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  1. Next Manager?

    It's happening!
  2. Prediction League

    This forum is way too quiet for this kind of thing I'm afraid. Well, I am participating in many other prediction leagues on other internet forums and elsewhere and I suggest you do the same. Enjoy the World Cup!
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

    I've never seen him play so well for the Rode Duivels. Absolutely unstoppable in this form and in that setup. It's also quite clear to me that IF he plays like this and takes the Belgians at least to the semi-finals, he will not return to London in August
  4. Chelsea Kits 2018/19

    Someone in the club clearly has a thing for Asian automotive industry
  5. Next Manager?

    Alright. Sounds promising
  6. Next Manager?

    Who's this guy? Another 'insider' reporting straight from some basement?
  7. General Transfer Talk

    Liverpool have learned their lesson it seems. After selling Suarez, they used the money to buy bunch of nobodies. This time, with Coutinho money, they've got themselves Keita, Fabinho, Fekir and van Dijk.
  8. Gonzalo Higuain

    Depends on the price tag. If he comes for Giroud money then it's obviously a great move, for anything above £25m it's a massive gamble on an ageing player
  9. Stamford Bridge

    Let's put those Battersea plans back on the table shall we
  10. Jean Seri

    Mount / Barkley / RLC / van Ginkel – Seri – Kante midfield next season!
  11. 28. César Azpilicueta

    To be honest we're very lucky to have him AND Kante. Some of our rivals would kill to have either one in their squad, particularly Arsenal and United who missing exactly these types of players.
  12. The Conte Thread

    Conte spotted in the stands watching Italy - Holland game. He looked like a man that has aged 10 years in the past 12 months
  13. Next Manager?

    The club is falling apart and Marina is laying on some beach sipping mojitos. Can someone explain how is this possible?
  14. General Transfer Talk

    This would be a smart move IMO. He's one of the best ball-playing keepers in the world and quite good making De Gea-esque close range saves as well. He still needs to practise penalties (Holland vs. Costa Rica never forget) and how to control crosses before one could consider him as elite but overall, a good choice. Cillessen is a quality keeper and buying him would also fit well into the transfer policy we've been practising in recent years. Spending £60m on Alisson would not. Cillessen's price mentioned in that metro article is absolute BS though, no one would pay £52m for a second choice goalkeeper no matter how good he is. I reckon that Barcelona would be willing to sell for around £25-30m.
  15. Next Manager?

    According to same source, Sarri also said that he wouldn't play Fabregas because, and I quote, "he runs like a person that has been f*cked in the ass".
  16. Next Manager?

    If we can't get Sarri then let's give Jody Morris a chance.
  17. 10. Eden Hazard

    Quiet is good
  18. Next Manager?

    We are fucked
  19. Frank Lampard

    Maybe Derby will sign JT? How weird would that be, Frank being John's manager lol
  20. Next Manager?

    I feel like this club has been 'on hold' ever since we won the double back in 2010.
  21. Next Manager?

    Gotta respect Zidane though, the man knows how to quit on top. He retired from playing after being the most dominant player at 2006 World Cup and now he "retires" as the most dominant coach of recent years. For some reason I can't see him managing another top club but he could become the manager French national team have been looking for.
  22. Next Manager?

    Watch out for Sarri to Madrid rumours in the coming hours and days. Marina, pay that damn release clause immediately or else we might end up empty handed.
  23. Fabinho

    The fuck is going on. Liverpool making top signings left and right
  24. Jorginho

    If we only buy one player during the summer I'd love it to be this guy. We've got all other positions reasonably well covered but none of the players in the team can do what Jorginho does.
  25. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    There's a very good reason why Mourinho would absolutely love to sign Bale. Not trying to be reactive here in the aftermath of the game, especially considering the goalkeeping mistakes, but Bale generally delivers whenever he's fit and whenever stakes are high. He belongs to that select group of players that are capable of something special. Would love to have him at Chelsea despite his injury record and his age.