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  1. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Why. Why was my date with my lady clashed with this game? Thankfully she was nice and let me watched the last 10 minutes of the match while she was catching up Instagramming. But I did watch the full replay when I got home. I have to say, even though I have started to become critical about Sarri, credit when is credit due, his tactics were spot on today. He changed it up for this match and it was executed well. David Luiz, while he is usually average to terrible, stepped it up proper today. If only he is consistent like this. Our best match of the season, and I missed it live. What a bummer. Thought I did myself a favour when I thought we are going to get battered. Such an idiot.
  2. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    What he really means is that "I was overconfident and underestimated Wolves, that's why I started with these players".
  3. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    It's dead for now, yes. But it can work again if Sarri wakes up and take out the underperformers and when we buy new players.
  4. Chelsea - Man City

    Maybe he was kidding around, but I've seen people who are deluded like this. So you never know.
  5. Chelsea - Man City

    Even if we play the right players, it's not going to super easy. This is City, who are champions, currently top of the league and no other team came close to beating them. Football is a funny game, we could be the ones that beat these lot. BUT if we play the same line up as v. Spuds or v. Wolves, it is almost a banker that we are going to lose.
  6. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    It is hard to support a manager who is making the same mistakes as the previous managers. A top coach by now, knows Morata/Willian/Alonso isn't working and handicapping our movement. But he continues using them. We have better (or great potential) players that can easily replace these three players now. I was raising my eyebrow on Sarri when he continued to use Morata and Willian, and not putting any of our youths on the bench but because of the "unbeaten run", that was the small excuse I can give him in my head. I wanted to wait until January for him to do something, but he goes on to hint he doesn't need new players in January, telling us Morata/Willian/Alonso are good enough. So unless he changes his mind (which at the moment hasn't) I've lost trust. The final nail in the coffin for me about Sarri confirming he was stubborn, after CHO had a brilliant night in the EL, said CHO isn't ready for the PL. F*** that. How CHO is going to gain PL experience if you don't even put him on the bench. We were never lethal up front since the beginning of the year. But! Giroud and Hazard play together better, fact but Sarri continues to play Morata. I don't know what he sees in him, but he better snap out of it before we say goodbye to CL for next season. And his job on the line. What's annoying is post-match conference yesterday he was puzzled to why we lost. OMG. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know why.
  7. 30. David Luiz

    AC has a mistake in him still, but at least he has the potential to improve. Our defense tonight was ****, and you can't blame Luiz this time.
  8. 29. Álvaro Morata

    If we fail to buy Icardi, Martial or any top CFs in January, we should buy Callum Wilson. No I'm not kidding. He's a major improvement over the CFs we have now.
  9. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    Muzchap, I like you...but I have to strongly disagree with you here. No more free passes. I'm tired of free passes. Sarri is showing stubbornness and favorites who are underperforming. If we lose out on CL, it's Sarri's doing and I don't want him to get a free pass. This is particularly the reason that lead us to finish 5th last season. Look at Emery, Pep. Playing shite? It's on to the bench for you until I see you hungry to improve. Sacking is not what got us here today. It's the stubbornness and the arrogance on both the board and the coaches that got us here today. If Sarri started CHO, Emerson, Pedro, Giroud today, Wolves wouldn't have won tonight. I promise you that.
  10. 3. Marcos Alonso

    I'm not being a hypocrite. I haven't said Alonso was an awesome player since his goal against Spuds early last season. The reason why he was getting passes because he was scoring. Now that has dried up, he's almost nothing. Knackered? He's always been slow and limited! Maybe him being tired made him even worse. Emerson's performances for us shows otherwise he isn't a poor player though. I'm not going to believe Sarri anymore the moment he said CHO is not ready, while youths from other top teams are playing. How can CHO be ready if you never even put him on bench FFS. Back to Emerson, he has something Alonso doesn't have - good potential. Fair enough, I'll give you that Alonso's not worse than Morata and Willian. When he signed the new deal, I did mention out of all the donkeys we had to choose one to stay, I said Alonso. Bu that's not saying much. If Sarri wants that top 4, he better stop starting Alonso unfortunately.
  11. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    We have the players to get top 4. It's up to Sarri to actually USE them, and drop the useless.
  12. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Alright guys, I'm going to stick my neck out here. Sarri is not going to last long in this club. His stubbornness and arrogance is going to be his massive downfall. Unless this changes immediately, he's going out. I mean, tonight before the match started when I saw that line up, I knew we were in trouble. That shows we are predictable. We have the tools to beat Spuds and Wolves and because of his love for certain players, we were unable to get any points from these games. This whole thing is so predictable, I called it months ago when I said we could be Arsenal 2011. And here we are. There is absolutely no reason for Sarri to use CHO and Emerson. None. He's giving out BS about CHO not ready for the PL and hinting we are so good, we don't need new players in January. Moving on - I want to bring this back up: The result tonight opened my eyes much more to this. No, we are not currently in transition. It feels like we are. It looks like we are, but we are not. We stopped transitioning in August, and it's on hold until January or at least until Sarri wakes the f**k up and starts playing better players. We are not improving. We are not getting better. We are now stagnated. Morata isn't going to get better. Willian, Alonso, Luiz, Fabregas etc. too. They have reached their limits. They will never improve. The "unbeaten" Sarri has papered over the cracks, and it took a battering from Spuds to wake other Chelsea fans up. The transition continues when Sarri drops the useless players, because those useless players are not part of our future.
  13. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    And this is why I moan.
  14. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    We could be 3 points behind top 4 by the end of Saturday. My faith in Sarri has dropped 35% today. Tired of his stupidity.
  15. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    Groan. If we drop points, Sarri needs to be seriously questioned. We need maximum points as we are playing City this Saturday.
  16. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    I think you need to remember harder on what I said.
  17. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    Chelsea's facebook gave us a reminder on the last time we met Wolves... You see Costa's goal? That killer instinct in front of goal. Boom.
  18. 29. Álvaro Morata

    I screamed for Auba last January when he was available, but some members said to me he was shite. I know a good player when I see one and I know an awful player when I see one. No bias.
  19. 29. Álvaro Morata

    I'd rather have Glenn Murray or Callum Wilson in our squad than Morata, real talk. His miss yesterday has officially set a statement that average PL strikers are better than him.
  20. 3. Marcos Alonso

    As I said in the Sarri thread, Sarri is stubborn. That's why.
  21. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    When I predicted us to finish 5th at the beginning of the season, that means no I don't think it will be an easy ride and I certainly didn't think we will be blowing off teams. But at the very least, beat Man United at the Bridge because they are worse than us. Didn't do that. It's these games that make or break our season. We need that CL spot this season. True. But the thing is, Sarri is stubborn. There are some square pegs that can just about fit in those round holes, but refuses to use them. We should be putting out Emerson, Ampadu, RLC and CHO who are better than Willian, Morata and Alonso. Giroud should had started against Spuds. We do have the players to at least beat United AND Spuds. Spuds are not a strong team. City is a strong team. Liverpool is a strong team. That's why these teams beat Spuds. Arsenal beat Spuds. Spuds aren't as strong as you think. It's because we have fallen so bad to the point we are looking up at these cocks. They finished 7 points above us because we had serious problems within the club. It's December, you're right, there's that January transfer window that can fix this mess that we have up front. But I'm already worried because of Sarri hinting he has no plans to buy in January.
  22. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Rant incoming. Look, we won last weekend. Good. But, the North London Derby was an absolute thriller to watch. It was better than any Chelsea game this season. Yes, it was THE NLD and it's always has to be entertaining, but that first half was something else and I just couldn't take my eyes off the screen. So where I'm going with this? That game showed me, that since we last met Arsenal they have improved. They absolutely bossed Spuds bar the 10 minutes before HT. We couldn't. If Arsenal are switched on, and in the mood, they can turn over teams. We have to rely on Hazard to be on his best game against the top 6 to get anything out of it. I was sitting thinking, "How the **** did we lose to Spuds like we did?!" We are Chelsea Football Club, we should be slapping Spuds easily with our eyes closed! This shows how far behind we are (except United). We can point to the early Arsenal game but let's be honest. We were so lucky that game and lucky to meet them so early in the season. If we meet Arsenal today? I don't see us winning, especially if they played like THAT against us. We shouldn't had lost to Spuds. End of story. The only reason I can think to why we lost to those little cocks is because we are shite. Can we beat Liverpool? No. Yes we were 1-0 majority of the game but 80+ onwards it was all Liverpool and we caved in. Not to mention this was at the Bridge. Poor result in the end. Can we beat United? No. Worst United side in years, this was at the Bridge AND it took a "rub of the green" last second goal to tie with them. At the very least I thought this is the team we are going to beat in the top 6, but we can't even do that. Can we beat Arsenal? We did, but I already gave an explanation above. Can we beat Spuds? No! Within the top 5 Chelsea embarrassment defeats of 2018. Can we beat City? LOL. January can't come sooner enough. Yesterday was an eye opener on how bad we have fallen. Not "Man United" bad, but it is still bad.
  23. Chelsea 2-0 Fulham

    Lol! Morata pointlessly gets in the book for kicking the ball away.
  24. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Sarri says CHO is not ready for the PL. I agree he is not ready to play the full 90 minutes in a league game, but he is definitely ready to be introduced. Has Sarri already forgotten how CHO roasted Bellerin pre-season?