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  1. YEESSSSSSSSSS!!! THANK F’ING YEAH! We desperately need this.
  2. Chelsea 0-1 West Ham

    I don’t want ‘free passes’ handed out. If the coach isn’t good enough, he ain’t good enough. Absolutely shocking yesterday. Lampard needs to sort this out quickly. You can’t rely on Abraham only for us to play good and use Giroud who is much slower on the ball. With Spuds and Arsenal pumped, they may smell blood coming from us with losing two games in a row. We haven’t won a game since the last international break have we?
  3. Nope, still not working. probably have to use Tapatalk for the time being, but yeah even as guest and different computers the forum looks messed up with no theme applied.
  4. Theme is messed up for me too, help!
  5. The English Football Thread

    We play Spuds and Arsenal in December, both games away and have new coaches. What seemed like easy games now will turn to harder games, especially if Arsenal find a better replacement by then...
  6. 8. Ross Barkley

    Why am I not surprised.
  7. Man City 2-1 Chelsea

    *sigh* I don’t care about that sadly. I’d rather if City broke their highest ever possession record like 98% and we still win the game.
  8. Man City 2-1 Chelsea

    We need WC players on the pitch, I've said it before. There are players in that starting XI ain't good enough. I know it's City but City weren't even playing at their best. They were mediocre, but critical when it mattered.
  9. Man City 2-1 Chelsea

  10. Man City 2-1 Chelsea

    Goal. 2-1.
  11. Man City 2-1 Chelsea

    We are always going to concede to this team. Let's just hope that goal is the only goal we concede.
  12. Man City 2-1 Chelsea

    We have to remain calm. City are there for the taking.
  13. The English Football Thread

    Just remember Roberto, West Ham’s keeper is one of the worst goalkeepers in the league - probably THE worst. It seems every shot on target Spuds have, they score. Good thing for WH that Roberto isn’t their main keeper otherwise they’ll be rock bottom in the league.
  14. The Mourinho Thread

    I'm not so sure if Mourinho is going to be the same old "Park the bus" Mourinho we have seen over the years. He hired positive football backroom staff. So unlike him. Now it can all backfire on him, but at the same time if he actually changes and does well...feck me. Mourinho has won a trophy everywhere he has won, even with one of the worst United sides in decades. If Jose does win a trophy with Spuds, hopefully it's the Carabao Cup 2020/21 and nothing more (although I would LOVE Spuds and Mourinho to get nothing instead). EDIT: Urgh, forgotten that Spuds are still in the CL - therefore Mourinho's back in it too.
  15. The English Football Thread

    I've been saying it all along, Mourinho was never a blue. He went to bed with Spuds, that's solid evidence that he isn't Chelsea. When he was at Chelsea, to him it's only his job. Never loved the club (and if he said so, it was a lie to play with our heartstrings). It was all about him. Him only.