (albeit injury prone) and both had 1 year left on his contract. Difference here being Arsenal got £24M for RVP!!!! If we get only £11M for Cech in comparison you can see how we've been mugged off by selling so cheaply to a rival. If we squeezed even £20M out of Arsenal for Cech then i'd be a bit happier.
  11. Petr Cech

    Not over happy with it but I respect Petr's wishes. I just wish (like other people have said) that we fought a bit harder to get an extortionate transfer fee or Walcott/Ox in exchange because we all know that if this was the other way around Arsenal would never have let him go so easily. I feel like for £11M we're being mugged off big time, selling to a rival. It seemed though that only Mourinho fought to keep him or get what we wanted in exchange but I just guess we'll have to accept it. This will be all well and good if Arsenal don't make any more great signings like this one, if they do they could become a danger in the title race. It will unbearable if they win the Community Shield with him in goal and will be even worse if they somehow managed to win the league or something. We would have no-one but ourselves to blame in that case. We've been respectful and that is good, I just hope that we don't get punished for being so because we'll look like naiive tools if we do.
  12. Fernando Torres

    Look, I know everyone loves a good bit of Torres bashing, but to not accept that he was that damn good in the 07-10 period of time is hilarious. If you'd actually watched him play during that time then you would never be saying this so all I can quote at you is stats and advise you to go and watch some PL games from that time period and see just how influential he was. (Also note that he did all this playing for a Liverpool team who, while they were the best they have been since the 80s, were still not that good compared to Eto'o who played for a Barcelona team that scored for fun). They were all very good in that time period, obviously, but Torres and Villa were better than Eto'o and a debate could be made for which was the better as they were both incredible but personally i'd plump for Torres being better as he did it in a higher quality league. Torres: In the 07-08 season he scored 33 goals in all competitions (at just about a goal every 90 minutes he played). In the Summer of 08 he led Spain to the Euro 2008 title while scoring the winning (and only) goal in the final. In the 08-09 season he was unfortunately injured a fair bit but still scored 17 goals in all competitions. In the 09-10 season he scored 22 goals in all competitions. Total of 72 goals in 114 games over those 3 seasons. [That's a goal every 1.58 games]. Eto'o: Scored 18 goals in 28 games in the 07-08 season. Scored 36 goals in 52 games in the 08-09 season. Scored 16 goals in 48 games in the 09-10 season. Total of 70 goals in 128 games over those 3 seasons (for a far better team in a much easier league). [That's a goal every 1.83 games]. Villa: Scored 22 goals in 40 games in the 07-08 season. Scored 31 goals in 43 games in the 08-09 season. Scored 28 goals in 45 games in the 09-10 season. Total of 81 goals in 128 games over those 3 seasons. [That's a goal every 1.58 games]. So as you can see stats-wise Torres scored as many goals per game as Villa and they were both markedly better than Eto'o (who was playing for a ridiculously good team).
  13. Toby Alderweireld

    Alderweireld would be a great signing who could one day be a great player for the club. If we signed him in a trade for Luis we would then have this (N.B i'm not happy with Azpi at LB but Jose if never going to drop Ivan so i've just come to accept Azpi as a LB): 1st: ---Ivanovic---Aldeweireld---Terry---Azpi--- 2nd: ---Kalas/Omeruo/Christensen---Zouma---Cahill---Ake--- Moving on to when Terry retires (HAS to be at the end of this season, he can't keep being this good forever can he?) and Ivan's legs run out: 1st: ---Azpi---Aldeweireld---Zouma---New LB--- 2nd: ---New RB---Omeruo---Kalas---Ake--- See? All worked out . I think he'd fit really well and give us a young player who has proven himself at many levels and has a lot of experience for someone his age.
  14. Swansea up first for Blues

    A very good point and excellent news. Worked well for us last season to get our hardest games out of the way as early as possible, we don't want them in the run in.
  15. Swansea up first for Blues

    If they get 2 of a) A Top Class DM, A Top Class GK or c) A Top Class CB then yes. But otherwise I don't think they can match up to us or City.
  16. Premier League thread

    Away games in 4 of our 6 games after CL games. City away in only 2 of their 6 after CL games. That could be a telling difference, especially if we get an Eastern Bloc team in our group and have miles to travel.
  17. She's so stupid and self righteous. Turns up to find Arya safe with the Hound. He's kept her safe and is actually teaching her well. Hasn't abused her in the slightest and she even says she wants to stay with him. Brienne decides that Arya doesn't get a day and throws the hound off a cliff and loses Arya, leaving her with no one to help or defend her. Good going. Or with the Stannis thing. She assumes (correctly, but it's just pure luck) that the thing that killed Renly was of Stannis' doing and killed him! I mean just cos it had his face doesn't mean it was due to him. She just decides that she knows best all the time and that she can kill who she wants. I wouldn't mind if she accepted that she was a prick but she's so aloof and makes herself out to be a knight in shining armour when in fact all she does is cause problems for other characters who often don't even deserve it.
  18. My money is on Jon Snow being resurrected by Melisandre or Thoros of Myr in full Dandorrion Fire God style btw. That'd make the lack of Lady Stoneheart make complete sense as it will be more of a shock then.
  19. The Sand Snakes (or whatever they're called), their little bitch of a leader, Olly and Brienne can all fuck off. How in the hell we've lost so many quality characters with great character progression and great actors to leave those steaming piles of shits in the show....
  20. Petr Cech

    Everyone needs to remember that Szczesny counts as home-grown. He came through the Arsenal academy so he wouldn't be a bad signing as a backup. Tbh if Petr chooses Arsenal i'll be gutted. But i'd take any one of Walcott, The Ox or Szczesny in a swap deal, that really wouldn't be the worst thing ever.
  21. Oscar

    If that money was £30M or less it would be a good deal for everyone. Oscar, Pogba, Chelsea and Juve. Don't think anyone loses out from that.
  22. Chelsea Kits thread

    I can't believe I never noticed that!! Likelihood that we'll have a new GK kit for the next season and keep the red kit as the backup then. Let's play guess the colour!! I'm going to go with Black/Gold.
  23. www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ This is my favourite song ATM. I urge you all to listen to it.