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  1. Branislav Ivanovic

    Remember when we were awesome and Spurs were the joke? Feels a long time ago now as the roles have completely reversed. Don't even have the words to describe what a damn farce this is.
  2. Paul Pogba

    My brother is a BVB fan and so I end up watching a fair few games with him aswell as getting my brothers knowledge and put it this way - he'd be chuffed if they got £10M for Gundogan now. He's regressed badly since his awesome 2013 year, and since he broke his back (or whatever the hell he did, I'll be honest I can't remember) he's been an average player and Weigl, Castro and Sahin are all above him in the pecking order in BVB fan's minds apparently. Also whoever mentioned his wages being the reason he didn't move last summer (I think it was MagicLamps) is completely right, BVB were open to selling him but every team shat the bed at the wages and bonuses he was after. Pogba is twice the player he is and although I wouldn't be disappointed to get Gundogan (better for sure than Mikel and Ramires) he'd be no more than a decent squad player for us ATM and the wage demands put me off a tad.
  3. John Stones

    Haha yeah I remember that now. I've rated him since like 2011-2012, I just saw something special in him with his attitude and his qualities. Hence why I was so gutted that we never managed to get him for 2 (goddamn two) million rather than Stoke but I guess his choice has been vindicated now because he's first choice at Stoke since we pilfered Begovic. Just call me mystic Viper xP. As for the rest of your post - spot on. Always been one of the first to drill down on English players who are massively overhyped (Townsend, Bentley, Welbeck etc.) but Dele Alli has looked the real deal since his time at MK Dons (live near there and went to a fair few games and even Stevie Wonder could see there was something special there, even so i'm hugely surprised his potential has been made into ability so damn quickly, testament to Spurs and Pochettino I guess, begrudgingly), Eric Dier looks like the DM England have needed for like 10 years too, I would include him in there. You can actually make an entire team of genuinely talented, young English players now: Butland, Clyne, Smalling, Stones, Shaw, Dier, Alli, Sterling, Barkley, Oxlade, Kane. With a good smattering of good but more experienced players like Henderson, Hart, Forster, Vardy, Milner, Gibbs, Sturridge, Walcott and Bertrand (only 2 players over 28 there aswell and they're Vardy and Milner) it looks like we could be set for a few years to actually make a decent team for once (we still won't win anything though). We have to get Stones, he'd set us up for years, is English and is quite possibly the best CB with ball at his feet in the world ATM which is something we need for when teams are sitting deep against us. Marquinhos and Varane are better IMO but probably ungettable and Laporte for me is as good and although cheaper isn't HG which will be a big thing for the future.
  4. Branislav Ivanovic

  5. Eva Carneiro Leaves Chelsea

    She made it personal with that stupid facebook post and if she hadn't reacted so badly to it she would have been back doing her doctoring duties just like Jon Fearn has done because he took the 1 piece of criticism (because that's all it was, it wasn't a prolonged attack or anything like people try to make out) kept his head down and worked his way back to where he is. She has obviously realised she could've done the same now hence the backtracking by attempting to get her job back. And to my knowledge she was never fired and left the job by mutual consent or something so it's hilarious that she's trying to sue for dismissal. She'll likely win her case against Mourinho because the courts wouldn't want her walking away without winning anything because it would look bad for them but her case won't be strong enough to take down the club's lawyers. All the media will be predictably on her side, as will certain predictable members of this forum because it's yet another stick to beat Mourinho with and we all know how they love doing that. This post will get jumped all over by people but, as i've said before and i'll say again, Jon Fearn's situation has proved that she caused this issue herself and if it was the other way around (Jon Fearn leaving, her keeping her job) noone would give even 2 shits either here or in the media because Mr Fearn is not an attractive woman.
  6. Radamel Falcao

    Had so much hope that he'd regain some form here but it was unfortunately misplaced. I thought he'd be a decent stopgap 3rd choice ST while Bamford went to Palace, nailed down the starter role and banged in at least 15 goals over the course of the season for a decent side before returning to Monaco next year and Bamford stepping in to challenge Costa. Both of those ideas went terribly, terribly wrong. I don't think any of us expecting him to magically revert to his old world class self but between the injuries and the lack of what looks like sharpness on the pitch this has just been an utter failure even for those people who didn't expect much in the first place. Only 350 minutes played for us with only 2 starts (against Walsall and that dismal home game vs Saints) and 1 goal and 0 assists from those minutes in our home loss vs Palace. Our overall team shiteness can't have helped him in trying to regain form but good god above please just put the poor guy out of his misery and end the loan.
  7. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    So Pep has said he's coming to England to manage in the PL, but hasn't decided to which club he wants to go yet. Looks like one of us, United or City is getting him in the summer then. As much as I dislike the bloke and think he's overrated, if Simeone isn't available then he'd probably be the 2nd best choice for me and he's evidently the 1st choice for a lot of Chelsea fans. However I doubt very much he'll come here, it'll be too much hard work rebuilding the team and i'm sure he'd much rather go to an ageing team like City who have the best squad in the league with top players at their peaks (Aguero, Silva, Toure etc) where he can win a few domestic trophies and one or two league titles before jumping ship in 3 years time when the team is past it's peak and need rejuvenating. Seems like a ready made job for him. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/35234602
  8. Discussion Topic

    New table is up! Over the last 4 games the high scorers have been Jusek with 13 points scored and boshman with 11. Well done you two!
  9. Discussion Topic

    It does.
  10. Forum Update

    Agree with Henrique, a lot of the threads are locked for me too. Also, what happened to my England flag!
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    Have a horrible feeling he's going to go to United and lead them to the title. How funny would that be eh?
  12. General Transfer Talk

    2 of Schneiderlin, Wanyama, Witsel, Gundogan and Kondogbia are needed for sure to replace the outgoing Mikel and Fabregas (hopefully from the club but at least out of the match day squad). We need a top class CB aswell, someone like Hummels or Varane but if they can't be got then a great CB with potential to be top class like Stones or Laporte will do. Another winger and striker needed too, but tbh I think the DM and CB positions are the most urgent problems atm that HAVE to be fixed if we want to finish in the top half.
  13. Discussion Topic

    Thankyou mate. Had a really busy time over xmas and didn't have the time to pop on and put the threads up and just came on now to do so. Really helpful that you've already done it, thankyou .
  14. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    My thoughts exactly. The guy is a complete tool of a person and very overrated as a manager. But then Jose was a tool at times and even though Pep is overrated he's still the best manager we could get unless Simeone is available so i'd be happy with him even though I don't like him. I'm sure i'd grow to like him too, especially if I know that it was him or some useless twat like Pellegrini or Rodgers.
  15. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    The same people who controlled all of our summer signings; Abramovich and Emenalo.