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  1. General Chelsea Stuff

    The 2012 victory helped me recover quickly from that heartbreak. If we didn't win in 2012, I'll still be grieving about that shootout.
  2. Stamford Bridge thread

    We tried that already (Battersea for example). Chelsea already struggle financially without CL football and in 10 years even qualifying for CL may not be enough. We need a new stadium, a new stadium would massively increase our income for the club to go out and get new players. Also to not heavily rely on Abramovich’s money.
  3. Stamford Bridge thread

    So that’s it then? Once this permission expires, we will have to start all over again asking permission within all fronts. We are the only top 6 club with such a small stadium.
  4. Bayern Munich v Chelsea

    I'm not asking you to eat everything the media is shoving down your throat. Otherwise you'll end up being super confused. There are killers out there, but killers do not kill as much as COVID-19 (in the same period of time). If we don't follow the procedures, our hospitals will seriously be overrun. We don't want more people sick, overloading our healthcare. Because once it's overloaded, the people who are desperately sick (or injured) won't get the treatment in time and will most likely die. You're right about the last part though about why didn't countries act sooner. Our governments were incompetent. Trump, BoJo and a number of leaders wanted to protect their country's economy before people's lives.
  5. Bayern Munich v Chelsea

    I'm not gullible, I'm just being sensible and care about my health and others. But it's like talking to a Trumper, no matter what I (or other people) say to you about the virus and how it can effect people, you'll ignore it. Until it happens in your personal life, you won't give a damn.
  6. Bayern Munich v Chelsea

    Yikes. This is a VERY awful take. I guess you’re one of those people that needs this horrible thing to effect your personal life before you come back to Earth.
  7. Coronaviral

    Does it need to effect your personal life before you stop implying or telling people COVID-19 isn’t serious FFS? I am sick and tired of hearing ignorant statements like this. The only thing the media is doing wrong is them being racist calling it the Chinese Virus or the Communist Coronavirus.
  8. Super Frank Thread

    As long Wolves remain in the Europa League, this "5th" place is in jeopardy. If Wolves win the EL, they get automatic qualification for CL. Meaning whoever ends up in "5th" place, will not get CL next season unless Wolves end up 3rd or 4th. Remember, only 4 English teams can enter the CL per season, not 5. I don't like voiding the season, but voiding it does benefit us, as nothing this season is benefiting us.
  9. Aston Villa v Chelsea

    Liverpool just can’t catch a break winning their first ever PL title can they? Even WHEN they are miles ahead of everyone, a global disaster could take it away from them.
  10. Super Frank Thread

    You know, if this season becomes null and void... United’s first ever double against us suddenly becomes null and void too...
  11. The English Football Thread

    If the league is cancelled, it’s null and void, meaning Liverpool shouldn’t win the title. It’s not like they mathematically won it anyway. If they had beaten Watford and United at OT, they would have won it by now.
  12. Aston Villa v Chelsea

    That’s all folks.
  13. The English Football Thread

    Only EFL at the moment, but I expect PL to follow up... EDIT: Now they have confirmed.
  14. The English Football Thread

    While coronavirus and people’s health is always the priority, if this season becomes void, we have escaped in what was a shambles of a season.
  15. Aston Villa v Chelsea

    United fans are crossing their fingers the PL/FA will allow the remaining games to continue for one more weekend. They beat Spuds, they go 4th, cancel the league, they have CL. Meanwhile they don't want Liverpool getting the title. Can't have it both ways!