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  1. Michy Batshuayi

    And how many games has Morata played since then? Literally the stupidest thing ive read today. Thank you.
  2. The Conte Thread

    People on here talking about wanting a manager like Poch. Yet they’ll be the first to complain if we don’t win anything for more than a year.
  3. 30. David Luiz

    You fans are a disgrace. We won the league with him ffs. He has been struggling, has had injuries and has been dropped. You cant expect him to come in one game and have the best game of his life.
  4. Chelsea 3-0 West Brom

    Been the case since he came here to be honest.
  5. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Has another awful game then spouts this shit about his heart being in Spain. Fuck off then.
  6. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    Conte wont be able to deal with the shit storm by the media. Expect him gone by the morning. 2 games, concede 6, score 1. Not good enough.
  7. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    Conte to get sacked, we hire someone else. They win the league, do poorly second season, get sacked. Rinse and repeat.
  8. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    Poor selection. You know Hazard as a false 9 just isnt working. Start Giroud, hopefully grab a couple goals and then sub him. The fuck is this trash im watching. Cahill at fault for the "penalty". Cant wait to see the back of him.
  9. The Conte Thread

    He has been about as poor as Bakayoko for United recently.
  10. Romelu Lukaku

    Is only slightly better than Michy.
  11. Michy Batshuayi

    Bet you sat next to the tv with your keyboard out waiting for this moment, hoping michy does well so you can come on here and spout your nonsense. You remember the game against Palace that he started? Don’t remember seeing you talking that day?
  12. Michy Batshuayi

    That was my fucking point.
  13. Michy Batshuayi

    Or its because he offers nothing unless you put it on a plate.
  14. Chelsea 0-3 Bournemouth

    Unpopular opinion but I’d sell Hazard and spend money rebuilding this team because it needs £200-300 million. And there’s no way the board will spend that.
  15. Chelsea 0-3 Bournemouth

    The board left us with no fucking striker. Why couldnt the giroud deal be done yesterday or before? The board filled the team with dead wood. Congratulations. Worst performance I’ve seen this season.