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  1. Alex Sandro

    If Mendy is £52m and Walker £50m, then £60m for Sandro seems like a great deal. Send Matic on loan to Juve or whatever, as long as they get this done.
  2. Sergi Roberto

    How about Sergi the RWB? Playing next to Kante and Azpilicueta in 3-5-2 (or 3-4-3) might bring out the best of his abilities. For 40 million this could be a great deal.
  3. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    So so pleased it's Morata wearing the number 9 and not Lukaku.
  4. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    This game is a proof that we need new wingbacks for sure. Alonso getting exposed badly by a top team just like many of us feared.
  5. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Time for 3-5-2? There's a ridiculous amount of space in midfield.
  6. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Why are we playing with Fabregas in a two-man midfield against Bayern? It was always gonna end in tears. On a positive side, Batshuayi's link-up play is really good and Boga looks impressive yet again.
  7. Alvaro Morata

    Yes, Real Madrid waste. Just like Makelele.
  8. 22. Willian

    Is there any chance Willian would play as a right wingback?
  9. Alvaro Morata

    Very happy with this!!! And I'm not certain he will score more goals than Lukaku. But Hazard, Pedro, Fabregas, Willian and co will definitely score more than they ever would with Lukaku up front.
  10. Alex Sandro

    Yes the club has competent LB. Singular. Another one has to be bought anyway and in this market he will easily cost at least £30 million. Might as well buy a real star. And I am afraid that Alonso will be exposed by Barca, Real, Juve, Bayern.
  11. Danilo Luiz Da Silva

    I actually feel confident about this signing. The talent is there as everyone can see by looking at how he performed at Porto. Maybe playing as a wingback and being supported by Kante and Azpilicueta will bring out the best of him. Next summer he will be worth Alex Sandro money if he decides to join Chelsea now.
  12. Lucas Piazón

    I thought he was sold like five years ago.
  13. Kyle Walker

    Walker, Sterling and Stones for a combined fee of £150 million. Lol.
  14. James Rodríguez

    If there was £250m "warchest" it would be nearly enough to cover for the transfers of Sandro, Morata, James, Bakayoko and Rudiger.
  15. 2. Antonio Rudiger

    So we sold Ake to make way for this guy? Are you kidding me