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  1. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Well after this international break he will be regarded 'experienced international'
  2. Everton - Chelsea

    Did Everton fans just cheer for Barkley injury?
  3. Everton - Chelsea

    Alonso is so shite!
  4. Everton - Chelsea

    Oh ffs
  5. Everton - Chelsea

    I'd put him as no.10 or play him in that Barkley position in games like this
  6. Everton - Chelsea

    It would help if Sarri made some offensive changes before that meltdown happen Bring in Giroud for Higuain and RLC for Kante
  7. Everton - Chelsea

    We been very good IMO and if we keep playing at this level consistently for 90 minutes its only a matter of time before we score. Our bad luck can't continue forever
  8. Everton - Chelsea

    Jorginho is looking seriously good
  9. Everton - Chelsea

    Alonso and Hazard on that left hand side take maybe 5-6 touches on average before passing the ball. Thats far too many for this football
  10. Christian Pulisic

    Who knows what type of player he will become. Sterling wasn't exactly a clinical finisher – quite the opposite actually – in his earlier years. Neither was Salah to be honest
  11. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Sarri is not the type of manager who complains about his squad or the transfer market which is exactly why Marina was so keen on getting Sarri. If we want to see youth players then we have to simply sell the experienced players. I don't think Sarri has a problem playing Reece James, RLC, CHO, Mount etc next season if they really are the best we've got for those positions. He's a coach after all who loves to work with what he has and develop his players rather than moan about lack of transfers.
  12. 10. Eden Hazard

    He's gone. Let's hope Sarri starts to give more minutes to CHO during the rest of the season so we can see the what the lad is made of and if he could actually take that LW spot to himself next season. Sure they are big big boots to fill and nobody expects him to hit Hazard level in the next few seasons if ever but still he could prove to be good enough so that we are not completely screwed during this transfer ban. And yeah if he's gone then let's hope this whole transfer doesn't become a saga but rather is decided as early as possible so that the club and Sarri can start preparing for post-Hazard era
  13. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I hate him. There must be at least a dozen managers in Europe who would play more convincing football with the squad he has. Same problems were there last year when they barely won Spurs and got destroyed by Real in the first leg. Now they have Ronaldo so only god knows what they can achieve this time around but I'm still not convinced about their football in general
  14. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Ajax will beat United. In fact, I'd say that Porto, Spurs and United would be the top3 best draws for Ajax. Allegri's Juve would also be in trouble with Ajax if they didn't have that one lad named Ronaldo up front
  15. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    The way Simeone set up his team to that game was absolutely pathetic. And this was against Allegri's Juve and not some Guardiola side! We've had our fair share of cowardly managers in recent times so I'd definitely try to avoid him if Sarri gets the sack.