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  1. Chelsea Kits thread

    I like the shirts myself, the design is incredible.. the only thing I'm finding a bit dull, is the badge. Don't get me wrong, I understand the badge is there to represent our club, but what I'm seeing from a lot of clubs nowadays, is the idea of changing the way the club badge looks on the jersey as opposed to the actual one. I actually edited this picture I found, and I replaced the normal badge with something like this? I want to see this design on our shirts in the future.. it's almost like the way our badge showed up in earlier years when we had Osgood playing for us, but it's of a more modernised version of it.
  2. Nemanja Matic

    No definitely not both of them. Bakayoko looks like more of a possibility than Tolisso. If we get Bakayoko and sell Matic, we'll end up with Kante, Fabregas, and Bakayoko as central options, with Loftus-Cheek and Baker as our homegrown players in and amongst them. I don't think we need to go beyond this! People seem to forget about homegrown players and we need enough of these to compete in Europe next season. Plus, I think Lewis Baker can be a big player for us. Conte can find some good stuff in him! He just helped Vitesse win a Dutch Cup, so it's not as if he isn't understanding what being a champion feels like.
  3. Nemanja Matic

    Selling Matic would not be a big miss. I think the whole idea of bringing in Bakayoko has put a firm line under his time at Chelsea and it's time for him to move on. Not exactly a reliable player IMO anyway, in the 14/15 season he was phenomenal, but he's never been the same since that season. Under Mourinho, he'll probably find his form again, not under Conte though, sadly.
  4. David Luiz

    32 not a bad call actually ... ... he can't have 23 because Batshuayi has it.
  5. James Rodríguez

    Exactly... Imagine Granovskaia / Emenalo trying to get a deal done for Rodriguez. (if the deal falls through, Emenalo will give up and then suggest that we sign Jack Wilshere on loan)
  6. 15. Kurt Zouma

    We are doing what!?!?!?
  7. James Rodríguez

    Something like £55 million + Fabregas would make sense because Real apparently want to take Fabregas.. but whatever bid we do offer, it would be very ambitious! I wouldn't mind seeing a team with Hazard, Rodriguez and Costa in it every week...
  8. Oscar

    Really disappointed that we're losing someone like Oscar. He was one player I really wanted to see become an important player for us and have a colourful career with us. But there was so much about his game that just didn't fit. Too lightweight, no passion, couldn't tackle, poor shooting.. it's the right choice to let him go I think. We want players who can play football, not run around the pitch showing no desire. Oscar was one of those players. We're making £9m profit on him as well if we sell him for £30m. And yes I said "disappointed", but that doesn't mean I don't want him to leave!!
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    A lot of money to be splashing around if things don't materialise for Jose and United.. and here was me thinking the Glazers had sucked them dry!
  10. Eden Hazard

    LMFAO! I was literally waiting for this to turn up! Real Madrid are so predictable! by the way NO!
  11. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    One of them being Morata, probably
  12. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I think both Nainggolan and Morata are two players who would 100% improve our side, but considering the circumstances, they would be intensively difficult to get after the Euros. Arsenal might even steal Morata away from us because to my knowledge, Jamie Vardy has decided to stay with Leicester City, so of course Arsenal are going to look for alternatives and Morata could be one of those. The question is, are we (or Arsenal) willing to cough up £47m for the player?? As for Nainggolan.. I'm not sure. Roma say he's not for sale and want to give him a lucrative deal, however the player's stated he's spoken to Eden and Tibs about joining us, as well as speak with Conte, so this is a 50-50 for me. If he comes, fantastic, if not, then we'll have to look for other possibilities. What we cannot do, is dwell on one or a couple of transfer targets. The rumors just start sounding like broken records and I'm sure that some of us all get sick of it after a while!!
  13. Antoine Griezmann

    absolutely not! How do you go from a Champions League Runner-Up, to playing for a team not even in Europe at all. It's incredibly rare for proven players like him to be taking a massive downgrade like that, which is why I feel it's gunna be incredibly difficult for us to attract high-quality players. Sounds harsh to have to say, but as fans, we have to be realistic on the situation.
  14. Pedro Rodríguez

    I sense some deja vu here...
  15. Nemanja Matic

    I'm still trying to get over the Mata transfer in all fairness!