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  1. Must be talking about Gary's sending off that forced Antonio to sub Jed in what looks like it'll prove to have been his last game for Chelsea.
  2. Mason Mount

    He'd have been competing for a place in the midfield three I think.
  3. Mason Mount

    Disappointed that Mason didn't get to go on the road trip before making a temporary move. Would have liked the new coach to get the chance to assess him before we committed to a season long loan.
  4. Jorginho

    This is quite probably true but I like him, and like him much more than Ruben for example. I don't see a natural role for RLC in a three man midfield. Mason fits it like a glove however. Mason has been likened to SFL but for me KDB is a much better comparison. I'm not saying Mason is another De Bryune, I'm just saying his game is closer to KDB's than super Frank's. I'm hoping Antonio or Sarri will take a look before sending him out. I've argued for years that it was too early to judge the academy because it takes a long time for 8 year olds to go right the way through the new Cobham regime, and that only players who spent the whole of their education in Neil Bath's system could be used to judge the quality of the work Cobham is doing. It's still a couple of years or so until those first Cobham recruits reach the age when you might expect them to be making a mark in the first team. If that analysis is correct then you'd expect to see a steady rise in the general standard of our in house players. In my opinion that's exactly what we are seeing. Mason, Callum and Reece played in the same Youth Cup winning side and are the best prospects to emerge from Chelsea youth development for a generation. Reece has gone to Wigan, not derby as I thought he would. For me, Calum is easily the best back up we have for Eden in the current squad though keeping him here might backfire. If Mason does not make the squad, I think he'll only miss out by a very narrow margin..
  5. Jorginho

    Encouraging description.
  6. Jorginho

    OK, I accept that and apologise for this comment.
  7. Jorginho

    The statements I made are there if you wish to re-read them. If you then want to post again to acknowledge that you misunderstood that's up to you. Edit: That's a bit sharp. Let me help you out. I pointed out that I had made my assertion, that's a claim not a fact, but that all the statements I made relating to players were facts which I had given to support my assertion. I said this in response to you saying none of what I had said was factual. You were obviously wrong to say that so I clearly identified for you those parts of what I said which were facts. What more do you want from me?
  8. Jorginho

    Yes, that's what I just said. No need to repeat it. Interesting speculation. Unlike the facts I've been able to give in support of my claim, I don't think you'll find one example of a player choosing Chelsea over City recently, never mind one who then made any statement along the lines of the player statements I reported.
  9. Jorginho

    Gotcha. Thanks fellas.
  10. Jorginho

    Every club has their deeply one-eyed fans who can't see past their own my club good guys, your club bad guys filter.
  11. Jorginho

    Is he as good as Modric? I've not seen it yet. I'm not claiming it's not there, just that I haven't seen it.
  12. Jorginho

    I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you do not know that each of the statements I made relating to individual players is fact, not opinion. I made my assertions, then gave examples to back them up. If you don't recognise the reality, then I think you have not drawn the right conclusions from what's been going on in the transfer market for us over recent years. In which case, I think your screen name seems particularly well chosen.
  13. Jorginho

    Exactly the right comparison. Back in '09 almost all players would have chosen Chelsea over City so City only got the player because we, rightly, pulled out of the race. If we had wanted him enough to match Real's asking price, we'd have got him. In any case, as I was arguing at the time, we should never have been in for Robinho.
  14. Jorginho

    That's how to use power. They are in a position of strength, they have a powerful squad, they can afford to make such demands of players.
  15. Jorginho

    Stability vs Instability. Increasingly popular club vs One of the most unpopular clubs in world football. Reputation, deserved or not, for attractive football vs Reputation, deserved or not, for unappealing, unattractive football. Most highly regarded manager in the world vs Complete uncertainty. A club generally thought to be on the up vs A club widely thought to be in decline. A club, irrespective of their playing style, which is respected as being a good team vs A club, irrespective of their playing style, which is not respected as being a good team. Examples: - Monaco revealed that Mendy told them he would not have left for Chelsea but that he could not resist Pep & City Danilio revealed that he had been offered a better deal by Chelsea but chose City anyway despite Chelsea also being the team more likely to use him as a starter. Antonio confirmed that he wanted Walker but that the player was only interested in City. Stones talked about how glad he was that the move to Chelsea fell through. The comment I made, as opposed to your misrepresentation of it, is, I fear, a rather obvious statement of fact.