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  1. Chelsea v Spurs

    I've been drinking a nice scotch and am feeling pretty happy. I find that I've drifted deep into my, "I absolutely love it when bad things happen to Spurs" zone. This is a good place for me. I like it here. If you can hear the drunken strains of an old bloke slurring out, "It's happened again. It's happened again", fading into "Double, double, double. John Terry's won the double" then you live closer to me than is good for you. I'm in an especially good mood because I've seen that stat about Spuds and five 21st century FA Cup semi-finals and no finals at all, Zilch, nada. Love it. Love it to death, "United, United, United, United, United!" P.S. It's a good scotch. Edit: right now this is my favourite song in the world:
  2. Chelsea v Spurs

    With you.
  3. Chelsea v Spurs

    Three words, Sepp bloody Blatter. I could easily loose respect for football fans. We all* hate international breaks but we do nothing about them other than bitch and put up with it. If we boycotted internationals until FIFA get rid of Blatter's ugly brainchild, international breaks would be gone in a flash. *Can't honestly say I know that ALL football fans hate international breaks. Indeed I know some people who are England supporters rather than fans of any individual clubs. Those people love the breaks but the rest of us, the vast majority of us, hate them don't we?
  4. Leicester - Chelsea

    Interestingly, when the new Wembley was opened, the FA announced that the semis would be held under the arch for ten years. Of course they dressed it up with nonsense justifications but, in the end, they were honest enough not to try to pretend that it wasn't about the money really. Last year's semis marked the 10th successive semi-final round at the national stadium (2008-2017). As far as I'm aware there has not been a peep from the FA about the future. Even if we give them that they meant ten years, not ten pairs of semi-finals, I'm still not expecting them to say anything following up on that original ten year statement once this season's matches are over. I think they are just going to continue with the new 'tradition', and keep counting the money. Big mistake. In my opinion, the policy was wrong headed even in it's own terms. Staging the semi-finals at Wembley contributes to the diminishing reputation of The Cup, and that has led to a contraction of revenues overall. Where once attendances went up for FA Cup games, and Clubs were often able to charge a premium on ticket prices, now Cup attendances are typically down from league fixtures, even after clubs heavily discount the cost of tickets. Throw in the fact that the limited sponsorship value of the competition reflects its diminished status, and the whole plan is a disaster. This is because the FA's income from the competition is less than it used to be in relative terms and less, in my opinion, than it would have been had they staged the semi-finals away from Wembley .
  5. Leicester - Chelsea

    That's always been the best part of Willian's game. The burst of controlled ball carnying at pace to turn defence into attack.
  6. Leicester - Chelsea

    3. At least we reached the final... 1. Bitterly disappointing, but definitely better than... 2. Unthinkable, unbearable.
  7. Roman Abramovich

    I've won the battle with myself to keep this polite so I'll just say that I hope yours is not a widely held opinion among Chelsea fans, and that we need to avoid sounding like spoiled brats. Indeed, even more than that, we need to avoid actually being spoiled brats.
  8. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    The 'light' of day.
  9. General Match Thread

    Well done to the 19s who reached the semi-final of the UEFA Youth League once again by winning 4-2 away to Real Madrid.
  10. Christian Pulisic

    They also don't pay transfer fees to German clubs if they can possibly help it. They just plan ahead, and entice players to run down their contracts.
  11. Arthur Melo

    Looks a tremendous player to me. My big fear is that City will get him. He's perfect for them so I'd gladly settle for him going to Barca instead.
  12. General Transfer Talk

    Surely this story belongs in the way, way, too good to be true file. Not least because, according to his agent, Dembele turned us down in the summer of 2015. My guess has always been that this was likely because he feared he might become a part of the loan army, and that he didn’t fancy that. What lovely irony it would be if we got him on loan from the club, we were told in 2015, that he most wanted to join. Anyway, if this is possible then yes please. Pretty please with bows on.
  13. General Transfer Talk

    What's incredible about that?
  14. Chelsea Ladies

    Huge game on Saturday away to, second in the league, Manchester City Women. Before City's loss to Birmingham last night it looked like we'd need to beat them to have a realistic chance of regaining the title. Now though, City may well feel the tables have turned and that it's them who badly need to win the game. Should be a tense affair featuring the two best sides in the country. If either team takes all three points they will become big favourites to be crowned Champions in May. The supporters coach to Manchester leaves Stamford bridge at 6:30 on Saturday morning; I'll be on it. Can't wait. For anyone planning to be fast asleep at that crazy hour on Saturday, the game is live on BT Sport. kick-off 12:30pm
  15. The English Football Thread

    City going out has to be good. Here's hoping we don't get turfed out by Leicester!