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  1. Next Manager?

    We have reached halfway through the summer transfer market. No new signings, no manager update, no sales, no movement, just nothing. Hazard I'm sorry that I doubted you for questioning Chelsea. This club doesn't really deserve you anymore. Pathetic we truly are.
  2. Next Manager?

    Watch this be another week with no confirmation.
  3. Next Manager?

    You guys never learn.
  4. Next Manager?

    Grrrr.... Anyway not getting excited until BBC/Sky picks this up.
  5. Premier League thread

    New fixtures are in! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/scores-fixtures/2018-08 https://www.premierleague.com/fixtures In Chelsea's perspective, pathetic. We play Arsenal at home on our 2nd game of the season, and we play all our games at home against all top six sides in the first half of the season bar Spuds.
  6. Next Manager?

    Eh, I’m going to ignore this thread until we have something concrete. It’s the same old, same old merry go round and these tweeters literally know nothing, keep on trolling us for their 5 minute of fame.
  7. Next Manager?

    I'm sick of hearing stuff from the "ITKs" who know nothing more than us, but just spitting things out like this for attention. (Not talking about you SJ)
  8. Next Manager?

    I am slowly beginning to write off next season already.
  9. The Conte Thread

    People have said "I'd rather stick with Conte".... I am absolutely baffled. It's like you want to sink us down lower. I'm going to put aside Conte's horrific tactics this season so I won't go in to that. But his relationship with the players and the board are all broken. Letting him stay is recipe for disaster. How would these players, including Willian and Luiz respond to him next season? Will the board back Conte? Will Conte himself care for the club knowing he's out after next season? We need new coach as well as new players. The Conte days here should be over.
  10. Next Manager?

    He had the chance to get to the FA Cup Final this season against us, Poch made a mistake by starting a half-fit Kane. Spuds were doing well without Kane. Spuds are in the CL 2 out of 3 seasons. So it's not like Spuds are a rubbish side, like we all think.
  11. Next Manager?

    Pep just broke a ton of PL records this season. 100 points FFS. Best manager though is a bit subjective I guess, but I think you lost credibility the moment you said Pochettino. The other coaches including Klopp at least won something, what did this Spanish Spud win?
  12. Stamford Bridge

    This is going to happen eventually anyway, so this doesn't matter. The annoying problem is that this is delaying the process.
  13. Stamford Bridge

    Bad. We are the only big club in Europe really with a small sized stadium, and the more you delay, the harder it is to get the job done.
  14. Next Manager?

    Saving money. Activating it now will be a waste of money. We can wait a few more days.
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