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der Kaiser

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    Youth Team
  • Birthday 01/02/1993

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  • Gender Male
  • Location Zagreb
  • Favourite Chelsea Player Eden Hazard
  • Fan Since 2003
  • Memory 1. Lampard penalty against L'pool and emotional celebration for his mother (2008)
    2. Winning penalty in CL Final 12'

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    Valeri Bojinov
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    Artem Milevskiy
  3. Last Film You Watched

    Max Payne, I watched it already before but I can always watch great movie again Planning to watch next - Prisoners & Rush.
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    Josip Šimunić
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    Yura Movsisyan
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    My driving test lasted for 5 minutes and I passed
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    Nastja Čeh
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    Yuri Zhirkov
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    Ognjen Vukojević
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    Erik Lamela
  11. Eden Hazard

    We need to have some fun
  12. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    On 29th december 2013, the fans of KHL Medveščak enter in Guinness World Records book with this record - longest wave (15:03:20 minutes)!
  13. Eden Hazard

    I also don't believe that this transfer will happen, I just post what I read.
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    Cristian Zapata