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  1. European Competition thread

    With FOUR ENGLISH clubs in the CL quarterfinals, Roman's Chelsea has never felt so damn mediocre as this moment.
  2. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    despite lacking some quality in fullback, centre back, wing, striker etc., this ban could be a blessing. Sarri ain't going to cut it and Jorginho was a waste of transfer money from the moment he became the hub of our lineup. The former man behind Sevilla's scouting mastery might be Chelsea's chance to catch up to Manchester's clubs ITF. Wake me up in 18 months.
  3. Man City 6-0 Chelsea

    It will require changes in the offices and probably in ownership.
  4. Man City 6-0 Chelsea

    I turned the match off pretty quickly and went to sleep, but, I expect this stuff. I draw a direct line from the moment AVB spoke something that resembled the truth years ago. Chelsea don't have an identity, not a leadership group in the offices with vision. These facts were previously made unclear by the talent and leadership we had on the pitch. I have a vision though: CFC are headed for full-fledged mediocrity as long as Abramovich and the Chelsea offices remain as they are. Furthermore, Pep's entrance into the Prem has made things a little bit more clear. Chelsea won recent titles because other clubs were weak. Not so anymore.
  5. Chelsea 5-0 Huddersfield

    except that this one can stand up to pretty much any centre-back unlike Diego. yeah, this looks like the post-Drogba striker I've been waiting for.
  6. Chelsea 5-0 Huddersfield

    how many attacks died with willian. pathetic. where is CHO? team looks ready to play today but Willian is going to blow it.
  7. 22. Willian

    More and more, Chelsea look destined to become a mid-table club at best. Unless some of the magic of the past two decades inspires a buyer to take it from Roman, I imagine CFC could become a real mediocre club; not just a club with money that once aspired to be "big."
  8. 22. Willian

    Don't matter; we're not getting relegated and we're also not finishing top four.
  9. 22. Willian

    Is this little shit finally leaving? wow, good day if so.
  10. Bournemouth 4-0 Chelsea

    Multiple things are wrong. Lack of quality in the squad, lack of character, a manager that starts Willian repeatedly despite his obvious mental shortcomings and apparently the relationship between this manager and a sizable portion of the squad. Where to begin? Seems to me, also, that Jorginho is either just a waste of player in the formation and tactics, or the team doesn’t know what to do with the formation. Personally, I think Jorginho is redundant with two CBs capable of passing and dribbling while Jorginho can’t defend for shit himself. Sarri just doesn’t seem to know what to do with this situation and arguably M. Granovskaia plus players already here for seasons deserve blame too. Once again, we are at another inflection point where we can clearly see that CFC have LACKED VISION IN THEIR LEADERSHIP/MANAGEMENT for one full decade.
  11. 5. Jorginho

    It's not that Brits "don't get Jorginho;" that's complete wrong. That's just like the stupid argument that "fans/Brits don't get Mikel." FFS, every intelligent footy fan can see the value of a player like Makelele, or Xabi Alonso/Mascherano, etc. I would say that Mikel was never top quality and Jorginho is dubious at this point because we do not know how good players within the squad can be due to our forward line problems and Sarri's inability to change things up. Chelsea have a player that cannot defend for shit while also having a completely impotent attack and two CBs who CAN pass forward and dribble --also while having two fullbacks that are only somewhat good, but can't do much given the problems with the forward line and poor interplay from MF to FW line.
  12. The 'What Song Are You Listening To Now' Thread

    That's SADE; never heard of Slade:
  13. The 'What Song Are You Listening To Now' Thread

    My favorite rock/metal sounds originate between Manchester, West Yorkshire, Bergen, Goteborg, Vancouver and Tampa. But before all of that, I think my biggest influences were Yes, Billy Idol, Sade, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears... ALL English (except Billy Idol's guitarist and bassists on Rebel Yell). Anyway, Billy Duffy was a good guitar player years ago. I suggest the album, LOVE by The Cult.
  14. The 'What Song Are You Listening To Now' Thread

    Still listening to Drab Majesty until I find something else. And this band from Cincy:
  15. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    An emblematic moment at CFC: a post-match interview with a young forward who has great potential and skill alongside Chelsea's amazing dribbling Brazilian who doesn't know what to do in and around the box year after year --and this young player may move to Germany.