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  1. Stamford Bridge thread

    Good lord, let's hope we do not have a 40+ year old Terry and 35+ year old Ivanovic playing for us 5 years from now in 2021!
  2. Victor Moses

    Love this guy! Tireless!
  3. Pedro Rodríguez

    I know many get frustrated with some of Pedro's misses, etc, but I have always felt he brings a pace to our attack that Willian (and I like him too) just does not bring. I think we are fortunate that he was still here when Conte arrived and now mixing him and Moses in with Hazard and Costa going forward really opens up the other side. He works well with the rest of the lads and creates. He hustles as well. As much as I love Willian's hustle, he slows the attack down standing on the right side of goal at the corner of the penalty area dribbling (similar to Hazard in matches last year). Pedro moves. He is in a good position within the 3-4-3 and am glad he is a Blue.
  4. The Conte Thread

    When we made this hire, I had high hopes. But in no way could I have imagined such a quick turn around. The attacking prowess right now is magic. Six consecutive PL clean sheets! SIX! It seems to be as simple as freeing Hazard to roam freely, get Hazard and Pedro inside the wingbacks going forward, insert Moses on the right wing, Alonso on the left wing, insert Luiz at CB and switch to a 3-4-3. Oh, and remove Ivanovic, Terry, Oscar, Fabregas and Willian from the starting XI. See, it was that simple all along Seriously though, Conte not only figured out the above formula, he waited before implementing too quickly. Of the five players, most everyone on the board commented on the need for changes, save Terry due to his Legend status. Ivanovic has given us tremendous efforts in prior years (before last year), Fabregas was pure magic prior to last year (but is a defensive nightmare now), Willian gives 100% all of the time, but is a bit slow and struggles to keep pace and finish. Terry is pure Legend and hate that this day has come, but it has. Oscar. Well, he is just still Oscar. Give Conte another couple of transfer windows and we may make some serious European noises. And I am convinced with his managing skill, we do not have to buy the big splash, millions of pounds signings. And to think just 12 months ago we were barely out of the relegation zone. What was that guy's name again that was manager before Guus 12 months ago? I cannot remember it now Oh, and one last thing, Conte has truly been getting the best out of Costa. And without the theatrics and dark art behavior. Costa the last year under that nameless guy was hurting the team and difficult to watch. This Costa is world class all the way! Thank you Antonio Conte for all you do for Chelsea FC!!
  5. David Luiz

    Most certainly a different window then some of the recent past where we loaned/sold Lukaku, Mata, Schurrle, Luiz, etc and bought the likes of Pedro, Cuadrado, Baba, etc. I can think of three key acquisitions from Mourinho version 2.0: Willian, Costa and Fabregas. I think Conte has the moves right for the most part, i.e. loaning out Cuadrado, even Traore to get him playing time and keeping Moses, etc. I think we are only going to get better under Conte and with Kante bossing DM and Conte training Luiz, David will look better and bring the passion
  6. David Luiz

    You mean not as useless as Cuadrado, Pedro, Pato, Miazga, etc? I agree. I would take Schurrle back too for his spirit and drive.
  7. David Luiz

    Interestingly, after all the rumors about John Stone making a move to Chelsea last year got me interested in watching him anytime Everton was on TV. He makes just as many poor decisions that costs his team goals as Luiz. He just does not have the sideshow flair. Come on you Chelsea!!
  8. David Luiz

    Just think, Costa AND Luiz on the pitch at the same time! I do not believe they have ever been in Chelsea blue together, not even a friendly. Could be a lot of emotion scoring and beating Arsenal, Man Utd., etc.
  9. The Conte Thread

    Barbara, great to see you in mid-season form already Seriously, you bring terrific insight and a light-hearted approach that is always good reading. You and many others on here make this place what it is. Missed you lots last year. Come on you Chelsea!!
  10. The Conte Thread

    While you are working on your thoughts, and I agree with your rationale, I will jump in. I cannot, as well as the rest of you, even start to predict how the Conte era will start and play out over time, BUT I have to admit I really like his approach to the game and attitude. I hope all the players will get their act in gear and dedicate themselves to Conte's system and Chelsea FC. I never want to see a replay of last year's lack of focus/effort. If we can add another striker and one (or two preferably) CBs, I think we can have a fun year. I find Conte's style refreshing. The media spotlight and pressure will be on Pep and JM in Manchester. We have no games in Europe. We have one primary goal, Premier League, and a couple of domestic cups. Conte may be just the guy at just the right time. I am looking forward to the games in the US v. Liverpool, Real, etc. Good warm up games. I am ready for August 15th and West Ham at the Bridge now!! Come on you Chelsea!! Barbara, I now give you the floor back
  11. Kalidou Koulibaly

    Come on front office, make this happen. This would be another big signing. Get Kalidou to the Bridge then we can focus on an additional striker, but another CB must come first. Kalidou, make it Chelsea blue.
  12. Kalidou Koulibaly

    Daily Telegraph reporting we have made a 34 million pound offer, so unless Talk Chelsea is the source, it is not fake http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2016/07/07/chelsea-transfer-news-antonio-conte-makes-kalidou-koulibaly-main/ Still believe this would be an important pick up for the Chels!!
  13. Kalidou Koulibaly

    Story seems to be in a lot of places. Could still fall through, but what a tremendous "add" this would be. Hope it goes through and strengthens our central defence.
  14. The Mourinho Thread

    I agree with the Terry and Drogba part for sure. If any one doubts JT, just watch the video of him addressing the crowd at the Bridge after the last home game. Unfortunately, with every passing year, players like JT that have deep passion and love of a club are becoming fewer and fewer. With the huge influx of international players, there just is not that life long bond like JT has. Heck, even Gerrard has it for Liverpool. For Jose, I think once this year was officially in the dumper and he was released, I do believe it became business. If he continued to compete at Chels, I think he would have been here for a long time. But the wheels came off and it became a dumpster fire. He loves the Premier League. He has always admired Man United. That has been well known. I think he will always love Chelsea and think fondly of his time at the Bridge. I would be greatly disappointed if in 3 years he is coaching the likes of Norwich or Villa like Benitez with Newcastle. Think fondly of Jose, but it is business, time to look onwards and upwards and look to Conte to lead the new Chelsea charge. Hope we are active early in the signing window. Come on you Chelsea!!
  15. The Mourinho Thread

    Agreed. The media circus has kicked in high gear. I figure the Guardian or Mirror has planted a toilet camera in Jose's home so they can update us every time he has to go. Seriously though, we should fly under that radar along with Klopp, Wenger and even Ranieri. The pre-season build up will be Jose vs Pep. If Jose "buys" like the past few years, I expect, as the papers suggest, them to by 34-year old Ibrahimovic, over priced John Stones and Juan Cuadrado Look, Jose is a Chelsea legend and always will be. Something happened between the he and his players in the fall. Did they all quit on him? No. Did some struggle to play their best, sure. Don't count out the effect his disrespect of Eva had on the locker room. Regardless, the club cut him loose. He did not quit on Chelsea. If he wants to go to United, so be it. We have all moved on and welcome Conte. Have to admit, I look forward to the first Man U - Arsenal matchup next year as the Mourinho-Wenger domination heats up again Come on you Chelsea!!