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  1. The Conte Thread

    Someone please tell me the Conte is homesick news isnt true,
  2. Stamford Bridge thread

    im sorry if its been discussed but those pictures make it seem like a lot of the croud noice will be contained in the building. that should make things really loud right?
  3. The Board

    i really hope we arent enterting arsenal territory and are going to be hamstrung by a stadium for years to come.
  4. Roman Abramovich

    is he wearing Nike?
  5. Antoine Griezmann

    Ha. Great photoshop for sure
  6. Antoine Griezmann

    you hit the nail on the head with "lots of money and just a few needs" thats why if he is as good as many are saying id say go for it at that price.
  7. 15. Kurt Zouma

    this happens all the time. with a complete tear the tension is off the ligament and the pain can be very low. however a partial tear where there still is tension on the damaged ligmanet can be very painful.
  8. Stamford Bridge thread

    we should be a Colossus of Rhodes size statue that straddles Stamford Bridge.
  9. Diego Costa

    my god do i love this guy. love the way he doesnt back down.
  10. Financial Fair Play

    half eaten? its only a bite! and you would turn it down if Apple ponied up Chevy money?
  11. Financial Fair Play

    wait. you are saying the Apple logo looks horrible? maybe you have some agenda against them but its probably one of the better logos out there and its a company that would be great to be associated with even if i personally dont buy their products lol.
  12. Financial Fair Play

    what? if we get a lot more from Apple who cares how good Samsung looks on our shirt?
  13. Financial Fair Play

    what do you mean? prominent brands sponsor all kinds of things.
  14. Diego Costa

    i love everything about this guy. his skill, his determination, his passion...
  15. Top Four Predictions

    1. Chelsea 2. City <gap> 3. United 4. Arsenal