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  • Bio I've been CFC member on and off for 20 odd years , I've been going over to watch the blues on and off for those years from Belfast(expensive hobby 4 sure but worth it)
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  • Memory Mmm been so many in recent years i just appreciate them all!
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  1. Eden Hazard

    Hope not grrrr , Hope he becomes Cfc legend,maybe his brother too,Jose and him can rule the world the nxt lot of years.Ffs when will the financial fair play slap these french teams into place,i will have to go online and check their accounts
  2. Michael Essien

    Sad but the injuries have taken its toll on the bison and the speed of the english game is beyond him now ,freeing up the cm is vital asap for Cfc with a world class new Essien please
  3. Marko Marin

    Yeah think if we get £5mill in the sales with sell ons etc etc we should take it
  4. Gaël Kakuta

    Probly gonna flog him in the sales , read a quote saying he wants to leave Cfc permantley and with 18months on contract ,if we get £5 mill with 20% sell on etc etc think deal should be done
  5. Willian

    Willian&Hazard&Oscar are this seasons 3 amigos , they have bought into the Jose way , if Jose can get another world class Cm to go with Ramires and a 20+ prem striker to play the way he wants...boom
  6. Romelu Lukaku

    Exactly he is well ahead ,if you compare where Drogba was in his career at Lukaku's age! Its upto the Cfc coaching staff to improve him in the areas that he needs and with a natural learning curve,we will have a 20+ prem goal scorer for many years to come! Ffs its been emotional waiting for 1
  7. André Schürrle

    Really don't care about any statistics but yours were clearly wrong so I just pointed that out. Moses' stats were inflated by the fact he was impressive in the minor competitions like Europa League and the League Cup. The PL is and always should be Chelsea's main priority and there Moses was bad, only one league goal and not many assists either. To me that would still be forgiven had he at least looked decent but his all-around play is too inconsistent. He was the same when still at Wigan and is still shit at Liverpool, so I can only make a conclusion that Victor Moses is not a good enough player for a top club. Schürrle apart from the last few appearances has mostly been good. Hasn't had many opportunities on his natural position on the left wing, which is understandable given Hazard's form, and he's also been struggling with his fitness but I have faith in the lad once he's fully settled in. Watched him a lot under Sami Hyypiä's management at Leverkusen and believe me when I tell you that we haven't seen the best of him yet. [/quote Hull-Average at best A.Villa-Average at best Manu-Average at best Everton-Average at best Fulham-Better Spurs-Average Norwich-ok M.city-ok Newcastle-Average at best West ham-ok Sunderland-mmm Stoke-Best game Arsenal-Average at best Swansea-Average at best Southampton-poor Agree with the other comments u posted.
  8. André Schürrle

    Ok he started 27 games and came on sub 16 times in his 1st year = 43 :Goals 10>Price 9M Schurrle started 12 games and came on sub 10 times =23 :Goals 3>Price 18m Stick those stats up your ass and read the rest of the topic for the whole opinion if you desire
  9. André Schürrle

  10. André Schürrle

    For all i like his work ethic, his half term report is average and has do much better,I thought Moses done a half decent job for us in his 1st season with us and his goals&assists tally were quite decent for the amount of games he played and thought this guy would bring more to the team than Moses but so far...average he has been imho
  11. Nathaniel Chalobah

    Yeah agree with this current loan but sometimes these just dont work out for different reasons,but the watford 1 did work out and we will need some sort of backup in Cm imho from now to end of season
  12. Juan Mata

    Theres nobody in the Chelsea team that has the genuises of Mata imho for all that i like the workrate of Willian,Oscar,Hazard,and would like Schurrle to rise to their level,but the type of player that Mata is they are too few and far between to find,for all the talk about how Roman wants Cfc to play surley players like Mata should be built around ffs...Has Jose not watched what Mata has brought the last 2years,He could and should be heading to Zola road of Chelsea glory
  13. Michael Essien

    Think Jose would have known start of season if Essien could have done a good job in the premiership but that hasnt happened and with Mvg injury our weakness in cm needs to be adressed in January tho i would like Ake or others given a chance
  14. Demba Ba

    Yeah agree,Just found it strange during this crazy time that his name wasnt even on the bench
  15. Demba Ba

    No Ba on bench even let anywhere near starting 11 looks like bye bye come January sales???