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  1. Jadon Sancho

    400k is the sort of money you pay to proven players with World Cups and Ballon d'Ors in their trophy cabinet. Sancho might be a big talent but he's still far far away from that pay grade. Especially in this economic climate giving that sort of money to a player, who all we know might become just another Ousmane Dembele, would be madness.
  2. 47. Billy Gilmour

    I think this sudden break from football due to coronavirus is good thing for Billy. The hype was starting to get out of hand, I mean people were starting to compare him to Iniesta after two games for goodness sake. Now we know he can play, the manager trusts him and so do the fans and his teammates, and yet the hype has gone quiet due to obvious reasons and most people outside of Chelsea have already forgotten about him, which is a good thing. He gets to improve and train in peace rather than under insane pressure from (social) media. Looking forward to seeing him play once football resumes, whenever that might be.
  3. Coronaviral

    In the US people queue up to buy guns. In the Netherlands thousands of people were today queueing to buy weed before all coffee shops (and restaurants, cafes etc.) closed down at 6pm and will remain shut for next 3 weeks at least. I guess stereotypes do exist for a reason
  4. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    I hope you all enjoyed that game tonight. It might be the last proper football game we see all season
  5. 47. Billy Gilmour

    Exactly. Who cares about a wage budget if our net spend on transfers is near zero
  6. Chelsea - Everton

    The most dominant performance from us since Europa League final
  7. Chelsea - Everton

    Time for Broja or Anjorin?
  8. Chelsea - Everton

    Finally some goals!!
  9. Chelsea - Everton

  10. Chelsea - Everton

    Willian's brain really does freeze every time he approaches opponent's box
  11. Chelsea - Everton

  12. Chelsea - Everton

    Passing the ball with really good tempo
  13. Chelsea - Everton

    He hasn't put a foot wrong so far
  14. Chelsea - Everton

    Brilliant performance so far
  15. Chelsea - Everton