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  1. 19. Diego Costa

    I think Diego hasn't really made up his mind yet. I'm not saying he is going to stay but he looks uncertain to me.
  2. 26. John Terry

    Words aren't enough...
  3. Chelsea 4-3 Watford

    Cholebas should have been already sent off long before Frodl btw
  4. Chelsea 4-3 Watford

    And the show still goes on..
  5. Chelsea 4-3 Watford

    I don't care for the record, but that's very bad news for the reserves
  6. Chelsea 4-3 Watford

    Weird match: Conte makes nine changes, Terry starts and scores, Azpi scores (hasn't happened since Sept), Hazard/Willian are putting on a show in an otherwise meaningless match
  7. 22. Willian

    We will need strong bench alternatives next season plus Willian is Blue through and through so it's a no brainer.
  8. West Brom 0-1 Chelsea

    Embarrassing from Oliver the non-call.
  9. The English Football Thread

    I double fucking dare you Wenger, stay out of Europe and we will see how you respond then. Because i think you will still be shit.
  10. 19. Diego Costa

    Oh, the meltdown if Diego stays...
  11. Chelsea 3-0 Middlesbrough

    What's with the shooting tonight? Even Cahill came close to scoring
  12. Chelsea 3-0 Middlesbrough

    Strange weeknd, Friday Spurs and we play on fucking Monday. Great anticipation and all but I CANT WAIT
  13. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    I'm sure Cesc prefers to stay in England or go back to Spain which i can't find plausible atm. So, if we let him go it's bad news for many reasons.
  14. Kostas Manolas

    Oh here we go again
  15. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    What kind of evil man would design this?