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  1. Chelsea - Newcastle

    Willian, Jorginho, Alonso playing again. Colts at Chiefs is a MUCH BETTER use of your time and energy today.
  2. General Transfer Talk

    Sign Terry Hesticles. 10 years later, FFS, this club. What a damn mess.
  3. Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea

    Willian never evolved beyond street football play when it comes to the final 3rd. In his mind, he can still beat someone on a regulation football pitch like he did when he was a boy, playing in a random pickup game.
  4. Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea

    I've been thinking about watching NBA to be honest. Bored again with CFC --like every season.
  5. Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea

    There could be better talent out there to buy, but I think we know that C. Pulisic has strong motivation to play well and improve. The transfer will pay for itself with shirt sales in the U.S., esp. if he does well. The problem is the rest of the future Chelsea squad.
  6. Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea

    Trouble already. We look more like a squad of overpriced mediocrity than ever. Giroud arrived from the other side that always looks like this.
  7. Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea

    33 minutes gone... uhhh... too bad CFC sold M. Salah. I've got nothing else.
  8. Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea

    We are the impoverished version of someone's idea about Blaugrana football --with the oddball top-notch Eden in the lineup.
  9. Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea

    Sarri tried to get the players to be more effective with passing from CM forward --instead of going constantly to the wings. Problem is, we cannot generate ANYTHING through the middle either.
  10. Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea

    One the best passes by Willian in quite a while --for my memory. Don't worry, he will lose that simple effective aspect of his game soon enough.
  11. Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea

    Offers absolutely ZERO every match unless we play against minnows in an irrelevant cup match.
  12. Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea

    First 17 minutes your left back has a yellow card, attack still looks toothless and the best shot comes from N'golo Kante.
  13. Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea

    Alonso, Jorginho, and Willian in the lineup again. Why did I imagine I could enjoy this match? Every fucking year with this club.
  14. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    Nice performance by Hazard and Kovacic. Not much else to say other than I don't want to see Alonso and Willian anymore and I am still not a fan of Jorginho's MF. Sort of pointless having a weak CM sit in front of two CBs who can pass, esp. while we do nothing with possession.