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  1. Chelsea v Spurs

    If he’s on the bench, he’s not injured (and he was against United)
  2. Chelsea v Spurs

    How many times do people have throw this same statement over and over again with no substance. Situations change. We were at one point 10+ points clear from the chasing pack! So what did you expect? 16th? Conte's winning season, after our great winning run ended with a loss....if we continue to lose most games and lost out to the title against Spuds, would you go back and say "Winning the title was never expected at the beginning of the year?" Please. Most things are not expected at the beginning of your journey, but when you see a huge opportunity you fecking GRAB it.
  3. Chelsea v Spurs

    You do realise how much trouble we are in financial wise if we don't get top 4? We have a huge wish list this summer to improve our squad, and that list of players will either shorten or go for the cheaper/deadwood options if we fail to get top 4. The club isn't sustainable outside of the CL spots. Arsenal, Liverpool and United can do it because of their worldwide fanbase and their massive stadiums. Our fanbase is smaller than theirs and our stadium is way smaller. You'll also have to thank FFP. We will see another huge financial loss and that can seriously impact next season in a bad way. I am impatient for a good reason.
  4. Super Frank Thread

    Well, if you're talking about the last 10 years under Wenger, sure. Arteta and his coaching staff is doing a better job then Lampard and his coaching staff when it comes to defending and organisation at the back. It's sad. ==== I just looked at the table. We can actually take a huge nose dive. If we lose our next two games (possible), and everything goes against us like the last matchday bar Wolves drawing, we can end up being 9th. 4th to 9th. If we ever end up being 9th, forget top 4 - we have to worry about not getting relegated. 4 wins in 15 (17) is probably the worst Chelsea run in decades (definitely under Abramovich). As I said a billion times during January when we NEEDED new players, the squad is on its last legs, out of steam and along with Lampard's naivety, you can only go backwards. Until Abraham is back and fit, along with RLC, Pulisic and CHO, we are fecked up front as we have a pair of donkeys with the likes of Bats and Willian. (Pedro is beyond awful as well but I don't want to call him a donkey).
  5. Super Frank Thread

    You do know Arsenal's squad is better than ours right? They were just more lazy and disorganised under Emery. They have goalscorers in Martinelli and Aubameyang. Lacazette, who hasn't scored in months has now woken up from his long slumber. Ozil, did more for Arteta then he EVER did for Emery in a short period of time. We NEED to start doing a winning run if Arsenal is not going to catch us.
  6. Super Frank Thread

    They haven’t said they don’t mind Chelsea not getting CL this season either. They just left it wide open. And they SHOULD mind, considering we will see a huge financial loss next season if we don’t get CL.
  7. Chelsea v Spurs

    Did I say they have a better squad though?
  8. Chelsea v Spurs

    Who cares. Leipzig are in better form than us.
  9. The Board

    Yeah I agree. Unless we start challenging for titles, Haaland will leave us as he and his agent wouldn't want to waste years fighting for 4th.
  10. Stamford Bridge thread

    So the planning permission expires next month. If Roman doesn't resume the process of rebuilding Stamford Bridge during next month, everything will be cancelled and if in future we want to rebuild the Bridge, we have to start from scratch again including asking the neighbours for permission. Not happy.
  11. Super Frank Thread

    I mentioned it several times. Chelsea FC at the moment is a work experience club from the near top to bottom. Even our new technical and performance advisor is doing work experience. There is literally no one with proper experience, apart from the old useless finished players in our squad who were never leaders.
  12. Ehhh, tie not over yet. Liverpool can still turn it around like they did last season with Barca.
  13. Super Frank Thread

    Correction: Cavani is the only big name target we could've brought in. Lampard had a list of players that he wanted. He gotten zilch this window. Top 4 is very important for Chelsea FC. We lose a ton of money we need for the summer by not being in it. There is no "long run" if we are failing to repair the present. Lampard being in the last 16 of the CL gave us more money than Sarri winning the EL. So bringing in a short term player, that boosts our chances to get top 4 is well all and fine by me then not getting anybody in and watch this team fail.
  14. Chelsea v Spurs

    Now watch their new signing score at the Bridge. I see no saving grace, as usual we somehow feck things up.
  15. Super Frank Thread

    Why. Why are you ignoring Lampard's tactical flaws, team selection and decision making that costs us games? Lampard isn't a good coach. Hazard or no Hazard, our squad isn't THAT poor that we only get 4 wins in the last 15 matches. Is our squad worse than Newcastle and Burnley? It's simply down to the coaching combined with shite players that keep popping up. I look at the January transfer window, again and again. Some people actually thought it was a brilliant idea not signing anybody. It's like they WANT Chelsea to not get top 4.