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  1. European Competition thread

    we are no longer underdogs in any game....not this season.... i wouldnt have been worried if we got any team other than real and bayern....not that others are bad but bcz we are good.... psg is a good team ....imo the right team at the right time... not too much to travel...so less tym on flight during feb/march..... we will get a lesser opponent in the next draw... seriously believe we are gonna be in the finals this season... psg will be tough but this tym around we are more than up for the fight...with a full squad...they got no chance
  2. Wulfert van Ginkel

    its really disappointing to see a young player getting stuck with injuries like this... if he had only played last 2 years at a decent club in and out...he might have been a really good player next season for us....
  3. Premier League thread

    before i say anything i dont agree to the fact that a PL match should be played somewhere in asia or america..... thats just stupid!(do they even know of the effect of humidity and heat on players?!!).... that said i wont mind a friendly btw PL teams or some new cup tournament for this purpose...an idea already being tried !! "tool to gain money"!!.... really?! football is the biggest sport oriented buisness in the world.....and at what point do you think they stopped thinking about increasing their profits?! we are all in their net!!
  4. Premier League thread

    i have been saving money for the last four years in hope one day i can afford to come to bridge and watch chelsea play... but its easier said than done my friend... i understand your fustration but dont you think you have been extremely lucky .........imo if they are gonna do this then they should only shift an away match.. everything in this world is about milking money out of it.... but the soul isnt dead imo... look at ppl like us at both ends of the world sitting n discussing about 'our' club.... the soul may be exploited but u cant kill the spirit football infuses in ppl... can bet most of us @ the stadium or at their homes in their armchairs had shaired both the pains and gains of this club together at the same time.... and just for information, most chelsea games come in HD channels if there are more than 2 big teams playing and most of us had to subscribe seperately for it and its almost the double then....its a lot of money for a lot of ppl..... i know this cant be compared with ppl buying tickets and going to the stadiums to support their teams but we are trying to do our bit however small it might be....
  5. This is a very good article and details a very important aspect of the league.... its a very long race and loads can happen in that time . But have you seen the confidence in the eyes of a gold medalist olympian for example bolt! Their eyes, body language, comments are overflowing with confidence and stiking fear in the hearts of their opponents.... Chelsea players are all top professionals and they have always showed confidence before most matches... But chelsea fans are different this season...they have seen their team play...they have seen their manager's tactical improvements in the team.... they have seen the plight of other teams in the league.....and NOW we are CONFIDENT.... isnt that a good thing? it doesnt necessarily mean we will win everything... but unlike last couple of years, everytime our team is on the pitch you know we are going to win and not just epected to win... no more the underdogs of big matches...if not superior then at par with all great clubs in the world...... we have seen similar chelsea teams earlier...under the same manager We have a World class team with the potential to win it all...... all we need to hope for is luck and gods blessing To all Blues...lets make history again this season
  6. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

  7. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    imo we could buy cavani(heard hes not too happy there) this jan or end of season.... drogs can get into coaching for us that would be so awesome... its so much fun sitiing in a pub with arsenal fans and watching their reaction when our main keeper is injured and in walks big pete !! :blue scalf:
  8. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    cant believe we are talking about shelvey..again if u want anybody get pogba!! but frankly we got an awesome team and cant see anybody pushing matic or fab out of the line up... but as for young star english players, Robguima has a point...its really sad there aint any gerrard or lamps coming up... still cant believe that generation of english players ended empty handed!!! we are know talking about homegrown talents and most are not english(atleast not the very exciting ones) but you never know.... suddenly a player from lower leagues might burst into the scene.... infact if i remember right lamps didnt get a call to national team for world cup before the age 24 and after joining chelsea! i think we have a young striker, bamford i think, who seems like a gr8 prospect ......
  9. Roberto Di Matteo

    good luck RDM... hope he has a long and successful spell there... :tophat: :blue scalf: btw bayern must be scared!!
  10. Atletico Madrid v Chelsea

    last chelsea match of the season for me will be boarding a vessel on sat for 6 months.... KTBFFH all of you....it is always fun to share the joys, sorrows and fustrations with fellow blues... All the best to all....take care of yourselves Was a great time for me ...reading all those posts before and after matches...thanks a lot for this JIM..you are the man...you made all these fellow blues from all over the world come together.. :tophat: And watching mourinho back in the dugout ...seems like the final pieces of the puzzle is falling in place .. gr8 times ahead :blue scalf:
  11. Atletico Madrid v Chelsea

    we missed mata's ingenious creativity yesterday...but whatever .... lets move on to the next step and I think against AM we have the right kind of back three and who knows we might knick it!!! we have always done bad in matches before CL apparently!!(wierd stat!) more importantly we have taken a positive step this season unlike the previous 2 despite not a trophy laden season.....and then again we are not done with CL!!
  12. Chelsea 1-2 Sunderland

    enough!!.... thanks to a gr8 deal of 'brilliant' refrees and characterless average individual performance we have lost the title... but its time to move on...we need a more dominant striker and a better midfielder than ramires....time to move on and start building plans for next season.. btw i curse the guy who had brought the stat on how chelsea does bad before every CL game!!!
  13. Scouting report : Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona

    Gr8 article...really nice look into their tactics.... love to see this sudden pressing style against players like willian and oscar and hazard.... imo willian would do gr8 and oscar good....need to wait and see how hazard does.... but again we do deal with this kind of playing...remember they will also try to go on the offensive....and we dont play like barca!! i really feel we are their tactical nemesis than the other way round we will do just fine..... this is our first significant rebuilding season....this is their best season in a long while...and we are still better on our day cech vs courtois Both are good with courtois having an edge in reflexes.....but cech is very experienced with this kind of pressure Remember CL final..cech vs neur... who became a european night legend?!! iva-cahill-terry-azpi vs AM defense I really dont believe their defense is better than ours and diego simeone is going to face the hardest team he had to try break down by physical play.... I am really worried about villa skills and his simple but killer finishing and not costa's physical attributes but his presence in the box is really good though but on our night we can easily tame them both... Not going to speak too much on our attacking skills.....but we have the most unpredictable strikers in that level!! midfield we are evened out but if anybody things they can out run ramires and luiz.....then thay are in for a big shock so loads of pressing from both sides and could be a big tactical area wish matic was there ...lampard would not be too bad an option either.. Attacking midfield they have a real collection of good attacking midfield players but this is where we have an edge... our players maybe young but on their day ....on any one of the three's day we will create deadly chances in their defense... Strikers This where they hold an edge...could cancel out villa and eto saying both are slower than before but still are one of the deadliest stikers but we donot have a deadly threat in the box like that of costa and this is their advantage.... reason for optimism...this team is quite used to it.. i know this is a tad onesided view but still .... my greatest worries are iva suspension....luiz one yellow away from suspension....and hazards injury....
  14. European Competition thread

    who all are injured/suspended from both side for this match?