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  1. Wolves - Chelsea

    Yeah there's definitely lot of work ahead in that department. I do however expect us to improve quite a bit once we get Rudiger and James into the XI and Zouma as far away from XI as possible
  2. Wolves - Chelsea

    And like I mentioned previously, in practically every EU country the TV contract allows broadcasters to show only one of them 3pm games. Judging by the comments here, nearly every one of these EU broadcasters chose the United game.
  3. Wolves - Chelsea

    I can't remember the last time we had such an inexperienced backline
  4. Wolves - Chelsea

    As far as I know it's illegal to show more than one Saturday 3pm game at once. Hence broadcasters need to choose which game they show, here in the Netherlands they chose to broacast United-Liverpool instead. Serbia isn't a EU country so maybe the TV rights contract is different there though
  5. Wolves - Chelsea

    11 goals this season and all scored by academy products!
  6. Wolves - Chelsea

    Luckily James coming back so Azpi can play CB if needed
  7. Wolves - Chelsea

    Is Zouma really this bad. Oh my
  8. Wolves - Chelsea

    Calm down, he's still like 7 years away from his prime.
  9. Wolves - Chelsea

    He had assist in previous game as well
  10. Wolves - Chelsea

    Dear Lord! This kid
  11. Wolves - Chelsea

    Not sure if we've been good or Wolves been bad but Lamps definitely got it right. Hats off to him. The opponent play like they didnt expect this formation from us at all – they look hopeless
  12. Wolves - Chelsea

  13. Wolves - Chelsea

    Wtf is happening Kids are on fire
  14. Wolves - Chelsea

    We're probably gonna go on an incredible winning streak now with this 3-4-3 and win the league
  15. Wolves - Chelsea

    Daaaamn son!!