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  1. The Conte Thread

    Ever since December 2016 in the league... Wherever we are down by at least 1 goal at half-time, we failed to win. Anyway we are in big trouble. 9 points behind City, 4 points behind Spuds, with an Arsenal win today they'll be above us. This month is suppose to be an easy month since we are not meeting any of the top 6, turns out it'll be even more harder. If we ever get back in the title race, it'll be a miracle.
  2. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    Can't believe that without Kante and Morata, we are bottom-table side at best. EDIT: And I agree that Torres is better than Bats. At least Torres does something, even if he was shite. You KNOW he's on the pitch.
  3. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    Happened with Pellegrini's City as well.
  4. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    Embarrassment football. However we are now JUST settling in.
  5. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    Goal, but I wasn't celebrating. It's so embarrassing for us at the moment. I'll celebrate when it's 2-1 to us.
  6. Crystal Palace - Chelsea

    This is beyond bad.
  7. The Ancelotti Thread

    I don't expect Ancelotti to make Arsenal win titles, but they will become a much bigger problem to face then they are now.
  8. The Ancelotti Thread

    Thank goodness Wenger just signed a new deal and Carlo was sacked when it was too late, otherwise he could have been Arsenal's man... But all top 6 teams got their managers, so unless he wants to manage Everton or something he's gonna have to wait...
  9. Chelsea 0-1 Man City

    Ok. But what about the Mourinho-sacked season 2 seasons ago? How can you forget the disgraceful performances we had then at SB? 0-3 to City, 0-1 to Bournemouth, 1-2 to Crystal Palace, 1-3 to Liverpool...I can think of way worse performances then today's. However don't think I'm defending this performance. I agree, it's horrific.
  10. Chelsea 0-1 Man City

    I know you have every right to be disappointed but come on. It's not like they battered us 6-0 or something. Our performance was disgraceful, but we had worse.
  11. Diego Costa

    Who's "they?" I'm talking about Conte ONLY, not the players. I told you earlier, that I also believe that the players liked Costa. Conte doesn't like Costa or it's the other way round...or both...bottom line. You could say at the very least they respect each other...but that doesn't mean they want to work together again. When I mean hurting Chelsea, I didn't mean causing fights inside the dressing room, I meant causing media chaos for the club. The media LOVES to attack Chelsea, and whenever Costa does a stupid thing, the media goes over it and causes bad press for Chelsea. Mourinho was another person that embarrasses the club and we got rid. He had a major bustup with Conte. It had to be so bad for Conte to say he's no longer in his plans. It was either Conte or Costa the club had to back, and we sensibly chose Conte. Costa didn't try to make any kind of amends, as he was in Brazil wearing the Atletico shirt. Disgraceful. Does he love Chelsea more than Atletico Madrid? Before even Conte got the team together, have you forgotten summer 2016 that he wanted a move to Atletico? He may have liked Chelsea, but not enough. I disagree with this. It's teamwork. I personally think Kante was key to winning the title last season, not Hazard or Costa. But anyway, it was Chelsea as a team that won us the league - not Hazard and Costa. That's what so great about this, he's no longer our c**t! Why should I from this point on, like him or cut him some slack now? He's no Chelsea legend. Anyway I won't be talking about Costa anymore in a few months time. As you said, Costa's days with Chelsea have ended. It's Morata time now. And I'm loving Morata. If Morata keeps this up and we continue winning trophies, Costa will be a distant memory.
  12. Atletico Madrid 1-2 Chelsea

    That goal is for you Diego~ With Love, Chelsea.
  13. Atletico Madrid 1-2 Chelsea

    Morata on FIRAAA
  14. Diego Costa

    I'm not holding a grudge, it's just that I'm not a hamroll or a flip-flop. Conte and Costa made peace? Please don't be naive. Yes, to the press they say they have "made up" to end all the Conte-Costa hate gossip...but it's all lies. Conte and Costa obviously still don't want to go near each other. Just think about it for a second. If Conte and Costa actually, wholeheartedly made up...why is Costa still going to Atletico? Why is Costa still not playing for us until at least January? I'm sorry, but they still dislike each other. They only agreed to cover up their little feud. And for pete's sake, stop saying we won the league because of "Costa's goals". BS. Complete and utter BS. Yes the goals contributed greatly, but his goals are not the main reason why we won 2 leagues. What about the assists and beautiful passes that helped Costa score? What about Hazard stepping up to the plate when Costa was shite? What about our defense who worked their socks off? What about Conte and Mourinho? Here's a clue on what I'm trying to say here. Chelsea won the league. We won the league because of Chelsea. Not because of Diego Costa. 2015/16, everyone was below average THAT INCLUDES Costa, so doesn't that contradict on what you said that "he gave it his all?" Costa threw bibs and tantrums in the early parts of the season instead of scoring... A "big character" in the dressing room? Excuse me how? What did he do that made him a big character in the dressing room? Him being a beast with his foot at times, doesn't exactly mean he was a big character in the dressing room. JT is a big character. DD is a big character. I don't see Costa being an inspirational character when we are losing half-time. Oh and just because he made friends with other players, doesn't mean he's a "big" character. If Bats leaves Chelsea tomorrow, he'll get the love too from other players. He was a beast and when he is hunting for goals he's unstoppable. And if we left it at that, I'll love Costa to bits. But like Mourinho, he has bad antics which hurts Chelsea FC. And I love the club more than Diego Costa. It's natural that people will remember the bad things more than the good things. If Tim stole your valuables, but you see him doing things for charity as well...will you say he's a good guy? No, I won't forget what he did while he was beast mode. But I won't forget the terrible things he has done either. === Also when you said "Then you see Eden, Cesc, Tibo,...picking only the best words about Diego..." While I do believe they miss him, what do you expect them to say otherwise? "I hate you Costa, don't come back?" lol
  15. Diego Costa

    Nooo. No, no, no, no, no. That was a nice farewell letter, but let's not pretend about him giving it his all in his Chelsea tenure. He didn't. Clearly didn't. Anyway, farewell Costa. You have done well. I'm happy you got your club back, and I'm happy you're gone. I miss your goals and 'fear' presence you bring to opponents, but not your unstable character.