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  1. Super Frank Thread

    This sadly doesn't matter. You're forgetting some of our key players are kids, and they can tire out later in the season. We are also one or two injuries away from a disaster. United last season had a VERY soft schedule and if they won all their remaining games, we would have gotten CL via Europa instead. But despite having the softest of soft fixtures, they fecked up. Besides, there's really no such thing as an easy game anymore apart from one or two sides like Burnley. Yes if we have the near luck of Liverpool from now 'til the end of the season, I agree. But I seriously doubt that. United also has their eyes on Sancho in the summer. It'll not be funny if he ends up going to United.
  2. Super Frank Thread

    I've seen big players last summer snub United because they are not big as they were before, including failure to get Champions League and having a rookie intern. (Which star player would want to work under Ole?) We will be in the same position as United in the summer if we fail to get CL this season (and Lampard gets another season). Get one or two signings done. A LOAN even. Just something. We will not get top 4 with this squad if other sides strengthen. I don't trust them anymore.
  3. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Need a LB. Need another RW. CB and CF ideal.
  4. Super Frank Thread

    I'm beginning to feel a bit of rage inside of me. WTF is happening in this transfer window regarding us? It's been 13 days since it opened and no movement apart from Leechwater going to Villa. This window is the difference between top 4 and out of it. WTF is going on at Chelsea? Don't feck this up.
  5. Chelsea 3-0 Burnley

  6. Chelsea 3-0 Burnley

    The way the NBC co-commentator said “Chelsea had 2 VARs at their favour” was funny. 😂 Clearly he doesn’t like us.
  7. Chelsea 3-0 Burnley

  8. Chelsea 3-0 Burnley

    Because of our super poor form at the Bridge, and what I had seen so far at this game, I’ll take it.
  9. Chelsea 3-0 Burnley

    1-0 Chelsea
  10. Chelsea 3-0 Burnley

  11. The English Football Thread

    Lampard both times was gullible. They only have ONE way of playing, and Lampard keeps playing right in to their hands. They only damage teams on the break. Be more compact at the back, have Kante sit deep and they will be lost. They will not score unless we make a mistake or by some wonder goal.
  12. Brighton 1-1 Chelsea

    Are you saying Brighton are a better team than us?
  13. Brighton 1-1 Chelsea

    But we couldn’t keep the ball! I am seriously fed up. I’m tired of seeing us hanging on.
  14. Brighton 1-1 Chelsea

    I’m pissed off.
  15. Brighton 1-1 Chelsea

    I can’t believe this. We are hanging on to Brighton now.