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  1. Krasnodar v Chelsea

    Oops, I think I must have quoted it from the post in which you quoted it instead of the original.
  2. Krasnodar v Chelsea

    I've never heard a manager claim to be unfair. You can't cost the side a game if you're not selected. The proper judgement is not whether X, Y, or Z cost us a game. It is whether the manager was justified, all things considered, in making the choice that he did. All of our centre backs, bar Thiago, have been judged not good enough by at least some posters on here yet the manager has to pick someone for those positions. If you had been that manager some posters would now be second guessing your choices. Indeed, Frank has picked all of the CBs in question in various combinations and has been criticised for selecting each and every one of them. If all options are problematic there can be no perfect answers and certainly no easy ones.
  3. Man United - Chelsea

    Thanks for taking the trouble to reply before heading off. Yes, I've seen countless cases of poor decisions being made against sides of every stature. It's about the conclusions to be drawn from that evidence however. Personally, I have always dismissed the idea that there was anything other than error involved but Saturday's incident made me pause. It is very, very hard to see how an honest viewing of the VAR replays can have reached any conclusion other than to award a penalty. So, what's to be made of this? You have a very wide ranging list of culprits there. I'm not saying that I believe this because without actual evidence I don't believe anything, but an individual in the pay of a betting cabal is a circumstance we could all understand. Someone who has been got at, or who can't resist the money to be made is the kind of thing which we know happens. Even if we didn't know it, we could still imagine it. An individual sitting in front of a TV monitor making bent decisions, and being backed by another person higher up giving him cover does not come under my definition of powerful or corrupt however. It's just a criminal activity. On the other hand, The FA does come under that heading so, if true, its involvement would indeed be corrupt. I have to tell you though that I think accusations of their involvement should be filed under crackpot conspiracy theory. One problem with conspiracy theories is that they always imagine the conspirators to be way more competent than they could ever be in real life. A group of individuals might decide to line their pockets but for the FA to do so as an organisation would involve the knowledge of dozens if not hundreds of people. It would leak. It always does. Trump is a criminal backed by entire organs of the state which are complicit yet his crimes still get exposed. The FA's power by comparison is tin-pot. If they did this we'd know about it sooner rather than later. In any case, what does the FA as an organisation gain from this behaviour? Money? It would have to be huge amounts to justify the risks and how would they hide so much loot? Any attempt to hide it would have to involve something like fake sponsorships which are really funded by the betting rings. More people in the know, more money chains more certainty of eventual exposure. Until I see evidence, and supposition is not evidence of course, I will continue to dismiss these allegations. I think we all should.
  4. Man United - Chelsea

    To what purpose do you claim the system is corrupted? For whose benefit? In other words please identify the powerful who are to be protected in this case?
  5. 24. Reece James

    Some people will know that I am a long term believer when it comes to Reece. While I fully support anyone who wants to form and express an opinion on whatever evidence they find persuasive, I feel there have been some hasty pronouncements on both sides of the argument. A few good games don't prove much and nor do a few bad ones. It's way too soon for me to say definitively that Reece has begun to fulfil his promise, and too soon also for posts of the type I read a few moths ago which said, not good enough. Get rid, or words to that effect. We've seen both positive and negative evidence from Reece and that can only really mean that we need more information before reaching a definitive conclusion.
  6. Man United - Chelsea

    Calibrate your expectations. Temper your impatience.
  7. Man United - Chelsea

    I don't believe for one moment that the club is considering sacking Frank. Nor should they be.
  8. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I've only seen youtube videos of Camavinga but I've been unimpressed so far. I'm off to seek out more videos.
  9. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    One of our German members told us some time ago that Zakaria would not be leaving Gladbach in the last window but could do next summer. I wonder if the 'placed' rumour is evidence that someone in his camp could be interested in trying to accelerate that to January? It must be said that German clubs tend to do what they say they'll do. You all may have better memories than me but I don't remember when last a German club said a player contracted to them would not leave in a window but he did anyway. Usually, if they say he stays, he stays. Whenever it is that this bloke is on the move, I hope we'll join the bidding.
  10. 21. Ben Chilwell

    Very encouraging.
  11. Armando Broja

    Nice highlights video of Mando: -
  12. Chelsea 3-3 Southampton

    This is exactly what I kept saying when I saw the goal. I didn't watch the game live. Was helping my daughter in her garden with the radio on. From the moment Southampton equalised I was completely fed up but when I saw the highlights later my mood jumped, Now I can't get the smile off my face. Wow indeed, just wow.
  13. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Seems a pretty transparent and almost routine contract renegotiating tactic.
  14. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    To be fair, I can't remember the detail but I know that I always preferred Kagawa. Those were my peak Bundesliga watching years because I basically watched every Bremen game that didn't clash with a Chelsea game and got quite heavily into the league as a consequence. I may try to find some of my old posts to remind myself but it was probably that I felt he was more hype than substance, more flash than effectiveness. That's lacking in detail I know but it is a pretty common view I come to with footballers. For example, it's the view I had about Kennedy the first time I saw a youtube highlights video of his, and ditto about Benrahma of Brentford. Despite all the hype I am completely unsurprised that he's still in the Championship.
  15. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Daniel Levi and the people he works for are for too shrewd to make reckless gambles. I'm quite certain they have parcelled their cash-flow carefully around the loan repayment schedule. I suppose there must be a schedule but, if push comes to shove, the government will bust a gut to protect the Premier League. It's worth billions in tax revenue and value added to the economy. I'd say there is no danger that this story is anything other than someone adding 2 + 2 and making 700..
  16. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I would not have predicted it about Wiltshire but I never rated Gotze right from Dortmund 1 and said so. Another I never rated is Draxler but he's still getting good gigs which I have to admit surprises me. I'm still a non-believer though.
  17. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    What we saw from Ben is that he was 'OK' not brilliant vs Palace. Certainly I don't feel it was enough to overcome the many 'glad we sold him' reactions from Leicester fans. A team's fans are, in my opinion, a valuable source of information on a player. What they think and say does not have to be the decisive factor but it's not worthless information. Not unless we all think we are completely wrong about the players we want sold. Would you advise any club to ignore your views on the Chelsea players you don't like and to pay tens of millions of pounds to buy them out of their Chelsea contracts? Ben can be good and that's positive. Frank really wanted him and that's very positive but many Leicester fans did not rate him as highly as Frank does and that's not nothing. The thing I like most about Ben's display vs The Eagles is that he's not afraid of his right foot. A very simple thing but it makes such a difference. For a player to not be a prisoner of his body shape, to not be forced to go back but be able to play a little 'round the corner' ball is huge. Four or five times a game it could equal forward momentum maintained rather than forward momentum completely squandered. I like Ben a lot just for that.
  18. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    People tell me that this Khalid bloke is informative and entertaining but I'm annoyed about his 'sly dig' interpretation. It certainly lowers my opinion of the writer. After all, the observation that being at ease and feeling the confidence of fans/teammates/coaches enhances the ability to perform is just a statement of the obvious. I would say that it is almost certainly the answer to your question too.
  19. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I presume they expected him to kick on, but that extremely questionable friendly really messed him up. No it didn't it just provided an excuse. Ruben is the same player he was beforehand.
  20. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    What we saw of Ethan in the side as a 17 year-old didn't encourage me to believe he has enough to be a Chelsea player but he's not 17 anymore so let's look with new eyes at how he goes in Sheffield.
  21. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I'll actually be surprised if Madrid go for Camavinga. I'll certainly be disappointed if we do. I'm not a fan.
  22. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I don't know but i wonder if there are two dates; one for domestic transfers, and another for international ones?
  23. Kevin de Bruyne

    We signed KDB in January 2012. That summer I met my younger daughter's then boyfriend for the first time. He's an Arsenal fan but we talked about football anyway. When Hazard joined he asked me if I thought Eden was the best player we had signed. When I told him no, he thought I meant that Rom Lukaku (signed at the start of 11/12) was better. I told him no again and said that we had sent the best new singing out on loan. He told me he never heard of Kevin De Bruyne. Fair enough, nor had I until we signed him, but I then watched a lot of KDB as he finished the 11/12 season back at Genk. I posted, elsewhere, to say that I loved the way that lad played football. In fact I remember that I typed, "I love, love, love, the way he played football." Mason, Ruben and other recent Cobham graduates are not in Kevin's class. EDIT: And I knew that about RLC in 2013 when I posted (again elsewhere, I wasn't on TC in those days) that Ruben had virtually no chance of making it anywhere unless he changed his MO and learned to make an impact on football games.
  24. 16. Edouard Mendy

    If she's buying hollandaise sauce at Harvey Nichols she's already out of my league. I did buy a nice coat in there once for my then girlfriend, now the mother of my beautiful daughters, in the late 70's early 80's. Definitely the first, and as far as I remember, the last thing I ever bought there.
  25. Ross Barkley