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  1. Kawasaki Frontale - Chelsea

    Exactly, although those two are not the names which have surprised me most. In my case I was particularly surprised to read of Frank 'opening the door' for Kennedy. A player who has never impressed me from the moment I first saw his YouTube videos. That said, your Victor Moses analogy is a good one. For Victor then, perhaps we can read Kennedy now. We'll see.
  2. Kawasaki Frontale - Chelsea

    This is true. I was disappointed to read some of the headline statements attributed to Frank about chances for some players but he has the right to judge things as he sees them. We'll just have to hope that he's right.
  3. Kawasaki Frontale - Chelsea

    It says Saturday 19th in the original post but that was just a mistake. It should have said Friday 19th.
  4. Daishawn Redan

    I'm pretty sure that the club do look at all the options and then settles on what seems best. Why would they do anything other than that? They know any and all existing contractual obligations. They know the opinions of the coaches who have worked with the player. They know the player's own intentions. They know what possibilities exist for both a permanent, and a temporary transfer. In short they know all the facts and we know none.
  5. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Thanks Vesper, Just downloaded the podcast and an audio version of the book. I'll let you know what I think. If you like history, and you're prepared to risk another yank, try One Summer by Bill Bryson. I won't try to write a summary because you'll read better ones if you search for the book. Just to say that the summary made the book seem really interesting to me, but in fact it's even better than I imagined. Way better. Check out a summary and see if it seems like your sort of thing.
  6. Juan Castillo

    Turns out Juan played in the team featuring loan players, not the development team. Interesting.
  7. St. Patrick's Athletic 0-4 Chelsea

    There were two games at Cobham this morning. One featured the development squad, the other featured players who are already a part of the loan army, or who are perhaps set to become a part of it. Juan played for the loan team. Should we take that as a clue to the next step? Probably.
  8. General Transfer Talk

    To be fair, I think most regulars here saw through Lukaku. Nainggolan probably did split opinion a bit more.
  9. St. Patrick's Athletic 0-4 Chelsea

    Reece is ahead of all of them in my opinion. That said, we probably need to carry three strikers so Tammy's path into the squad looks clear.
  10. Pochotino wouldn't take the Chelsea job for many reasons. All of them good ones. It isn't all upside with Roman's approach to football club ownership. Look at how we were all so depressed about the future just a few weeks ago. Despite coming off a season where we won a European trophy, nearly won a domestic one too, and qualified for the champions League, there wasn't an ounce of optimism around here. Nor is it all about intangible feelings. Our average attendance is down about two percent from where it was two years ago. The other man's grass isn't always greener, but neither is ours. Apart from seats the club has held back, every available home ticket for Chelsea Women vs Tottenham Women at Stamford Bridge on the 8th of September has been claimed. Now, to be fair, the tickets are free and when they are free, people tend to request more than they actually need. The club is aware of this of course and is encouraging people to return any tickets they can't use so they can be reallocated to people on the waiting list. The attendance is certain to be a lot more than twenty-five. If everyone with a ticket turns up the ground will be full. I'd say the current fashion for promoting women's football is social, not political. Either way it's very important so I support it. You'll get no argument from me that, on average, male professionals are better than female ones and that this is true even if you leave physical attributes out of it. As more girls take up the sport women standards will improve. Meanwhile, the women's game is already exciting in its own right. There are bad matches, good matches, and great matches. Just like men's football.
  11. Super Frank Thread

    Petr in coaching gear working with Kepa is a worrying photograph. It's not news to anyone that Petr's role is undifined, but we need him to work out a function where he operates with the executives of the club. Instead that photograph suggests he is tempted to gravitate toward what he knows, the training ground. Obviously there is no problem with Petr attending training. He needs to take a step back from hands-on involvement however. His brief now is to observe, assess and advise. Importantly, that advice needs to flow upward. It's perfectly natural for Frank and Petr to trust each other, so if the new manager wants to use his mate as a sounding board that's fine. If Petr allows this to become his role however, he'll be letting the club down. I'll be more encouraged if I see him wearing shirt and tie at least as often as training tops and boots. Of course, it's entirely possible that Petr is just having a chat with Kepa.
  12. Juan Castillo

    Juan hasn't been listed in the squad to goto Japan. Unless there's an innocent reason for it that's disappointing. The development group have a game tomorrow. If he's in the squad for that game we'll have some information.
  13. General Thread

    Further ticket update for Chelsea Women vs Tottenham Hotspur Women at Stamford Bridge on Sunday 8th September The the club announced earlier today that all available tickets have been requested. As far as I know tickets for the two middle tiers were not made available, but every other seat in the ground has been claimed. That's more than 30,000 I reckon. Of course, when tickets are free not everyone who asks for one actually turns up. Here's hoping at least two-thirds of the people who requested a seat will use it.
  14. General Thread

    Ticket update for Chelsea Women Vs Tottenham Hotspur Women at Stamford Bridge on Sunday 8th September. Tickets are going much faster than I expected. All seats have been allocated for The Shed end, only singles remain in The Matthew Harding plus the lower tiers of both the East and West stands are also fully taken. Looks like you'll need to be quick if you want to get down there and support the female blues. Details here, tickets here.
  15. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    They already had him for free but let him go. 🙁