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  1. The Mourinho Thread

    The decision to sell KDB was unanimously cheered in this forum. You hypocrite.
  2. The Mourinho Thread

    I don't think they'll make that mistake. The "United way" is a mantra of the club fans, not a billionaire club owner. Remember they sacked Moyes to go for a proven manager (Van Gaal does have a successful career and actually did well managing the Netherlands). That means the "United way" was thrown down the gutter with Moyes. They can't afford another failed experiment. MU already has deep problems, which will be aggravated by missing out on the CL this year (they'll find it harder to attract better players and will miss out on CL money). If they keep up that situation for another 2/3 seasons, they'll turn into another Liverpool for the next decade. By then Jose will be at another club. Also, let's say Giggs turns out to be a decent manager. "Decent" is not enough to compete in a league with Guardiola, Wenger, Klopp, Pochettino and perhaps Simeone. He'd have to be world class. What are the odds of that? Choosing between Giggs and Mourinho is choosing between the hope to get 4th place or the hope to get 1st. I doubt the owners will think twice.
  3. The Mourinho Thread

    What are you talking about? Mourinho is a failed manager. He's the worst there has ever been, he left us in the relegation zone and he's to blame for all of Chelsea problems. We should be happy and thankful that he's going to MU because he will destroy them like he destroyed us....... right?
  4. The Mourinho Thread

    Nonsense. SAF himself wrote in his book that upon speaking to Jose he realized it was useless to invite him to take his place at MU because it was clear he was going to Chelsea. http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/607043/Sir-Alex-Ferguson-Manchester-United-Leading-new-book-Moyes-Rooney-Van-Gaal-Transfer-News
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    > De Bruyne failed to make an impact and wanted out. Most people here praised his sale. > Mata lost his place to Oscar, who was much better than him last season. He has been awful for United. Will probably be booted from there as well when they sign Jose. > Lukaku refused to be second to Costa. Rightfully sold for good price. > Mikel gets old = Jose's fault. > Players "qualities" have been magically destroyed by Jose's voodoo. Permanent damage that can never be fixed. Can't tell if troll or downright mentally retarded.
  6. The Mourinho Thread

    He's also considered a football genius in Portugal where he won the Champions league with Porto, beating clubs twice the size of his in the process. He's also considered a football genius in Italy, where he won the treble, which included knocking out Guardiola's Barcelona in the Champions league. He's also considered by many in Spain a football genius, having been the only manager so far to win the league against Messi's Barcelona, considered by most the strongest team in football history. Please stop speaking nonsense.
  7. The Mourinho Thread

    It's understandable for you to lose faith in Mou over the results. But talking about Lukaku, Mata, KDB? Seriously shut the fuck up.
  8. The Mourinho Thread

    Jose said two or three players.
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    Bad form is temporary, people seem to forget this when they criticize Jose's decision to keep investing trust in Ivanovic, Cesc, Willian and Matic despite them not playing well in these last games. Let's not forget these players played a crucial role in us winning the title last season and (perhaps with the exception of Willian) they were the best players in the league in their position. A player doesn't lose his skill and talent because of 2 months holidays. It's only a matter of time until they are back to their best and this will not happen if they are benched. Just look at Yaya Toure, he was in bad form for months and now that he's back to good form City is looking fierce again. This is the difference between a professional manager and a sofa manager. You people are too quick to demand a player to be benched because of a few bad games. You forget too quickly what the player is capable of when he's at his best form and you don't realize he'll never be back to good form if he's not given the opportunity to be.
  10. Next Manager?

    Stop lying you knee jerking piece of shit. You would have never made this thread if Chelsea had won 3-0 and you know it.
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    Meaning he could have stayed if he insisted and asked for another season but didn't for whatever other issues. Jose wasn't sacked at neither his first term at Chelsea (according to himself) nor at Real Madrid.
  12. The Mourinho Thread

    It's hard to believe this argument keeps being thrown around. Managers such as Benitez and Pellegrini change clubs almost as often as Jose, if not more. The difference is that they generally get sacked, whereas Mourinho walks out himself after he's won enough, this is the only reason why this "Mourinho never stays at a club" thing keeps being thrown around over and over. If you look closely at his career though, any time he's left a club was actually quite understandable. At Porto, he left after winning everything to go to a larger club and league, this was what any young manager would have done - take an opportunity to expand his career. At Chelsea, he left because he had no conditions of staying, just like at Real Madrid in 2013. At Inter, he left when he was given a bigger job. Again, he did what any other manager would have done. It's stupid to say he will leave after 3 years for no other reason than he "can't stay at a club for more than 3 seasons".
  13. The Mourinho Thread

    The manager's argument is that the player never needed nor asked for medical attention in the first place.
  14. The Mourinho Thread

    'She's a naive, celebrity doctor': Chelsea medic frozen out by Jose Mourinho for treating player against manager's wishes is slammed by her predecessor The Dailymail has put this on their frontpage now. God, how I hate this fucking newspaper. They just love to feed drama surrounding Chelsea. This shit has definitely gotten out of hand. It's common and normal for a boss/co-worker to get angry over something or someone during a tense game. This stuff happens all the time and it should have never grown like this. I really hope Jose comes on the press conference next Saturday and calmly says everything is fine with Eva, to finally put these drama-seeking parasite journalists out of business.
  15. The Mourinho Thread

    Mourinho got angry at her for something she shouldn't have done during a match. These things happen during the tension of a difficult game. It should have been settled the next day without much noise. However, Eva made a big mistake when she took to social media to "thank everyone for their massive support". As soon as I saw that, I knew Mourinho was going to feel attacked. Imagine you're the boss of a company and you get into an argument with one of your employees over something he's done. The next day he goes on facebook and says "I'd like to thank everyone for their massive support". Wouldn't that feel like a slap in the face? Jose overreacted and he shouldn't have called Eva naive in front of the media. But she escalated it and turned it into a battle when she took to social media to validate herself instead of accepting the criticism. There are thousands of doctors who can do her job just as well, but there aren't many managers who can win the PL. This is a battle she can't and won't win. It's sad, I really liked her. Plus the media will use this drama to further destabilize the team. Hopefully Jose will swallow his pride and make peace.