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  1. The 'What Song Are You Listening To Now' Thread

  2. Josh McEachran

    He's 19 today. I hope he gets to play more for Swansea. Don't think we should send him on loan again in the summer.
  3. David Luiz

    "The guys who have never touched a ball can't kill me. This is impossible. Because I know my life when I didn't have anything, I know my life when my family needed me a lot. "I know my life when I left home at 14 years of age and I told them 'I will come back one day and give you a good life'. "I play in a big team and when a big team doesn't win for five games or six games, the pressure's so, so big. I believe in my job, I believe in my work every day, I believe in me. I know my football, I know my personality." - David Luiz. I just love David Luiz!!! Best defender ever!!!!!!
  4. Branislav Ivanovic

    Happy Birthday Ivanovic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Fernando Torres

    Everyones saying that! I think that hairstyle is pretty! I begged Gigi to ask Nino my question but she didn't!!!!!!!!!!!! Shes mean!
  6. Frank Lampard

    My friend showed her baby cousin a picture of Lampard and a picture of JT. She asked him to choose which player he liked better and he picked Lampard! And the weird thing is, he shares the same birthday as Lampard but he didn't know that! I just found that cute and thought of posting it here!
  7. Facebook & Twitter

    http://twitter.com/BluesFelon Follow me on twitter!
  8. Gary Cahill

    Welcome to Chelsea Gary Cahill!
  9. Ligue Un Discussion Thread

    Good Luck Carlo! I hope he does well! Great manager
  10. David Luiz

    LOL! He is a frickin legend. He said on twitter he had an English test and his results come on Friday. He'll let us know! I hope he passes lol
  11. Fernando Torres

    Good! I knew AVB wasn't stupid! Why sell Torres when he can still come good?! And Anelka and Kalou are leaving in January, Drogba's off to play in the African cup of nations, Lukaku isn't ready for the PL yet, (he should go on loan to another PL club imo) so we cant get rid of another striker or we'll really struggle!! But I'd love some great new signings in January please AVB!
  12. Oriol Romeu

    Thats good!! I think Romeu will want to stay for a few yrs, I'm sure he knows if he went back, he'll have to sit on the bench because Barca already have so many great players!!
  13. Fernando Torres

    He already has an autobiography! A Liverpool one, I read it, its really good!
  14. Hip Hop discussion

    Dont know if you know Mic Righteous but I love his music!
  15. Salomon Kalou

    AVB probably feels sorry for him after the twitter abuse. So do I but why give him a new contract?!!!!