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  1. PAOK - Chelsea

    Barkley was also near MOTM. Top performance from him
  2. PAOK - Chelsea

    Get in! Good stuff from Ross
  3. PAOK - Chelsea

    Woow Sarri saying that he'll only make 4-5 changes to the team that played last weekend....sooo that basically means he'll choose the same team that was the starting lineup during the pre-season Let's assume he makes 5 changes. This is what the XI could look like? Hudson/Willian(1st change)-Morata(2nd)-Pedro Barkley(3rd)-Jorginho-Kante Alonso-Christensen(4th)-Rudiger-Zappacosta(5th) Kepa
  4. 5. Jorginho

    Last time I saw Luiz with armband was the Brazil-Germany semifinal.....
  5. PAOK - Chelsea

    Who's going to play LB? Surely not Alonso? My thoughts on the XI: Attack should be Hudson-Morata-Willian....I doubt there are any objections to this. In midfield Jorginho and Kante should not be starting so it's interesting to see how we'll line-up. Barkley-Ampadu-Fabregas would be my pick. Or Barkley-Fabregas-Loftus but this option seems very very weak defensively. Even against a team like PAOK. Defence without Emerson in squad will be complicated. Will we see Rudiger as LB? Or will Alonso play again? I guess Alonso-Christensen-Rudiger-Zappacosta is the only one that makes sense given the players. Or Ampadu next to Christensen if Sarri doesn't see him as a holding midfielder. Bulka should start in goal but I wouldn't mind Kepa either considering how many changes there will be to the defensive line.
  6. 10. Eden Hazard

    If Sarri and Hazard stay here for three more seasons he might just be able to reach Lampard. That means he would have to score 30 goals this season and 30 goals for the three seasons that follow. Unlikely? Yes. Impossible? Nope. Let's remember that he's only reaching his prime right about now and should be able to play at this level for another 3-4 years
  7. Chelsea 4-1 Cardiff

    Shame we couldn't bring Hudson instead of Zappa for Hazard. Otherwise, it's as good afternoon as we could have hoped for
  8. Chelsea 4-1 Cardiff

    There it is!!
  9. Chelsea 4-1 Cardiff

    5 goals in 5 games now
  10. Chelsea 4-1 Cardiff

    I assume he doesn't want to change his primary defensive lineup at the moment and probably wont do so for some time. We might have to wait until November/December before he's dropped from the main PL lineup... Giroud has been so so so good and Hazard obviously is a freaking monster. Eden has really improved his output lately both for club and for his country, we might finally see 30+ goal season from him
  11. Chelsea 4-1 Cardiff

    Giroud and Hazard
  12. Chelsea 4-1 Cardiff

    Ooh yeszz
  13. Chelsea 4-1 Cardiff

    Oh boy it's gonna be a long afternoon
  14. Chelsea 4-1 Cardiff

    http://buffstreamz.com/watch/soccer-stream2.php I am watching this one. Works well and quality is good
  15. Chelsea 4-1 Cardiff

    Giroud starts!