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  1. Chelsea - Man United

    more poor choices from Gus, the sooner we get a top manager the better    On the game we was shit for most of it only seem to play better when we went 1 down 
  2. The Mourinho Thread

    Jose owes us nothing, remember we sacked him twice.Good luck to him 
  3. 11. Alexandre Pato

    what was the point of signing him.
  4. Watford v Chelsea

    Matic is being paid to play shit, and we are Championship level atm 
  5. Jackson Martinez

    Off to China by the looks of it, another player that just wants money 
  6. The English Football Thread

    Vardys goal     
  7. Watford v Chelsea

    wonder if we will see Pato at any point 
  8. MK Dons v Chelsea

  9. Alexandre Pato

    taking a massive pay cut, looks over the moon to be joining us. so far he is showing a great attitude. I really hope he works out for us. 
  10. Robin van Persie

    User Actions  Following Sky Sports FootballVerified account‏@SkyFootball TRANSFER CENTRE: Chelsea reportedly keen on move for Fenerbache striker Robin van Persie. http://skysports.tv/UkOUms      REALLY????
  11. Alexandre Pato

    Its official guys here he is in a Chelsea shirt       
  12. General Transfer Talk

    I'm still pissed we didn't go in for Austin 
  13. Ramires

    well this come out of nowhere, If true good luck to him a very decent servant for the club 
  14. MK Dons v Chelsea

    Cmon Chelsea lets get a new big win on my birthday 
  15. MK Dons v Chelsea

    Its on BBC1