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  1. The Conte Thread

    Before I start, I genuinely STILL don't want him to go. However, I think it's painfully obvious he's fallen out of love with the job and wants out himself. That makes me incredibly sad, we have turned one of the most passionate, articulate, and decent guy managers into a shell of his last season persona. I know it's easy to just throw the blame at the board but for me this one is a no-brainer. He's been massively let down. I think if this was the ruthless Roman of years ago, he would have gone a month or so ago. The way I see it playing out is like Ancelotti, where we see it through until the end of the season( hopefully get top four) - Can't see it. And then let him go once the final game is over. I can literally see it happening minutes after the final whistle. I think he wants to go and the board won't hesitate to be shot of him. I also think the players know he's going. I can't speak for last night because I couldnt watch but there's an underlying feeling that theyre just playing out the season to see who's next. In terms of replacements, thats a depressing list of options. I saw an Arsenal Fan on Arsenal Fan Tv ,make a surprisingly excellent point, it's all good wanting a manager out but you need to see who is realistically around or available, otherwise be careful what you wish for, Enrique fills me with zero confidence, Simeone is too much like Conte and Jose to last long. Allegri won't leave Juve for us. Next season is looking pretty bleak, I don't mind if Tibo goes, I'm sick and tired of his constant flirting with Madrid despite so-so performances for months. Hazard on the other hand would be a disaster, Looks like we're set for another rebuild in the summer. Deja vu anyone??
  2. The Conte Thread

    Defended the guy all the way but I can't defend today. Cowardly.
  3. Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Literally the worst performance I've seen as a fan. No fight, absolutely spineless selection and performance. The subs were a joke. I just sat there in a daze watching. Conte wants out, you can tell. I'm his most ardent defender this season amongst a lot of pressure on here but even I cannot defend today. Made me ashamed to be a fan for the first time.
  4. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    This thread is open already? He hasn't even definitely gone yet. Jesus christ.
  5. The Conte Thread

    Really hoping that Conte stays and we turn this around but I can't see it. This is all too similar to pre-Mourinho firing but this time it's less down to the manager and more the club. I feel like there's a growing majority here that won't mind him getting sacked but I personally believe he's been treated appallingly not just by the club after delivering a title with a mediocre side, but also by the media, who as usual, are the absolute worst, I know it comes with the territory but shame on them, lowest of the low.
  6. Edin Dzeko

    Probably more interested in pushing the whole 'Ashley Barnes to Chelsea' crap.
  7. Edin Dzeko

    Despite reports in England suggesting there were difficulties in bringing Edin Dzeko to #Chelsea, negotiations made good progress on Friday. [Sky Italia]
  8. Edin Dzeko

    Chelsea are also prepared to give Edin Dzeko a longer contract at €5.5m/year compared to the €4.5m he currently earns at #ASROMA. (Dimarzio) #CFC Chelsea have made steps forward in their negotiations with Roma for both Edin Dzeko and Emerson Palmieri, claim Sky Sport Italia. There were reports today in England that Dzeko was unlikely to make the move and pessimism was growing around both transfers. However, Sky Sport Italia transfer guru Gianluca Di Marzio insists this evening that negotiations made good progress today, although another 24 hours will be needed to find a real breakthrough. Chelsea are now offering €50m plus €6m in bonuses, €30m of which is for Dzeko, but the Giallorossi are asking for a little more. The Stamford Bridge side are also prepared to give the Bosnian a longer contract at €5.5m per year compared to the €4.5m he currently earns at Roma.
  9. Edin Dzeko

    Matt Law‏Verified account @Matt_Law_DT 6h6 hours ago Pretty sure Palmieri will join Chelsea regardless of Dzeko. It's very much 50/50 on Dzeko but we should know for sure by Monday morning. Suspect both Chelsea and Roma posturing slightly over fee and wages at the moment.
  10. Edin Dzeko

    The Chelsea board are shameful and dangerously incompetent. They should be the ones facing the chop but no, it's the manager who has little to do with the targets they get in the end for the cheapest price or the shortest contract. If we back out of Dzeko only to get Ashley Barnes or Peter Crouch then fucking hell. Abysmal. I'm absolutely amazed at how poorly this club is run. Get out while you can, Antonio. You and any other manager deserves better than this crap.
  11. Edin Dzeko

    Onto Olivier Giroud then....when that inevitably fails back onto Andy Carroll.....when that dies down onto a deadline day move for Peter Crouch.....then Conte leaves and I don't blame the guy. This is beyond a bloody joke now.
  12. The Conte Thread

    Can't believe some of the crap I read on here from Chelsea fans about Conte and him needing sacking, but thats the era of modern football that we live in, instant gratification and 'what have you done for me lately? I am with Antonio on this, the board YET AGAIN have dragged their feet and failed to recognise the glaring issues in the team which I am sure Antonio has told them about until he's blue in the face. I had a bad feeling when we sold Matic to United, it felt a bit like Mourinho when we let Cech go. Conte clearly didn't want it but the board makes the decisions. On transfers, people saying a lot that 'oh he got players in from Serie A it must be his dealings', to an extent thats correct but maybe consider players like Alonso, Zappacosta etc... were his fifth or sixth choice in a long list of signings for those positions and the board just went for the easiest or cheapest fix? That would be kinda frustrating to a degree right? Nevermind, Conte will either go before the end or definitely at the end of the season and it's rinse and repeat. The managerial merry go round goes on and sure we will continue to get some trophies along the way to justifty this, but my days the problem will always be there, the board needs a reshuffle. But let's just blame Antonio though, because it's probably easier to remove him rather than the politicking swines who balls up our transfer windows for seasons now. Sorry guys, you may not all agree but I just had to vent.
  13. Andy Carroll

    Alright own up, which one of you saw him on the street and chopped him down with a Ron Harris-style challenge to mess up his ankle? Jokes aside, looks like we can move on from this one. Next up, Peter Crouch.
  14. Andy Carroll

    Over 30 million bid and likely to be accepted. No shit, West Ham owners must be laughing their bloody arses off that they're getting that much for a striker who has already had a big move and failed miserably. I genuinely do not understand getting a striker who's main strength is in the air, we already have someone who can head it better than they can shoot. Why not go for Hernandez? someone completely opposite, a poacher in the right place to get goals with his feet. This is laughable. I'm stunned. I see no positive in this.
  15. Alexis Sanchez

    I'm hoping for a last minute push but I doubt it. Best we can hope for is a token bid like we did for Lukaku just to make it look like we tried.