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  1. Jay Dasilva

    User Actions Follow Ian WrightVerified account‏@IanWright0 Congrats to Chelsea winning UEFA youth league. Jay da silva left back better player than any current prem left back. RETWEETS693 LIKES496 9:22 AM - 14 Apr 2015
  2. James Rodríguez

    Juvefc.com ‏@juvefcdotcom 23m23 minutes ago For my #Chelsea followers - @GianniBalzarini Says Chelsea are trying to buy James from Real Madrid cc @Conteholic
  3. James Rodríguez

    cos it got me so i had to share the pain lol
  4. James Rodríguez

    Chelsea FC ‏@ChesIeaFC Aug 21 We are delighted to announce the signing of James Rodriguez on a 4-year deal from Real Madrid. #WelcomeJames
  5. General Transfer Talk

    rob is such a bellend, he big news is an interview with Jose
  6. General Transfer Talk

    Rob is at it again ROB ‏@1RobBeasley 33m33 minutes ago STAND BY YOUR BEDS!!!!!!! 21 retweets9 likes Reply Retweet 21 Like 9 More ROB ‏@1RobBeasley 32m32 minutes ago BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! #CFC #MUFC
  7. General Transfer Talk

    so we have let more defenders leave today, well done CHelsea
  8. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Apparently he has been given the number 14 shirt
  9. Ricardo Carvalho

    Fuck it hes now a free agent lets sign him up
  10. Kalidou Koulibaly

    this guy aint even that good imo. christensen is much better
  11. Riyad Mahrez

    AlessandroLondon! ‏@AlessandroLdn 4h4 hours ago @MarkEBarden i don't want to spoil your afternoon but i met him @ chelseas official hotel where he checked in
  12. Riyad Mahrez

    Absolute Chelsea ‏@AbsoluteChelsea 7m7 minutes ago PICTURE: Riyad Mahrez spotted checking in at the Chelsea Harbour hotel?[@AlessandroLdn] #CFC Absolute Chelsea ‏@AbsoluteChelsea 6m6 minutes ago Mahrez’s agent apparently told the guy that Chelsea want his client. Interesting news. #CFC Could be to do with that he played in london yesterday
  13. Isco

    Apparently AC Milan want him
  14. General Transfer Talk

    well done city on your title win. we really need to pull our finger out