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Everything posted by Mana

  1. Sevilla - Chelsea

    Wish coming true... EDIT: IT HAS
  2. Sevilla - Chelsea

  3. Chelsea 0-0 Spurs

    It is. They got a point away from home at their bogey ground. Still top of the league.
  4. Chelsea 0-0 Spurs

    This is a much better result for Spuds.
  5. Chelsea 0-0 Spurs

    0-0 FT.
  6. Chelsea 0-0 Spurs

    4 added mins...
  7. Chelsea 0-0 Spurs

    Finally Giroud on...
  8. Chelsea 0-0 Spurs

    Oh no Chilwell...hopefully he's alright EDIT: Phew, looks like he's good.
  9. Chelsea 0-0 Spurs

    Offside Werner...URGH celebrated too soon
  10. Chelsea 0-0 Spurs

    It’s so important to keep an eye on Son and Kane today.
  11. The English Football Thread

    Klopp's interview with BT Sport. LOL
  12. Chelsea 0-0 Spurs

    It's all because they are top of the league close coming this December. If Spuds remain top on the last game before Christmas, history shows they are likely to win it. We can put this to bed though this Sunday.
  13. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    We can’t play like this against Spuds. this is so disappointing. GIIRRRROOYUYDDD
  14. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Mendy MOTM. Excellent double save.
  15. Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

    Look, Werner wasn't "good" today. This has been a shocking performance from him, let's be honest. But still he worked hard, he was everywhere and in the end got the assist. That's brilliant. That's why there isn't much criticism from him today. Unlike Abraham last season who just disappears for the majority of the game.
  16. Super Frank Thread

    I want to say we have turned a corner...it looks like we have...but it could come crashing down against the Spuddies. Although I don't think we will lose to Spuds, because we are on form and Stamford Bridge is their bogey ground. Things are looking pretty good though!
  17. Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

    Zouma was so sure he was offside hence why he didn't chase Carroll...but he forgot Emerson was there instead of Chilwell unfortunately and Emerson played him on.
  18. Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

    We have to hang on to this now.
  19. Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

  20. Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

  21. Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

    Finally, we can taste a second SJP win in years.
  22. Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

  23. Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

    Even Abraham last season had worse performances than Werner today.
  24. Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

    Lampard...do something now please
  25. Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

    OMFG MAN THAT WAS CLOSE EDIT: Would have been handball anyway