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  1. General Transfer Talk

    Athleticism is the only area of Kennedy's game which matches the template for a wingback. In fact he outmatches Marcos in that regard so I can see why people are tempted by the idea of the young Brazilian operating at LWB. The temptation is a trap however because pace, strength and power are not enough. You stated that if Kennedy improves defensively he would then be a more viable option to be our second choice LWB than Marcos is. That's an opinion of course so you clearly feel able to form one based on what you've seen of Kennedy so far. Fair enough, I agree. I feel able to form one too, and I have. Indeed I formed the opinion that Kennedy's technique was below Chelsea level from watching his YouTube videos when his move here was being rumoured. At the time both the opinion itself, and the conviction that it could be formed by watching YouTube were challenged. I'd say both have been vindicated, though you may say that view is itself just another opinion.
  2. General Transfer Talk

    Couldn't agree more. Perfect analysis in my opinion.
  3. General Transfer Talk

    This makes it sound like you see Marcos as a liability. I couldn't agree with that. It was predictable that, with his skill set, he would improve us, and so he has. If an upgrade like Mendy can be recruited, I'd be fully in favour but the group of potential upgrades is not all that large. Or at least the group of which I'm aware is not all that large. There are enough however to give us a chance of getting one and I hope we do. I disagree more strongly about Kennedy. Even if he learned defensive discipline, which would be a big task for him, he lacks a key ingredient for the role. He is not a sufficiently good continuity player. Without that he would damage the team's ball retention, slow our counter attack and harm our defence. A few exhilarating skips down the line will never even begin to compensate for that. Not that Kennedy has shown signs of being able to deliver those on an acceptably regular basis anyway.
  4. General Transfer Talk

    Jose never thought that. Before the window opened, long before, he talked about the need for several players, and for getting the business done "before the holidays". I.E. he wanted the signings in place early. Later on, when signings did not materialise, he changed his tune to try to pretend all was calm and under control. As for whether the Don is right or not, it depends on timescale. Over the short term, aberrations can happen. In the long run however, money talks. Show me a league which is not dominated by its richest clubs. Spending money will not guarantee that you have good judgement, that is to say that you will choose to buy the right players. Nor will it mean that the good players will choose to join your club. A big budget does mean however that if your first transfer decision was a mistake you can try, try and try again until you get it right, or until the right player says yes to your offer. In the end money inevitably talks. If we manage to hold on and secure the title, then the Premier League will have been won by one of it's three biggest budget clubs in all but one season since it came into existence.
  5. Andrea Belotti

    Especially if they fail to qualify for the CL. My ordinary idea, coloured by what I consider to be the correct attitude toward Jose, would be for United to make the top four. If we are directly competing for players however, then let's hope they miss out. The worst outcome, the one I want to avoid for sure, is that they finish outside the top four and win the Europa League. That would mean five, not four, English teams in the Champions League next season. For me that's bad because 1) it means one more club who can offer CL football to our potential transfer targets, and, 2) the Champions League TV pool would be split five ways instead of four, a difference of millions of pounds.
  6. Kylian Mbappe

    If we got those two, I think Antonio would be tempted into trying to recreate Bergkamp and Henry. With hazard floating and the wingbacks providing the width.
  7. Chelsea 4-2 Spurs

    May 27th.
  8. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    I had exactly this in mind when I posted the other day that the continued selection of Diego, despite his poor form, is fascinating and that we could speculate about what might really be going on. We could even include China, Internazionale, the league table and Chelsea's fans in the mix. Perhaps Antonio wanted the China money to reinvest in the squad. Perhaps he feels empowered to take this stance by Chelsea's position, by his popularity with the fans and by the fact that Inter are waiting to give him a pay rise if thing's go sour with the management. Perhaps. Whatever the truth, I was really encouraged by Antonio's press conference yesterday. It was not anything he said, but something about his manner when he talked about us being just at the beginning of our rebuild. He sounded like a man with a clear plan in mind. Of course there's another interpretation of the comments, and the attitude, but enough with the guesswork for now. 😊
  9. 30. David Luiz

    Yes, perhaps I did not express myself particularly clearly. I meant David is "normal" in the sense that his form fluctuates just like everyone else's does, and that he makes mistakes, just like everyone else.
  10. 30. David Luiz

    I think people go overboard about David in both directions. His reviews tend to suggest that he's the best of the best, or the worst of the worst. He is not either of those things. He's a normal footballer whose performance level fluctuates from game to game but, like any defender, he looks really awful when he makes mistakes. Eight great games for the remainder of the season please David.
  11. 19. Diego Costa

    And they've already done all in their power to make it happen. We're playing on Saturday evening followed by the Southampton game on Tuesday that could quite easily have been played on Wednesday. On top of that we've now been scheduled to play play West Brom on Friday 12th May, followed by Watford on Monday 15th.
  12. 19. Diego Costa

    This is what fascinates me. Antonio watches every performance several times, and does so forensically. He sees what we see yet he continues to select Diego. There is a reason for it, and I'd love to be told the unfiltered truth about what it is. I say "unfiltered" because public statements by managers are just as likely to be evasions as anything else. The boss may be telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, when he says, "Diego is playing well. He is doing what I want him to do, so I am pleased with his performance.", but it's hard to believe that is anything more than a manager defending his player as he always must. In some ways it's easier to come up with a speculative explanation for Antonio's continued reliance on Diego. Many of us will have ideas about what's really going o. I certainly do but, in the end, I want to believe it's simply that the boss thinks the other options are worse. Unfortunately, that's not getting any easier to buy into.
  13. That is undeniable. The support is great, the behaviour I described is not. Not in my eyes.
  14. Stuff like this reminds me why I never got the habit of going away outside London. I'm guessing that most people regard what we see in the video as good support. Not me. Having a go at the opposing fans with attitudes and hand gestures is not what I go to football matches to do. I'd rather have a beer and a chat with the oppo than chant at them like that.
  15. Chelsea Ladies

    And now the ladies lost their FA Cup semi-final on penalties to Birmingham. Turning out to be a very bad Easter programme for the club. The 18s better get a decent result in the first leg of the Youth Cup final away at City tomorrow.
  16. 26. John Terry

    Not all bad then.
  17. The Conte Thread

    I don't understand your reaction at all. It seems to have just as little to do with what I said, as you tell me mine had to do with yours. We are clearly talking at cross purposes.
  18. The Conte Thread

    I didn't see the interview but misunderstanding questions is a frequent situation for Antonio and there's nothing intentional about it. He often gives long answers to an entirely different question to the one he was asked. Throughout the season, reporters have been patient and polite while he does that, often accepting the answer he gave and moving on to another topic. Sometimes our press secretary restates the question to help Antonio, and on one occasion an Italian journalist translated for him. The pre match presser for the visit to ManU was the first time I heard a journo loose patience, tell Antonio that he didn't understand the question and ask for an answer to the question he did ask. (That was the one about which ManU players would get into his Chelsea team.) It's clear the press like Antonio and give him a lot of leeway, but the pressure will obviously move up a notch now.
  19. The Conte Thread

    Are you saying you think Antonio was drunk after the game? Antonio selects and utilises the players he believes are best for each game. Second guessing the manager may be a favourite fan activity but we simply do not have as much information as he does. In the end, none of us can say for sure that we would not be making the same decisions if, like Antonio, we were watching training every day. I'm a non believer when it comes to Nemanja, and nor can I believe in Diego's recent contributions, but I do believe that Antonio wants to win as badly as we do. He will certainly have reasons for the choices he makes. Reasons which make complete sense to him.
  20. The Conte Thread

    Arsenal fan TV is a huge success. The lad who does it is pretty good and so deserves the success he's had. He is lucky though. If he had started his channel during a successful period for Arsenal he would not have done as well as he has. Of course football fans have more to say when things go wrong. You might as well ask why does water run downhill.
  21. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    Once again there is no new information available today. We already knew the problems in the squad. We fans can do no more than hope improvements are made during the summer. For now however, away with the doom and gloom. Not withstanding Sky's blatant schedule-manipulating attempt to manufacture a nail-biting finish to the season for the benefit of their ratings, we have four very winnable home fixtures to play. Collect those points and Spurs are in big, big trouble.
  22. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    To believe that money specifically will be wasted is to believe that all money will be wasted. In which case, three Thibauts ain't gonna help us.
  23. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    Can't agree. There is a lot blue tinted optimism about the quality of our squad but in more sober moments I think we all recognise that there are gaps. Antonio has done brilliantly to get us into the home stretch with a lead.
  24. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    Bats for Diego at halftime looks an attractive option.
  25. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    I think he took the opportunity to cover the pace Jose selected up front. Indeed, given that Marcos's ailment was known about before the game, it's not impossible that his name on the team sheet was just a ruse for precisely that purpose.