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  1. PSG v Chelsea

    Calm down mate he's only just made up for his 2 terrible mistakes with a goal, and he only scored that because he was in the right place at the right time, a broken clock is right twice a day and all that. It doesn't change the fact that he's a useless footballer who offers us nothing and should've been ditched 3 or 4 years ago.
  2. PSG v Chelsea

    If Mikel was even some semblance of a footballer that wouldn't have happened.
  3. PSG v Chelsea

    Good old mikel. He never let's us down.
  4. Alexandre Pato

    Better (and a lot younger) than both Remy and Falcao IMO. Also, only a loan deal I've heard with an option to buy in the summer for 8mil which isn't a bad price for a small gamble. He'll never be the superstar he once threatened to be, that potential has gone, but I've heard from people who watch the Brazilian leagues that he's still a useful striker and that he was loaned out because he didn't fit the corinthians playing style and system (so I've been told). Not a bad low risk purchase IMO. Now sell Remy for the 12mil that's being quoted, get rid of Falcao and give Bamford a damn chance. The guy deserves it. Oh and invest that 12mil into a CB or CM, please.
  5. Branislav Ivanovic

    Remember when we were awesome and Spurs were the joke? Feels a long time ago now as the roles have completely reversed. Don't even have the words to describe what a damn farce this is.
  6. Chelsea 3-3 Everton

    Some absolutely woeful football there. Let's not exaggerate this aswell, we scored 1 lucky deflected goal and a goal that shouldn't have stood for offside. The only difference between us today and us under Mourinho was the fact that under Mourinho we didn't get any luck at all and today we had a huge slice. Ivanovic is still as much use as Stephen Hawking, Azpi and Matic look surprisingly and disappointingly poor, Mikel and Ramires still aren't good enough at this level, Pedro is too lightweight for this league and RLC, Baba and Kenedy are still not getting any meaningful minutes despite there being no reason not to play them. Proof that the players aren't as bothered this season, for whatever reason, and that there is nothing Mourinho could have done or Hiddink can do. All I hope for now is to finish the season soon and finish as high as we can while not qualifying for the waste of time that is the Europa League. Will be nice to have midweeks off next season at least. Just to think we could have been 7th and 2 points off 5th if we'd converted all those league draws against Watford, United, WBA and Everton into wins. That seems like a world away now though.
  7. Chelsea v Everton

    Lol I can't believe it xD. Cheers for the unexpected £90 JT!
  8. Chelsea v Everton

    I think that right there justifies Ivanovic's new contract xD xD xD
  9. Chelsea v Everton

    Dammit. Knew I should've cashed out.
  10. Chelsea v Everton

    Got £90 riding on this finishing as is atm. Draw and both teams to score. Would happily give it up for us actually winning a game though.
  11. Chelsea v Everton

    Lol what is going on?!? Us getting lucky?!?
  12. Chelsea v Everton

    Even I wasn't sure Mourinho was right when he insinuated that the players we had were poor and he'd dragged them to a higher level to win the league last year. After this, can anyone really disagree?...
  13. Chelsea 2-2 West Brom

    Goddamn it Mourinho, this is all your fault. Oh, wait...
  14. Paul Pogba

    My brother is a BVB fan and so I end up watching a fair few games with him aswell as getting my brothers knowledge and put it this way - he'd be chuffed if they got £10M for Gundogan now. He's regressed badly since his awesome 2013 year, and since he broke his back (or whatever the hell he did, I'll be honest I can't remember) he's been an average player and Weigl, Castro and Sahin are all above him in the pecking order in BVB fan's minds apparently. Also whoever mentioned his wages being the reason he didn't move last summer (I think it was MagicLamps) is completely right, BVB were open to selling him but every team shat the bed at the wages and bonuses he was after. Pogba is twice the player he is and although I wouldn't be disappointed to get Gundogan (better for sure than Mikel and Ramires) he'd be no more than a decent squad player for us ATM and the wage demands put me off a tad.
  15. Ezequiel Lavezzi

    Great goalscorer from the wing which would be a positive for us as we need goalscoring midfielders. But not sure he's worth the huge money (and wages) that he'll be coupled with his advanced age. A better player than Pedro and a completely different player to Willian so god knows why people are comparing them but still, not overly sure he's what we need, if we want a goalscoring winger then look no further than either of the 2 at Dortmund; Reus or Aubameyang.