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  1. 9. Tammy Abraham

    I don't get this way of thinking. Because he scored 1 goal and his sloppiness ALMOST lead to a late minute equaliser for Palace, everything is forgiven. Nah, not buying it. I also don't give two fecks if Rashford is earning x amount of money. Rashford is United, this is Chelsea. If Abraham wants to earn big bucks instead of playing for us with your heart? He can leave. What pisses me off the most, is players being lazy or having pure stupidity on the pitch. What Abraham did was just as lazy as Rudiger against West Ham when he cheaply gave a corner away. The only difference between the two is that one lead to a goal, and one was whiskers away from being a goal. Abraham confirmed my suspicions yesterday. He doesn't have that Chelsea heart. He doesn't play for the badge. I look at Saka for Arsenal. Young, talented and you can see that he plays his heart out for the club. Saka made a huge difference for Arsenal. You can give out an average/poor performance but if your heart is there, many of us will forgive you. Abraham yesterday was disgusting. He cheaply gave the ball away in a critical area, knowing that Reece James was having a shocker...and instead of going "Oh SHIT! I lost the ball, better run to get it back!" he does nothing. RUN! RUN as if your life depends on it! Get a yellow card if needed to be. It's YOUR fault that you have put us under pressure again. It's not as if he's tired either. He was a sub, played for like 25 minutes or so. There is no excuse for what he did. Thank God his laziness didn't cost us the goal, otherwise more of us will be raging at him. And he has the cheek to ask for 130k? Nah.
  2. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Feck off with this narrow way of thinking. A goal does NOT excuse his entire performance. A goal doesn’t strike off a woeful performance from him. If the header was on target, (hit post instead) Abraham’s goal would mean shit.
  3. 9. Tammy Abraham

    What did I fecking tell you guys. Fecking asshole. After what you did yesterday being lazy and almost cost us the game? Feck off.
  4. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    The rate this is going, this is the worst Chelsea season in terms of conceding goals. 2015/16 season was a different kind of awful, but sorry - you are fecking kidding yourselves if this season doesn't come close to it. We are less than 10 goals away from beating 2015/16's record.
  5. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    I said ONE of. Please read... EDIT: Even in 2016 we didn't concede this much goals.
  6. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    Zaha skinned James x amount of times. It looks like he will struggle against players with tricky skill. My head is still spinning. I stand corrected that this has to be one of the worst seasons I've ever witnessed. So many times this season I was enraged by that defense. Worst defense in the top 6.
  7. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    I honestly thought that header went in. I slammed my stool in anger. Thank God it hit the post. Poor from Abraham, and that defense... We cannot start next season until that defense is sorted. It's going to kill us all.
  8. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    Also FECK OFF Abraham. He almost gave Palace the draw.
  9. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    Heart in throat. FFS THIS DEFENSE.
  10. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    Jorginho already doing what he does best. FFS Lampard...
  11. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

  12. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    Honestly can’t believe this shit.
  13. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

  14. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

  15. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    ...was he? Or are you overexaggerating here? I don't really count the 1st goal because Cahill who was chasing Willian pulled a hammy. That played a major part to our 1st goal.