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  1. The Mourinho Thread

    How were the post season matches anything to do with Jose? That was a money making exercise 100% and was completely down to the higher ups at our club. If Mourinho could have a say i'm sure like any other manager he'd rather have let the players have an extra 2 weeks rest than a pointless tour that does no good.
  2. The Mourinho Thread

    Stoke are horrifically out of form ATM, West Ham have only won 1 game at home all season and Leicester just conceded 5 against Arsenal. I'm not overly worried about any of them tbh. And I never said easy . I said winnable, and they really are.
  3. The Mourinho Thread

    Well tbh we are now undefeated in 4 games and the only game we didn't win of those 4 is the one against Newcastle and that was the first point we've picked up in 4 visits there. So I would have taken a point at the start of the day. I have faith that the team has shaken off the sluggish start from the ridiculous shortened pre season (thanks to that bloody stupid post season tour) and given the following favourable run of fixtures can at least get a record of something like 9 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss from the next 12 games which would be 29 points which would leave us on 37 points at the halfway point of the season which after the horrific start we had wouldn't be bad at all.
  4. The Mourinho Thread

    Our next 11 league games: Southampton (H) Aston Villa (H) West Ham (A) Liverpool (H) Stoke (A) Norwich (H) Spurs (A) Bournemouth (H) Leicester (A) Sunderland (H) Watford (H) Lots of home games in there that should be fairly straight forward, some winnable away games and really tbh the only tough game there will be away against Spurs. Imagine if (like we should as the champions) we come out of that run with 27-30 points or so, that will immediately rocket us up the table and suddenly all will look rosy. I genuinely have faith that we'll drop a maximum of 5 points over the next 11 games which will put us very high up and make everything look much better. Hopefully either Ivanovic gets injured or Mourinho comes out from under the gypsy curse Ivan's mother put him under to never see him as the problem because that seems like the only way he'll be dropped and we'll be far more solid at the back without him!
  5. Robert Lewandowski

    The top 3 of the Bundesliga is stronger than the top 3 of the EPL. Bayern>>City>Chelsea>Dortmund>>Wolfsburg>>Arsenal. You talk about Europe but other than Bayern no German teams have consistently done well in Europe. Chelsea are consistently good and Utd are when they're actually in Europe. But the mid table and lower tier teams from the EPL are far better than their Bundesliga counterparts. Bayern walk over teams regularly, so do Dortmund. Chelsea and City very rarely have easy games in the Premier League, even against teams who are shit and/or out of form like Newcastle, Stoke etc.
  6. Robert Lewandowski

    For me the ranking of strikers in the world ATM is (and has been so for a year or so): 1) Suarez 2) Aguero 3) Lewandowski 4) Costa 5) Cavani 6) Benzema 7) Ibrahimovich Lewandowski has hardly lit the world up since joining Bayern but is still a great striker. Aguero and Suarez are markedly better IMO though.
  7. The Mourinho Thread

    That might be the best stat i've seen in a while. Finally getting goals from everywhere in the team after last season it was pretty much just Hazard and Costa. AND JT and Falcao aren't on there who will definitely chip in with a few throughout the season.
  8. Deadline Day!

    Out: Luis (£12M) Cech (£10M) Kakuta (£4M) Romeu (£5M) T Hazard (£5.5M) Salah (Loan, £3.5M fee) Cuadrado (Loan, £1.3M fee) McEachren (£750k) Chalobah (Loan, £175k) Drogba (Free) Omeruo, Pantic, Hector, Nathan, Christensen, Manea, Solanke, Angban, Marin, Baker, Brown, MVG, Davey, Boga, Kane, Davila, Kalas, Ake, Cuevas, Moses, Bamford, Piazon, Delac, Houghton, Feruz, Atsu, Wallace, Pasalic (Loan) Total Recieved: £42M In: Pedro (£19M) Baba Rahman (£14M) Kenedy (£6M) Begovic (£8M) Manea (£2M) Pantic (Free) Hector (£4M) Djilobodji (£4M) Falcao (Loan) Total Spent: £58M Overall Net Spend £16M. So we sold a World Class GK, a World Class LB, a raft of youngsters for low fees and released Drogba. We signed a Very Good RW in Pedro fair enough but other than that we got Begovic (Good but still a step down from Cech), Baba (Decent with potential but a huge step down from Luis), Falcao to replace Didier (Not bad) and 5 youngsters for a net spend of £16M!!!!! WHERE IS THAT CM WE HAVE NEEDED ALL DAMN SUMMER???
  9. Tactics/Formations thread

    We've been playing 3 at the back for the last year and a bit tbh every time fucking Ivan is in the starting lineup. In reality though playing 3 at the back is a great tactic but you need really specialised players to do so. You need 2 relatively quick CBs to play LCB and RCB, you need 2 wing backs that are ridiculously hard workers, a player to play in the DM position that can get between boxes very quickly and assist the front 3 when going forward or they become very isolated and a very fluid and settled back 3 and 2 x DM setup as they need to switch positions/push each other into other positions frequently when in the defensive transition. If we were going to play something like a 3-4-3 we have a fair few players that could work in the needed positions: -------------------Courtois------------------- ------Zouma------Terry------?????------ -Willian--------------------------------Azpi- -------------Matic--------?????------------ -------Pedro-----------------Hazard------- -------------------Costa---------------------- But Fabregas would not work in that formation in any way, shape or form. We'd need someone like Pogba or Witsel to fill that CM role alongside Matic and we'd also need another mobile CB (not Cahill). If we signed Witsel and Stones for example to fill those holes then yeah it could work, but it would be tough coaching this into the players as they'd have to adapt their styles of play pretty dramatically. In the system I detailed above Azpi would have to learn to go forwards a lot more than he currently does, as the front 3 would have to be fairly centralised without any kind of CAM so he'd have to provide a lot of the width from attacking plays or risk Hazard drifting wide and leaving Costa very isolated up top by himself. Matic, Willian, Zouma and Hazard would slot into this system perfectly IMO and it would probably help JT by having 2 young, mobile CBs that are good on the ball either side of him to take that problem out of his mind and let him focus more on organising the back 3 and stopping the other teams striker from getting any clean ball. This would be a viable tactic if Mou decided to go for it but we'd struggle if players fell out of form or got injured and we may also struggle against teams that play 2 strikers up top. Would be a pretty drastic change if he went for it, and not at all in line what he's done with the rest of his career. Would be interesting to watch though!!!
  10. Radamel Falcao

    Did well today and went some way to justifying being subbed on over Remy. Although i'd still like to see Remy given a few chances in the near future but hopefully he is better than he was against Arsenal cos he was absolutely shocking then. Tbh quite happy that we've got 3 decent strikers in the squad, once the team starts playing well i'm sure all 3 of them will flourish.
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    To be fair you were not offering any arguments. Just professing how you were right and calling out people who have a different viewpoint to you. I would say that someone that is so joyful to be 'right' as opposed to sad because the team you supposedly support lost paints you as the plastic here, not him.
  12. The Mourinho Thread

    Please be talking about Ivanovic....
  13. The Mourinho Thread

    I'm here. Mourinho is still the best coach for us and still the best in the world. All managers go through bad patches and while Mourinho is going through 1 now let's not forget that it was only 3 months ago that we won the title again for only the 2nd time since he left 10 years ago with a squad that was not as good as others in the league. He needs to work hard to change this around, granted, and the first thing he can do is drop/sell Ivanovic, have stern words with Fabregas and maybe drop him too and keep doing like he did today and give RLC, Kenedy and Traore chances as they're hungrier than some of the other players we've got. If we finish outside the top 4 then yes, big panic but this is Mourinho, he won't lead us to outside the top 4 he'll recover cos he's a great coach like he has proved so many times before with other clubs. We need to get much better, I agree, and some of the fault needs to fall at the feet of Mourinho but for me the majority needs to fall at the feet of the players. Ivanovic has been ****************** <-- literally no words to describe, Fabregas has been awful, Matic has been a shadow of his former self, Costa is more interested in picking fights than playing football and Willian needs someone to teach him how to shoot. But these players (barring Ivan) have not become bad players overnight. They're good players going through a bad patch of form and either have to sort themselves out or be dropped from the team. It's up to Mourinho to do so and I believe he will, he's got his favourites but (once again barrring Ivanovic who is some kind of weird anomaly) he's not afraid to drop them and replace them in teams. He's done so at all the clubs he's managed and he just has to here. I still have faith in him, and probably always will because he's proved himself so many times. But as i've said in other threads, this Ivanovic thing needs to stop. God only knows why he keeps picking him and after the international break Baba will definitely be fit enough and has to replace Ivan in the starting line up.
  14. Kenedy

    Mistake Ivanovic for one of your goats and we might stop conceding so many goals.
  15. Branislav Ivanovic

    Use Ivanovic as a sacrificial lamb to sacrifice to whatever fucking deity we've pissed off to appease it. We'd be better off with a cone at RB ATM.
  16. The Mourinho Thread

    Has to drop Ivanovic. Whatever it is from stopping him doing so in the past he has to do it now.
  17. Wulfert van Ginkel

    Dunno mate. He had 2 holding mids behind him and 2 wingers to each side so I guess a stop gap until Bojan gets fit again then drop back to CM. Not that it's relevant any more though. Stoke have had 2 players sent off and both were fellow midfielders of his. So he'll have to defend big time now. At least it means he'll get a good run of games though eh?
  18. Wulfert van Ginkel

    Starting today at no.10 against WBA. Hope to see him have a great game as I still have a lot of faith in the lad.
  19. Kevin de Bruyne

    Good player at Wolfsburg but I don't think he'll be anywhere near as good in England as some are suggesting. Of course he's young and can develop but I just don't think he's strong enough both on and off the ball and I don't think he performs well enough when put under the pressure of teams that press you constantly high up the pitch. IMO he'll struggle from the hard working mid/high table EPL teams the same way Fabregas does with the much reduced time he'll have on the ball. We'll have to wait and see, but i've got a funny feeling he might well be a bit of a flop at City that we'll all be looking at retrospectively saying "he's just not a PL player" come the end of the season.
  20. Chelsea Kits thread

    Training kits have looked great this year. In sharp contrast to the dogshit we've got as kits.
  21. And there was me thinking that it was safe to enter this thread now that we TV show viewers had caught up with you spoiler flinging book readers!!
  22. Domestic Cup Competitions thread

    Good draw, considering some of the awkward ones out there for Saints, Arsenal, Spurs, Villa and Swansea.
  23. 11. Pedro Rodríguez

    A 2 footed winger that can actually finish?
  24. Stamford Bridge thread

    Fantastic render mate. Good god can you imagine being an opposition player walking out onto that pitch on a Champion's League game night? So so intimidating. Also, I know they're louder than our support but the roof reminds me of the Millenium Stadium on Welsh Rugby matches i've been to and holy shit is it loud. Would really get a good echo for the noise going and make it even louder when the crowd gets behind the players during big games.
  25. The Mourinho Thread