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  1. Wolves - Chelsea

    Don't really agree here. Ten years ago people were saying that ten years before that a shot stopper would be enough. Truth is a shot stopper has never been enough. Even before the advent of the footballing keeper, there were other facets to the game. The way I like to put it is that good shot stopping is, and always has been, an entry level requirement. Being good at it doesn't guarantee you'll make it in a Premier League squad; not being good at it guarantees that you won't. I'm not anti Keppa. I just think that a different keeper between the sticks, and an extra £71m quid of quality outfielder running around would have served us better than the way we handled it.
  2. Wolves - Chelsea

    Reece got through 45 minutes for the development squad at The Bridge last night. Think he will get at least one more game at that level followed probably by some minutes against Grimsby before he'll be in contention for the PL squad. Interesting moment when Callum took a corner in front of The Shed to huge cheers. Six or seven minutes later, Reece took one from the same quadrant. Only me and few others applauding. That'll change.
  3. Wolves - Chelsea

    He's a decent keeper but I keep thinking of what I said in summer 2018. There is no way he's £71m better than Marcin Bulka.
  4. Summer Transfer Targets

    Not true. I certainly did and said so. I did also say however that if this was the price (signing a player who couldn't help us) we had to pay for having Roman, then I was happy to pay it. I remember someone replying to disagree with me by giving a lot of stats. I said that, having watched Sheva at the world cup that summer, I preferred the evidence of my own eyes. The other person responded to that with yet more stats. I think both you and @Tomo make valid points. I agree with you that who you want and who you can get are not the same thing.
  5. 28. César Azpilicueta

    I largely agree with you despite believing all along that, if Reece remained with the squad, he would force his way into the team. He is not a magic spell however. He isn't, singlehandedly, going to transform us. Like any defender Reece needs a 100% success rate to completely rule out danger but, as it is for everyone, that level of success is completely impossible. Where I think he will help immediately is in distributing the ball. I'm not referring to his supurb long range deliveries. He'll have to settle in and overcome the new boy's tendancy to try too hard before we can expect him to be consistent with those. No, I mean with ordinary continuity passing. I think Reece will produce a better pass completion rate than Azpi and that's significant. Unexpected turnovers are the most dangerous of course.
  6. General Transfer Talk

    I remember that there was talk of dropping the cup tied rule but it is still (back?) in this season's uefa competition regulations. It is regulation 43.06 on page 41 of the 2019/2020 Champion's League regulations. Dont know where it is in the Europa League regs but it will be there somewhere, because the regulation mentions both competitions.
  7. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    In a recent presser Frank specifically mentioned that the ban included January, which suggests that this is the club's working assumption. I would love to know the thinking behind CFC's decision not to ask for the ban to be suspended. If it really is because we want to minimise the risk of an extension, then we must have very little confidence in the strength of our appeal. CAS will decide if the appeal is valid or frivolous on its own merits. Even if they ultimately uphold the ban, CAS can still decide that at least we had good grounds for the appeal. Only if they don't think that, only if they think we've just wasted everybody's time, will there be a risk of further sanction. Hoping that, in those circumstances, they'll take it easy on us because we didn't ask for a suspension, makes it seem like we don't have much faith in our case. Makes it seem we're more worried about the ban being extended, than we are hopeful it will be overturned.
  8. Summer Transfer Targets

    Think we definitely need a striker, regardless of how Tammy does this year. In fact, even if he does well, I think a case can be made that we need two.
  9. Summer Transfer Targets

    Like all of you, I highly doubt this is something we're ever going to have to worry about. 🙂
  10. 28. César Azpilicueta

    No that's not how it works. Eligible players can play in Youth League matches until, and unless, they feature in three Champions League games (group stage onwards) in the same season.
  11. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Goals would be perfect of course, but I would be satisfied if he only managed to up his is assist rate.
  12. 28. César Azpilicueta

    Who would you go with at RB until Reece is ready?
  13. 28. César Azpilicueta

    Frank has remained calm with Rudi, and I hope he will be so with Reece too. If that's the case I doubt we'll see Reece come straight into the PL team. I don't know of course, but I have the feeling that, physically, Reece is behind where Rudi was two or three weeks ago. Since then Rudi has not featured for the first team but is being eased back into action via a couple of development team appearances. It's not impossible that this plan is specific to Rudi's situation, but i suspect that it's a sign of the way Frank's regime is going to do things. There is a uefa Youth League fixture with Valencia looming after the break. That might be a target game for Reece's first minutes before he steps up, if up is the right word, to some development team matches. It could be over a month before Reece is considered for first team selection. Edit: I've just checked and it seems that UEFA have tightened the overage restrictions in the Youth League from what I understood them to be. In the past clubs were able to name players as old as 23 in the overage list but that has been reduced. The standard eligibility is players born on or after 1st January 2001, and the overage limit is 1st January 2000. That means Reece misses qualifying by a few days. His route back to match fitness will have to be via development team games only.
  14. Billy Gilmour

    I've been a big fan of Dembele's since I saw video of him aged 14. I'd been looking forward to his debut for along time but in the event didn't see the game against Hearts. I did read rave reviews of his cameo in that game though. Can't remember the exact wording but one report said something like he ran the game after coming on. Having since seen the YouTube clip that was a typical bit of over the top, honeymoon style, reporting. He showed a glimpse of his talent but his actual output wasn't much above OK. He's still a huge talent though and I can't wait to see how he progresses. I don't agree that Feruz could have amounted to anything had he not left Celtic when he did. First time I saw him in a youth game at The Bridge he annoyed me so much, I posted to say that whoever recruited him should be sacked. I thought him an ordinary player with a poor attitude. I hated the Sturrridge like way he hogged the ball, but showed his displeasure very visibly at any teammate who didn't pass to him. I didn't rate him and I didn't like him. Nothing about his career trajectory so far has surprised me in the least.
  15. Juan Castillo

    Some people are not going to be happy because on the face of it Marcos is here for the whole season now. At least. 🙂 More interesting is the fact that a new contract, followed by a loan, is exactly the prospect Juan faced in the summer. A prospect he rejected by refusing the contract offer and making it clear he was off. That was before he changed his mind when Frank was appointed. Everyone inferred that it was something Frank said which changed Juan's mind but that something can't have been, "Sign a new contract then we'll send you out on loan.", can it? What's changed? Well, one positive change is that Juan has seen Frank walk the walk, and not just talk the talk, about giving youth a chance. That can only have helped Juan's state of mind, yet off he's gone to Ajax. Could it be that the plan was to use Juan as Emerson's backup, and move Marcos on? A plan which died because there were no acceptable offers for Marcos? Pure speculation of course. As for Juan getting minutes at Ajax, it's worth noting that throughout preseason, and on into the serious fixtures, Juan has played on the left of midfield with a leftback, Ian Maatsen, behind him. Is there room for him to play higher up the pitch at Ajax? P.S. Hands up if you're old enough to remember when all of us in England called Johan Cruyff's great team A-Jacks, not aye-aks? Bet Ajax fans would happily suffer our stupid anglicised pronunciation all over again if they could have that side back. 🙂