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  1. Super Frank Thread

    My internal examination of Lampard is done now. The only thing that bugs me about Lampard is his stubbornness on zonal marking. Luckily, I don't think we have given Newcastle any real chance from set pieces yesterday. Subs were disappointing at first as well but he has improved on this. But apart from that, this man is a rare case for me, never thought he could really handle the much pressure and he's doing the opposite. 5 straight wins in all competitions. People were right in the beginning of the season, saying it was too early to compare Frank to Ole (although tbf Ole had a much stronger start when he came in for United), but the difference is I can see Lampard's good style of play while with Ole it was really a honeymoon phase, and it took Arsenal (and a permanent contract) to shatter it. Sooooo Super Super Frank?
  2. Super Frank Thread

    While it’s great we are seeing youth, we still desperately need class players to buy in the summer.
  3. Chelsea 2-0 Brighton

    Full time 2-0
  4. Chelsea 2-0 Brighton

    Wow Willian EDIT: Oh deflection. No wonder lol
  5. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

  6. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

    CHO come on man. You've got to do better than that!
  7. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

  8. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

    Bye bye Azpi unfortunately.
  9. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

  10. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

  11. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

    2-2 at Arsenal
  12. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

    Bats on instead
  13. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

  14. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

    Firmino almost scored AGAIN from the corner. FFS
  15. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

    What big picture? We gained ZERO points against others if we lose today. Have zero advantage against all other teams losing. I do care about top 4. If Chelsea gets in the top 4, great! But what's my business on caring what other teams are doing?