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  1. Willian

    Can't wait for Alonso to join the village.
  2. Willian

    No. But let's be honest. We want it to stay that way. Forever.
  3. Willian

    Nah, they'll just say "Is any of your trophies gold?" Let them celebrate. An average club buys a bang average player. If this is their biggest signing for this window then LOL. I'm celebrating myself that he's no longer with us. Couldn't stand him for the majority of the last 3 years. Hey Arsenal! We also have Alonso! Please take him from us!
  4. Willian

    Arsenal think like a small club. They are also a retirement home.
  5. Willian

    They said the same with Cech, Luiz and now Willian. As much as I like Robbie, he's talking BS. Let them have their joy for now, because in a few months time we will be enjoying their tears. Willian is shite, just because he's a red now doesn't change that. We are happy he's gone and off our wage bill. Use Willian's wages to get somebody in better while Arsenal remains mediocre.
  6. Willian

    I just finished dancing. He has been deadwood for years. Year after year I was disappointed during the summer that clubs came for Willian and we held on to him. Thought he was going to stick like glue to this club. For what bloody reason. Thanks for hating Spuds but I’m glad you’re outta here. 3 years too late but better late than never. Now the club can use Willian’s wages to get somebody else in defense in.
  7. Willian

    He wanted a 3 year contract. We offered 2. Of course he will walk away. Arsenal is going to give it to him.
  8. Willian

    EKKKKKKKKKKKK!... I mean *clears throat* Thank you for your service, Willian. Now enjoy being a red.
  9. Bayern Munich 4-1 Chelsea

    We already reappointed Jose. It’s not all about what they’ve done before, it’s about thinking SFL is the next Klopp. There is no evidence to support that in the next 4 years, Lampard will become Klopp. Because Lamps story is already different than Klopp’s. It’s faith at this point. You have to believe. And right now, I don’t. I do believe however Lamps has taken a step forward in attacking areas. But will the whole picture be enough. Will he improve his defensive tactics after being stubborn about it all season.
  10. Bayern Munich 4-1 Chelsea

    Reminder that Klopp actually managed for years in Dortmund (with trophies prior) before coming to Liverpool. You knew that? Then stop comparing. I'm tired of people covering up excuses and pointing to something else irrelevant.
  11. Super Frank Thread

    Well Arsenal home, we actually took the lead TWICE...it's up to the defense to protect those leads. They didn't. Same with Leicester, failed to protect the lead. No, it only became nailbiters because we knew what our defense was all about. We knew that defense is a massive liability. Even Norwich home when we won 1-0 was a nailbiter, not just because we couldn't break Norwich further down, but it's because of our defense! Back in the day, 1-0 up and we looked comfortable. We knew how to protect the lead. We can't now. For the Palace away game, yes we should have been 4 up. But look at the bigger picture here. 3-1 up was still a good scoreline, game should have been over but our defense FECKED everything up by letting Benteke score almost immediately after our third goal. And we were on the fecking ropes for the remaining part of the game. Well at least you said Onana. Otherwise I would still disagree here. We are going to struggle to get top 4 again, with these 3 new players if the defense and/or GK is not improved. Kepa and Willy are two poor keepers combined with a brainfart defense. Recipe for disaster.
  12. Super Frank Thread

    I don’t understand why you’re bringing Arsenal to this. I kept Werner. But that defense kills games before we can even begin. 0-0, then a brain fart from our defense and we are 1-0 down and the opposition suddenly becomes less open and harder to break down. It’s not that I disagree with this, I do agree. It’s just how many points we could have gotten if our defense wasn’t a pisstake THIS season. WHU away, if our defense wasn’t shite we would have actually gotten the 3 points. SHU away, if our defense wasn’t shite we would have gotten a point. Even Liverpool away, if our defense wasn’t so easy for Liverpool to breakthrough, we would have a chance. The defense can kill our game plans much faster than the attack.
  13. 9. Tammy Abraham

    You should have seen my rants on Baka, Willian, Alonso and MY GUY - Alvaro Morata. Never rated that guy. Never.
  14. 9. Tammy Abraham

    WTF. I can name 5 players on the top of my head that is worse than Abraham. Even I believe Willian is worse.
  15. Super Frank Thread

    Man City scored 102 goals this season. 10+ more than the champions. But they ended up ~18 points behind the champions. Why? Because of their defense let them down. You can score 4,6 goals a game there and there, but if your defense isn't switched on most of the time, you'll find yourself 2-0 down before your attack finds their rhythm and it's too little too late. I'll repeat this again and again: This defense is going to kill us next season. You can have prime Messi, you will still lose a good amount of games with that defense.
  16. Super Frank Thread

    75-85 points with that defense and GK? You're having a laugh. 60-70 points at best. We may have a stronger attack, but the clowns at the back can kill our games easily. And this does not include Lampard's poor defensive tactics mind you. We may get away with it in CL group stages, but once we meet a Bayern, Barca, Real or any decent attacking side in the KOs, we're fecked. Lampard at the moment isn't backed in the right crucial places. I'd rather swap Ziyech and Havertz for two class players that improves our defense.
  17. Super Frank Thread

    To be fair, too early to say that. Maybe to date yes, but next season even though we can't see it, he still can turn it around. However, no doubt this is the IMO the worst ever season since I supported Chelsea. Yes, I know 15/16 we finished 10th and that was my worst until today, but the only bad record that 15/16 holds now is worst points total. Every other bad record has been passed or equalled by this season. Most losses, worst results, more goals conceded... W-L-W-L-L. 12 goals conceded, 1 clean sheet. That is our final run-in for our season. Even though we got top 4, this has been such a disappointing end to a season I've ever come across.
  18. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Holy crap...WOW. Sarri dropped us to go to Juve...only to be sacked a year later. Looks like winning Serie A isn't enough now.
  19. Super Frank Thread

    Regards to EL, I agree that even if Wolves win the Europa League that shouldn’t impact the decision of PL’s manager of the season. Other than that, if Wolves DID win it, they had a much better campaign than we did.
  20. Super Frank Thread

    Edit nevermind
  21. Eden Hazard

    Decisions comes with consequences. Hazard chose to leave us. He could have been our next Terry, Cech, Lamps etc. spending all their good years in Chelsea. There were certain games this season showed that we missed Hazard. Such a shame. It’s looking like a very poor end to his career. He may get some goals next season, but he won’t reach that PL legendary status he got with us in La Liga. He looked like a lost puppy all season. But hey, he got a La Liga title I guess. Oh well, meh. I still don’t really care about Hazard in the end. He’s just another opposition player now to me. And right now, he’s bang average. Also like Jason said. Pulisic wouldn’t have emerged if Hazard was still around. Don’t want him back here.
  22. Super Frank Thread

    Well I’m still frustrated with the FA Cup final. I know I don’t respect the cup as much anymore, but it’s losing to Arsenal that did it. My dad, some friends and my cousin were doing my head in for 2 days after the final. Posting pics of Aubameyang and saying Arteta is better than Lampard. I’ll get over the FA Cup defeat though, then I won’t make small digs on Lamps until next year. He did the bare minimum, I would have snapped your hand off at the beginning of the season if someone said to me all you’re getting is 4th place.
  23. Super Frank Thread

    He was appointed as a caretaker manager in the PL. He officially became a manager when they were relegated.
  24. Willian

    It's upsetting for those who lost their jobs, but it's not our problem. Get rid of this bang average player. It's been at least 3 years since I wanted him gone. Next to top 4 and Werner this is the next best thing this summer for me...
  25. Super Frank Thread

    Exactly. Parker earned his way to the PL. Did it the hard way. Lampard didn't. I don't respect Ole because he didn't earn his way to managing United. It's no surprise I'm not a fan of Lampard (as coach) because it's the same. EDIT: Inb4 - "But...Pep did the same thing!"...even though Pep wasn't Barca's first choice to replace Rijkaard and Pep had superstars already when appointed.