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  1. Kawasaki Frontale v Chelsea

    Drinkayoko. Hopefully the last time we'll ever see of them
  2. Kawasaki Frontale v Chelsea

    We will lose good 10-15 points in the league due to lack of top striker just like last season
  3. Kawasaki Frontale v Chelsea

    Just from defenders' and midfielders' positioning during goalkick we can see that Frankball isn't all THAT different from Sarriball. Evolution rather than a revolution
  4. Kawasaki Frontale v Chelsea

    Zouma, Alonso and Caballero in there so its not really a surprise now is it
  5. The Board

    Keep them Yanks away from this club
  6. Christian Pulisic

    Great to see of course but I'm not so sure how smart that is in the long run. He isn't used to lack of winter break either. Well I guess there will be plenty of rotation in that position anyways
  7. The Board

    We have wasted A LOT of money on average players over the last few years, that's for sure. Luckily we have also signed few great young players as well and the academy has been producing some excellent talents so we can replace a lot of the deadwood with them. And yes, there's no guarantees that the kids will become top players but at least now they are getting a chance to show what they can do. If we could somehow manage to sell all the deadwood, pool all that money together and use it to buy Mbappe next summer. How great would that be. Man can dream eh?
  8. The Board

    Except we don't really lack quality that much. Our midfield looks quite strong, we've got solid central defence, good keeper, Reece James and Azpilicueta for right back position and couple promising wingers up front. All we need is a TOP striker and a left back and we can right up there with Liverpool and City in few seasons if our young players keep progressing and fulfilling their potential. Meanwhile Arsenal and United look absolute shambles and Spurs probably gonna lose their best players and their manager very soon.
  9. The Board

    How the hell does Arsenal have a net spend 2x of ours? Their current squad is literally dogshit.
  10. Billy Gilmour

    About time we start talking about this kid. Huge talent
  11. Bohemians 1-1 Chelsea

    Gallagher sounds like Becks
  12. Bohemians 1-1 Chelsea

    Gilmour and Maatsen have looked good
  13. Bohemians 1-1 Chelsea

    Sarri is gonna have a stroke when he sees Bakayoko playing at the bottom of a midfield three
  14. Bohemians 1-1 Chelsea

    Jimmy Floyd The reason how I came to support this club
  15. Bohemians 1-1 Chelsea

    Positive first half. Why? Because striker position is without a doubt our biggest problem and during this 45 minutes our striker was by the best player on the pitch. Going into this season it's the only position I'm genuinely worried about so this performance from Bats is encouraging